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  1. I've just restarted playing KSP (since 0.13!); and KSPI looks excellent. Can anyone tell me how far away from the space centre my "rover" has to be in order not to cause slow down at launch? S.
  2. Yes, this is expected, because ASAS sucks currently. Either only turn ASAS on for the later stages, or get a tuned ASAS from the pack I uploaded last week (but an ASAS good for a large rocket will be fairly useless on your lander).
  3. Provided you either use no inline tanks, or your inline tanks are in your upper stages, going by how Harv described the algorithm.
  4. Hi Quabits, Do you mind if I grab your parts and rebalance them to go with Silisko Edition? S.
  5. I have no problems with ponies, just wanted to reassure the people who do.
  6. OK, how do I do a free return from Mun-surface then?
  7. No images really needed (don\'t worry, no ponies); just Foamy\'s Tuned ASAS settings on Nova\'s ASAS model with colour coding on the texture. I\'ve done very minimalist testing so more versions may be needed. http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~jdamery/KSP/YSI-Tuned-ASAS-(SE).zip
  8. Adding SAS modules doesn\'t actually help this, it just adds *more* control points. The only solution is better tuned ASAS.
  9. Mirror at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~jdamery/KSP/SIDR_Parts_1.3.zip
  10. Do you want me to put a copy up on my website Nova? I think I\'ve got a copy of the SIDR zip lying around too....
  11. For reference the Mun Rocket I posted yesterday has a total of three service modules and an RCS Fuel Tank, for 325 RCS fuel (and I have to be moderately careful with it).
  12. YSI are proud to present: The YSI Andromeda II, our prospective Mun Candidate. Requires Silisko Edition. Stages 1 & 2 fire at once, with stage 1 cutting out after a minute at about 5,600m / 160ms-1, after jettisoning stage 1, stage 2 continues for another 6 seconds to 6,700m at which point stages 3 and 4 fire off. Throttle stage 4 back when you reach 550ms-1, which should be around 19,000m, about 1m45s after launch. Stage 3 should burn out just before 2m30s with a final velocity near 650ms-1. Maintain vertical attitude until atmosphere exit at 70,000m then rotate and burn for orbit at Apoapsis of about 73,500m. Stage 3 should retain sufficient fuel to achieve a Munar capture trajectory, with Stage 5 available for final adjustments to Munar orbit, where it should be left to provide a communications relay back to KSC. Stage 6 provides Munar landing capability, the Munar science module, and a convenient launch pad for Stage 7, the Return Vehicle.
  13. Ooo, could we use this for horizontal-launch from the Mun? Would need a horizontal command pod though...
  14. I assume, from the initial post, that the nacelles aren\'t particularly balanced. What about the other parts?
  15. Any tips for attaching your fairings? It seems to be incredibly fiddly getting the explosives in the right place, and with vertical lock on the only thing they\'ll attach to is a bulkhead.
  16. The Tuned SASs look surprisingly transparent in 0.11.1 ...
  17. Before I go downloading, does Wobby Rockets work with 0.11.1? (Red tint issue notwithstanding)
  18. After a few days I\'ve finally managed to sustain an orbit (although I made a mistake trying to circularize it and clipped the atmosphere with no fuel left). Not exactly an elegant ship to do it though, I call her Kerbal Explorer 5?. So, having achieved that it\'s time to look at Addons. Which are on my 'must get' list, and which are 'kinda nice'?
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