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  1. Hi, OP here, been waiting for a _stable_ release I will see to get a recompile&update up soon(tm), - maybe this week if the GUI-button stuff is a simple change - but ive not checked at all if/what not works so no promises...
  2. you guys... amazing as always! Thank you all for keeping this mod alive! I just merged all your work together and updated the first post + downloads, a thousand thanks! Brake button, fixed Screens, NoWobble: Download @CurseForge Regarding some of your frequent questions: Wobbel: - Is gone (can be reenabled using the Settings file - for epicLaunchBroadcastings from next to the pad) -> done SoundMute: - not enabled by default! (WIP) - I merged a PullRequest on that, but for me thats not really working (engines make sound, explosions not) - but i have an idea on how this could be done (Filter
  3. 1.0.1 - so thats kinda stock now? I still want to get the BEEP BEEP... Issue now is two thermo-bars: http://imgur.com/GSBJo5O I guess you can remove/toggle yours (stock can be toggled to on F10, so rechecking with that should be doable right?) For now, its working fine with 1.0.1 anyway
  4. From the reads just HeatBalanceFix and HeatShieldFix got stocked... Also: Im having issues with ParachuteFix - both time values are not saved from the editor to launch (heights are) - editor starts lagging like crazy with this tweakable opened Tweaked mid-flight they function just fine
  5. You guys... <3 On sound: - I think in that way PCR would bug with ShipEffects Sound Mod: Dynamic Sound Effects that "should be used instead" (seems to be ok with 1.0) But I think I´ll merge it in as a toggle in the cfg/autodetect thanks! On the wobble: - I´ll spice this up with some remembering to hopefully get the settings recovery clean On the fix: bugfix.dll + source + licensefiles - I like A full build with assets and stuff I´ll throw up tonight/tomorrow Thanks!
  6. I kind of expected this to happen KerbQuake got patched back then to "respect" PCR, but i dont see squad doing this for us anytime soon... A QuickFix, if KerbQuake still works with 1.0, might be to disable the stock shaking (ty Gaiiden) via game's cfg file or the in-game settings - and then install KerbQuake to still get "some" shaking. In the meantime will look into an actual fix... Last I belive it could just use the settings controller and do some toggeling there. On it...
  7. QuickScroll - seems to be working with 1.0 just fine =) Would not have played more than an hour without that - a shame its not STOCK... <3
  8. Hm, thank you for the reports, I´ll look into this. A first check in the MKS repo shows no changes that should break anything... And my MM config should only affect crew=0 things anyway. I will make sure that this keeps working with 1.0 however, just sooome more hours... --- On a sidenote, a huge thanks to ensouensou for adding PCR support in his stunning ShipEffects Sound Mod: Dynamic Sound Effects!
  9. Very nice stuff! I highly welcome the FS config! But I noticed the FS-switching is broken for "lightstrobe_white" and "lightbeacon_red" - all others are fine. (The cfg lists model000_* what should be model000-* and model000strobe_* instead of model000strobe-*) For the lazy: grab the updated DeadSkins-config.cfg and replace into GameData/AviationLights/Parts/lights/DeadSkins/
  10. The latest upload has an outdated part.cfg for smelter2. (28.08. instead of the 01.09. file) // all other files are OK It sets all costs back to 1300 (should be 59344, 118688, 187376) and also tangles with a few maxAmount nodes... Until OP updated, grab the old (but newer) part.cfg and replace in GameData/WombatConversions/Parts/smelter2/ And can we please get a versionNumber into the download? so its called Karbonite-EPL-Converstion_0.16.7.zip or similar next time? Will allow you to keep the older versions - and us to not have "Karbonite-EPL-Converstion (14).zip" in the downloads folder Spea
  11. After a "broken sandbox save" getting "NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at MissionControllerEC.MissionControllerEC.hireKerbals" i digged a little... Situation: - Have a price for new Kerbals set to a positive number (4000?) & be in sandbox -> Hire a new Kerbal -NullReferenceException> shows as OK, but wont save the new crew member, still i get the "new Kerbal hired, charged 4000" message back on spaceCenter -> change Kerbal price to 0 -> hire a new Kerbal = No exception, crew saves correctly. I guess that could kinda be the intended b
  12. Now that UniversalStorage has full KAS support for these "wedges" the Dmagic parts are missing the "beeing grab-able to attach them to the Hexa/Octo-Booms again" Until its updated, add TABMM_DMagic-OS_Universal-Storage_KAS.cfg into your GameData to add this functionality. (DMagic 0.8.5, UniversalStorage 0.8.2, KAS 0.4.8, ModuleManager) @Dmagic feel free to include this file in your official package (as its copypasta of 3 lines )
  13. ScanSat-integration is working great for me =) just please disable the tooltip on F2 (hideUI event stuff) and I would really like to use it from the TrackingStation as well But i have HUGE framedrops and freezes for tooltips on a distant body on the mapview while beeing in kerbin orbit with my ship (so Kerbin vessel, view on Mun) (same with scansat on/off) while tooltips on Kerbin are fine. When I put the vessel into Mun SOI the Mun tooltips are fine, but the ones for Kerbin lag my Game. Seeing the logs its the ORS request that takes a moment here... Only the actuall tooltip lags it, maybe di
  14. I do, just downloaded it 5 minutes before my post =) Actually its seems to only show up when starting a new game, when i load the save now it starts disabled and i can correctly turn it on and off =) //edit - its also not happy with "revert to launchpad" Would be neat to have a configfile/button to turn default on/off, and some visual feedback what ressource is active (im sure the buttons have a "active" state you can lock them too) =) But what am I saying, spaming on UI in Add-on Development ;D Not sure on this... but i think I mostly look for like 2, maximum 3 at the same spot, that should
  15. Hi there, cool stuff! When we can get "mouse over tooltips" like on the Kathene overlay one day it will be golden! Also showing multipleRessources with diffrent colors at the same time would be great, I miss that in all others (ScanSAT/ORS-Bubbels) KSP 24.2 32Bit Windows + ActiveTextureManagement-Basic, KarboniteStuff, ScanSat, RemoteTech2, TACLS - nothing showing up in the logs that would indicate any errors =) Until then, i noticed the following: - I have one "always on" layer for (Karbonite it seems) on every body (mapView and TrackingStation) using the on/off controlls in the menu adds ano
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