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  1. I am suffering from the exact same problem. I posted a comment with logs on bug #9488, which looks like it is probably related. I started experiencing the problem around when 1.1.1 came out. It did not get any better with 1.1.2, and indeed rolling back to 1.1.0 does not solve the problem (though I can usually play for a little longer on 1.1.0 than on .1 or .2 before needing to sleep/wake cycle).
  2. I've been having very severe framerate problems since 1.1.1 came out (see my comment on but #9488), and in the process I've discovered that the framerate reported (and graphed) on the "Performance" tab of the debug window (Alt-F12) seems to be completely meaningless. In particular, the debug window reports an almost rock-steady 25.1 FPS with very occasional instantaneous spikes to faster speeds. This is despite my usual frame rate being more like 15 FPS (I would estimate), and even when the frame rate drops to just 3 FPS (yes, so slow I could count 43 frames in 15s!) Is the FPS count displayed in the debug window supposed to relate to the actual graphical frame rate, or is it measuring something else unrelated?
  3. I have created some categories, and I'd like to add some existing subassemblies to them. So far I have discovered two ways to do this: Install the subassembly on a vessel, then re-save it into the desired category. This requires re-typing the name and description. Quit KSP, then edit GameData/Squad/PartList/SubassemblyCategories.cf by hand to include the desired subassemblies, then re-start KSP. It seems to me that there should be a better way. Have I overlooked something? Also: it is not clear how to have a subassembly in more than one category (or if this is even possible). But then, this feature seems half-baked to me: surely the list of which subassemblies are part of which categories should stored somewhere in saves/<savename>/, rather than in GameData/, since I might use the same name for quite different subassemblies in different saves.