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  1. Artificial gravity plates like in Star Trek or Star Wars would be awesome. Just a 3x3m surface attachable square that generates gravity. Maybe a slider for the gravity. I'm aware that Gravity Room was created, but the download is gone and the mod has gone defunct AND it was the wrong form factor. We need something to put in our cargo bays and on landing pads!
  2. Naw i found em, just noticed how short they were! Went into the configs and lengthened the max travel aaaand the tubes were then floating mid-air So i went back to some older KSP versions and found that I was the crazy one! Might i add though, the longer they can be, the better. By the by, thank you for the immense effort that you must have put into resuscitating this mod. Its genuinely huge.
  3. Ok, i've never had Sequencer work flawlessly for me. At some point it just forgets how to work. Sometimes wiping out my sequences, sometimes not responding to a hotkey, and sometimes failing to proceed after a "Wait for servos" or wait timer. The game itself is stable, all windows accessible and servos can be manually controlled with default IR UI controls. After the first play, sequencer buttons become ineffective, but register input. I'm on 1.3, 64bit, Sequencer 1.0.3 and IR 2.0.12, active struts folder deleted -- Log file Any help appreciated.
  4. Am i crazy or did the ALG used to have nesting tubes for further extension?
  5. Are the critter crawler legs working for anybody on 1.2.1? I've installed the latest animation module, but the legs seem to be inoperable...
  6. Does the hover mode + stop/anchor have collision avoidance? I had two craft hovering very close, and i couldn't get them any closer for unloading cargo :/ Had to use Vertical Velocity + HLA instead. But on the up side i've been having fun with drone lighting! They behave very well, thanks to your mod! I'm just a terrible driver!
  7. So my CPU liquid cooler pump decided to die on me last night. BUT i did save a few pics. I was on 1.2.1 and just rebuilt an old design: Time warp was eventually the problem. Don't think this happened the first or second warp. I had closed the bay prior to a long warp, but noticed the panels had bunched as i was warping (pic 3). When bringing it back to normal time the whole door popped out at 'full' extension (not shown). Upon later warps (because why not) the stackables would pop out more and more. Of course i tried retracting and extending, changing scenes, reloading. Blah. I'd get you the logs if i wasn't scared of frying my CPU. It'll be a week before the part arrives :/
  8. Holy crap this mod has come far! Awesome job! I'm totally going to use this on everything cinematic, but... is there currently a way to close the waypoint path into a loop that the craft repeats? I didn't see anything simple in the video or the manual. Probably possible with a macro? Right now i want my VTOL to fly by a cliff so i can jump my rover into the cargo bay. But i seriously doubt i'll get it on the first try. For the time being i'll just overlap the waypoints back and forth. Like this: but with a moving target instead.
  9. Hey man I was searching for your videos and I realized your channel is gone? Did something happen? Your content was absolutely amazing!

    I do hope I didn't offend you when I used a variant of your shelter in one of my own videos.

    1. achroma


      Oh heck no! I was actually excited to see where you were going with it! DO MORE. DO MORE ORIGINAL, CRAZY SHIPS.

      Burned the old channel to the ground. It was too much effort and i was starting to attract trolls.

      I'm still pretty active on the KSP subreddit though.


    2. V8jester


      Ok good! I was kinda worried there man :)

      I actually have a few new builds for the next episode. Just a lot going on IRL right now. But I have a dual winch gantry crane and a couple forklift and a VTOL. Just no time or story material right now. But hey good to hear you're around. And yeah.... I hear you loud and clear on the trolls man!

  10. Since you can get static ground coordinates, would it be troublesome to add a feature where you can target a nearby vessel and have the mod follow it (regardless of vertical location of targeted vessel... 2D tracking i guess)? I've always wanted a pack of drones with floodlights to follow my rover at night :3
  11. I really miss your youtube channel.  It was one of, if not my favorite KSP youtube channel to watch.

  12. Hey Achroma, what happened to your YouTube channel? It says that "This channel was closed and is no longer available". Also, what happened to your Reddit account? It says it was deleted as well. Care to explain what is going on?

    1. achroma


      Had some large life changes. The moniker started feeling like baggage. If i ever find the time i may put one last video out there, its mostly finished just needs some hand-animated elements. But ya. Cinematics can take a huge amount of effort, and i'm no longer interested in that.

  13. Oooh sounds like interesting stuff has been added, i'll try it out tonight. Frequently i've added a dock to the top of my VTOLs, set control from there, then use smart ASS to always point up. Its good for hands-free hovering. But it sounds like i won't need that anymore! Actual question, and i'm not sure if anyone can answer this: If i set the VV key binding to one of the Action Group numbers, will it turn on if i transmit that number to a non-focused, loaded craft using Smart Parts? eg. I got two VTOLs falling through the air, i'm flying one, but want to tell the other to hover.