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  1. Hi! I just can't figure out how to do the second part of the mission - i've repeated the mission about 10 times - i do crash the minmus probe, get the muna - 2 vehicle but no new objektives for the second part of the mission. Everything is checked as done, and i don't know what exactly to to with the second ship. Sounds like a bug to me that the second mission has no goals.
  2. The Ion Engine setup works just fine, the ship is pretty stable under thrust and the solar arrays work very well over Kerbin and Eve. My main Problem is that the rear heat shield set up, which worked fine while testing in various stages just crumbles apart now and i don't know why. I'm redesigning the rear part of the ship right now, probably switching from a 6-arm ablative Heatshield Concept to a 4-Arm Inflatable Heat shield concept. That will definitely cost me some of the visual grace of the ship (i just like that 6-arm-minimal-heatshield-design) but it will make the ship lig
  3. Well. Finalized the design for my Jeb-level-Grand-Tour Ship. ~255 T ~1350 Parts Those are Screenshots from my last Hyperedit-Testflights. I'll wipe my KSP folder now, make a new clean install, just put up the bare minimum of mods (Engineer, MJ, ScienceX and the habitat pack) and put all settings to low Then i'll start constructing it for real with my space shuttles Even the first insertion burn will take about an hour, so it will take at least 2-3 weeks until im able to complete the mission.
  4. @sdj64 Thanks for the clarification. I'll rewiev my design more rigorously for clipped functional parts.
  5. I've got 2 requests. 1)Can you put [x]Science onto the mod list? [x]Science It's a pure informative mod that shows which science you've already done, no matter if it's stored in any ship or returned to the KSC. I am a little bit messy/confused person and it would help me alot. 2) Does things like that thud count as part clipping? Strictly speaking it would violate the Tank/Engine-Partclipping rule, but i've got some things like that that are mostly just visual improvements and would like to keep them
  6. I'm in awe and a little bit scared of the COM shift and the changed aerodynamic propertys of that shuttle
  7. MY: STS-1: Bonus Fuel Pod Mission (Can You Carry Me?) - Entry basically its the same Orbiter as in the First Challenge. Mods USED: -Mechjeb (start was flown by hand aimed loosely after the Ascend Node); -Orbital Changes by Maneuver Planner: only without the payload. The 300x300 Orbit is done by hand -Kerbal Engineer Redux: HUD Mods Installed and NOT Used: X Science; Hyperedit Specifications: Payload: >42t to 300x300 LKO Orbiter(Dry): Weight 32.8t; Price: 108.800 Funds Weight on Launchpad incl. Payload
  8. Took me 1 Week to figure that out: At those transsonic speeds in the high atmosphere the control surfaces don't work properly due to lack of pressure and Airflow (at the AoA needed to break over Kerbin, your Shuttle is basically stalled) and it starts tumbling without a proper control. Too much for the small reaction wheel in the MKIII cockpit -> a good amount of RCS is very helpful (i use Vernors) Maybe in RSS most of the orbital velocity is eaten in even higher altitude and the reaction wheels are able to cope with that. Nice Wingtips by the way
  9. Hammered F12 last time i landed, got a lucky shot: http://imgur.com/o9FofwZ
  10. Your wish is my command! Never thought that my Orbiter could do that, but i've lifted the 42t into a 300x300 Orbit. With a Apo/Peri-difference of about 2.3 meters. Done it on a day and have got a lot of nice sunshine pictures and a detailled documentation of the whole final aproach on the KSC Runway icl Pull up/Flare and wheel touchdowns. Ill put some instructions in the Imgur album, may help people who have problems with the landing of shuttles. Problem: Imgur is buggy and i can't access my new Album right now. Ill post the challenge as soon as imgur fixed the bug. Will provide
  11. Ill join the challenge with my new standard Orbiter. Level Goal: STS Commander Lvl 1 Mods&Clarifications: Mods USED: -Mechjeb (start was flown by hand aimed loosely after the Ascend Node); Orbital Changes by Maneuver Planner: Could have done everything vanilla, The shuttle has plenty reserves, but im lazy concerning LKO orbital maneuvers. -Kerbal Engineer Redux: HUD Mods Installed and NOT Used: X Science; Hyperedit (<- It's installed but not used during the challenge flight) Specifications: Payload: >18t to 300x300 LKO
  12. Just some tourists getting from the shuttle into a taxi in my career save
  13. Well then: my first and only successful STS right now. Features: Staging just like the real one: Liquid Fuel + oxidizer in the main tank, engines on the Orbiter SolidRocketBooster Mono propellant tanked into the Orbiter for final PA-raise and orbital maneuvers 2,375 tons payload + 2 kerbals to 150x150 incl docking no payload and 2 kerbals to 600x600 incl docking Only one reaction-wheel-system: the cockpit It has a RP1/LOX RCS-system with vernor's for two points in the flight: just before SRB-s
  14. ZIV - I do consider you insane - in the best possible way
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