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  1. Remove the cancer, burn it. Waiter, there is a company ran by moneyhungry people who are ***holes which recently bought our universe in my soup! Its also asking me to buy shark cards but i dont like sharks in my soup.
  2. Starfight: Compete in the Interstel fighting ring and ignore the solar flares going on nearby! Comes with a twist ending where George Bicep is actually a Minstrel! Maser of Orion: Watch as Orion uses a maser to destroy all life in the galaxy. Also... Heres one where i change a letter instead. Master of Onion: GET ALL THE ONIONS. This game makes you cry and sweat alot.
  3. North-Western. All hail quebec! The person below me has never played Starflight.
  4. You ordered the alphabet soup. Waiter! I have found an anomaly in my soup that is a portal to the past! I can find the Leghk inside!
  5. Alright, fine. Waiter! There is headfruit in my soup! Dont you know Headfruit is made from the fruit of the Elowans? Are you just vile Thrynns?
  6. This is the opposite of kerbal history, this is a forum game about the future of kerbals! Rule 1: Be understandable. Rule 2: Maximum of 3 "Time Spotlights". Time spotlights are for example: Year 100 = KSC explodes from nuclear waste in the astronaut's tacos. ------------------------------------------------------------- Year 3 after KSC: The KSC was an amazing success. A mission to Alpha Kerbtauri is planned. Scientists are thinking of how to go to the system in less than 20 years of time. Year 20 after KSC: Scientists are still wondering until they find a material on Gilly called "Kendurium". Said material is 20x stronger than regular fuel for normal engines and with specific engine configurations the material can go stronger than 1000x. Year 50 after KSC: A craft is sent to Alpha Kerbtauri. It will arrive in two years. Once there, it will be a colony for astronauts to live in.
  7. Give me wet food. Waiter! I found solid chunks of Endurium in my soup!
  8. A small problem i could see is things like a contract mod that uses missions to make more detailed contracts. Users will have to pay for the DLC. Also, another problem would be the fact there already exists a modding community. Most of the new parts will probably have been already made.
  9. About the same reason as why your sandwich tastes delicious. How do i invade the planet in the Sol system called "Earth"?
  10. Tar Control : You must control tar. Egaman Starforce : You must save planet Earth from destruction by fusing with Omega-Eggis and become Egaman.
  11. Do you have a timebomb with you that you have to get rid of and you dont want to hurt anyone you care about? Just throw it out the window, theres only strangers down there.
  12. ...Is made out of bacon. This skyscraper is...
  13. 7/10 Fighter Planes are nice. Chmmr Avatar. Primary Weapon -- X-Ray Laser Secondary Weapon -- Tractor Beam
  14. Are you complaining there is spaghetti in your spaghetti you ordered with extra sauce? Waiter! There are silicon based lifeforms called the "Chenjesu" in my soup!