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  1. I've got a transit window to Jupiter open in 20 days - I feel like I should try to send a fleet of Scan Sat probes but I don't currently have an idea of how much Delta V I'd need (KSRSS) so I'll likely send a small test probe this window and hope to send a fleet of probes and rovers on the next window. This is the model I used for Mercury and the first probe was more than 2000 delta v short of being able to circularize so it turned into my first interplanetary flyby of this save and my first time I've gotten a craft in Mercury SOI . Still working on redesigning my Moon
  2. Today was a learning experience. First I learned that the inflatable airlocks do not dock with normal docking ports but do dock with each other. I should have been able to guess that - but it was a surprise all the same. This meant the need to abandon by base in Mare Orientale and relaunch both the operations hub and Molab. I have not launched the new mission yet but I have gotten everyone home safe and sound and scuttled the old installation. Since I was doing that anyway I launched a mission to bring Val home since she had snuck aboard the unmanned launch of the Skyla
  3. Got a Skylab inspired station up in a ~250km orbit. Double checked my visuals after it was launched and noticed that small things are off - the solar wings are a bit low down and somehow are both too big and too small at the same time. Airlock should have been rotated 90 degrees so that I could get the right profile. That said, I'm still happy with it because this is still a functional base for this sandbox game. The Telescope has a Scansat resource scanner and the lab has an alitemetry scanner. They are in an equatorial orbit now meaning I'll likely need to deorbit this one and
  4. The only place I've ever been good at precision landing was Minmus - and that was because I could pack tons of Delta V at a high TWR and had minimal gravity to deal with. So with that in mind I was pretty happy when I put my prototype for a Luna Colony hub down within 180m of my initial landing zone in Mare Orientale. I then launched my second generation Apollo craft (slightly better form all around) on a Polar orbit, directly into a Lunar polar orbit, and placed a lander 78.1m from the colony hub! My refined LEM flies better though has the same mass, TWR,
  5. As I continue to re-learn how to play, and to adjust to KSRSS, I've returned to the Moon and I think I've found a decent spot for a future colony too.
  6. I'm running with 1.11 (which I know is not a supported version). Only other modes are EVE for clouds/city lights, Kopernicus and similar for compatibility, and Kerbal Alarm Clock. I'm on a laptop so I'm running the Lite version. Everything seems to be working smoothly - no odd textures yet, no weird height maps. First couple of splash downs I sank a bit deeper in the water than I'd expected but nothing too big. No "black moon" yet. I'm still relearning how to play (haven't Kerballed in a couple of years). Everything this running great so far and I'm looking fo
  7. After a slight redesign of my Atlas rocket so that I had some actual control during launch, but not enough redesign that its orbital maneuvers were smooth - I manage to re-teach myself how to do an orbital rendezvous. Of course then while trying to be fancy and transfer co-pilots from one to the other I accidentally pressed "spacebar" on Gemini A and staged the engines off. I Kerballed together a way to get Val and her co-pilot back to Kerbin. Jeb is still waiting to land sometime tomorrow.
  8. I've been away from the game for a few years - I bought the expansions but never really played with them. I'm re-teaching myself the game the way I fell in love with it in the past - remaking historical missions and documenting my progress. My save file is only using KSRSS, lite EVE visuals for that mod, and Kerbal Alarm Clock. I know KSRSS isn't optimized for the current release but it is working so far. I've completed Sputnik, Vostok (with parachute return), Mercury Redstone, Mercury Atlas, my first Gemini launch and my Mariner 10 launch (though I cheated and used
  9. Closed doors meeting at the KSC regarding Apollo IV and V. Transcript provided for Kerbgresional Review. Mortimer: We've spent a lot of money on this program and would like to have something to show for it. I've got a museum lined up to display one of these used capsules now. Can you tell me where they are? Walt: Lets not get ahead of ourselves Mortimer. Lets get a rundown of the missions in question. Mortimer: Those can be done in the usual boring mission report manner. I need something with a bit more pazzaz if I'm going to get more funding at this point. Ge
  10. Mission Report Viking 2. Compiled by Bob Kerman. Summary: Even with a broken arm it feels good to be writing reports again. This is report is for our second Viking Mission which put a communications relay satellite in orbit at the moon and a lander on the surface. I'm told by the piloting team that the Viking performed above and beyond expectations though the lander's thrust is a little off center and that will need to be accounted for before Viking 3 and 4 are readied for celestial bodies further away. Scientific results from the Viking will be helping Linus and myself design a
  11. Mission Report Viking 1. Compiled by Valentina Kerman. Summary: So yeah, we landed in Antarctica. Guess what? It’s very cold there. The landing thrusters were strong enough to do a powered landing which surprised me. I was expecting a sudden loss of audio followed by a very anticlimactic orbital photo showing none of the explosion. I guess it’s a good thing we didn’t crash the Viking Lander seeing as it would have leaked that plutonium all over that Antarctic mountain. Still I’d been looking forward to an attack by a 30 meter tall fire breathing penguin in my twilight years
  12. Mission Report AS-202. Compiled by: Gene Kerman Summary: AS-202 was our first successful orbital test of the Saturn 1B upper stage engines. Tests included multiple shutdowns and reigniting of the engine as plans for project Viking call for multiple burns from the upper stage for Orbital maneuvers and mid-course correction burns. All engines continue to perform within expectations. Early simulations suggested that aggressive gravity turns presented a danger of launch failure leading to an overly conservative turn on AS-202’s launch and a longer than hoped orbital insertion burn. Corr
  13. After a hiatus from the game yet again I'm getting back into my orbit by restarting my AAP challenge with a new save and modlist. Important mods are: Kerbalism, KIS, ModRocketSysm, Planetary Base Systems, Stock Size Real Solar System, Space Y lifters, Surface Experiment Package, MOLE, Buffalo Rover, Ven's Stock parts Revamp. Current project plans include the Apollo core mission, a short term lunar base, a long term lunar base, Skylab, Viking missions to Moon, Mars, Titan, and Europa, Long range probes to the outer solar system, and hopefully manned missions to both Venus and Mars
  14. That a pretty nice looking lander. It almost makes me feel the need to redesign my latest LEM. Very nicely done.
  15. Got to work on my LEM. I wanted something a bit more like the real funky shapped LEM but still fitting the form factor needed for my Saturn V and still sitting two kerbals. I have to fiddle with "Crew Transfer" to Unload the LEM properly meaning that the LEM pilot cannot be the first Kerbal to walk on the Moon (News that made Jeb unhappy). The IVA of the "airlock" gets somewhat occluded because of where the cans lightly clip - though the total interior space is still roughly the same as the 2 kerbal lander can. The lander has plenty of fuel and about 2 days worth of Life su
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