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  1. I know they don't simulate gravity and are parts but its not IMPOSSIBLE to set up if they really wanted to give some of them gravity. I remember an old mod that added asteroids that basically hacked the game to give them gravity (They were parts in the editor aswell that you could get kethane from). Even if they didn't have gravity it would still be neat to orbit Jool and see entire ring systems made of randomly generated asteroids! Also it could be possible to have some of the moons of Jool have their own sub moons! Imagine Bop with 40 different moons around it...
  2. I got this idea from watching a E sized asteroid get an encounter with Minmas, the Mun, and obviously Kerbin all in one pass by of Kerbin. This put it's orbit to where it could make contact with Jool at some point and it did. It actually ended up becoming captured by Jool by making a close pass by of Jool, then Tylo. The idea it gave me was instead of having several premade moons orbiting the gas planet of KSP, it would be more interesting to see randomly generated asteroids (possibly larger than the ones we have in game now) orbiting Jool as pseudo moons. With Jool's IRL counterpart (Jupiter) having 60+ moons and most of the being very small bodies this would make sense. it could also be neat to see Eeloo have very small moons (smaller than Gilly even) to have analogs for Pluto's moons Hydra and Nix. I actually decided to visit this new moon of Jool. I named it "The odyssey". I was super afraid of it being ejected from the Jool system so I moved it's orbit past that of Tylo's and below Bop's. It also was extremely annoying to visit as it orbits in the opposite direction that Jool rotates and the other moon's orbit. Also ignore the cloud mod I have for Jool in the 2nd image, I did not install any mods that changed the asteroids to spawn around Jool.
  3. Ive been talking with some of the devs from RO (Realism Overhaul) and they are the ones who gave me the add on. I doubt that is the issue as it has worked fine for everyone else
  4. I did not go through unity, i used a Blender Add-on that exports the model to .Mu files that the game can use.
  5. So ive been working on an engine mod that adds early Vostok engines for Realism Overhaul. But whenever i load the game, it freezes on loading the part, and i get this error (From the output log) There is only one part in the mod as of right now http://pastebin.com/Pps5Sst7 plz help ;-; Here is a screenshot of my engine in Blender : http://imgur.com/hP6LjLt
  6. How would the kerbals celebrate Christmas on other worlds, or even on Kerbin? This is my idea; What about yours? http://imgur.com/61zb27N
  7. So, ive heard that soon (Not necessarily the next update) that KSP will be updating to Untiy 5! So i thought, and i came up with 'I wonder what the community is hoping for in Unity 5?' 2 of my biggest hopes are: A. That the GameData folder will be able to load more than 3 GB of data per game launch (I think this is changed because of 64 bit? I'm not sure) B. Physics will be able to operate on more than one core on a CPU, making large ships and larger space stations much more possible! (Unity 4 can only run Physics on one core of a CPU)
  8. The launch vehicle was designed this way as a personal challenge, i already knew about the Titan IIIE being larger then the ICBM model. When i said 50 years, i counted Mariner 4 too, and that flew by Mars in 1964, so as of last year, Mars Exploration has lasted 50 years.
  9. Hey! So today i had some fun making rockets that would fit perfectly with the Stock Game! Meaning, a spacecraft that could be added to the main game as a stock craft. So i was wondering... What would the community build? Well, i guess we'll find out! My first build: Viking 1 (Couldn't come up with a 'Kerbal Version' for the name) Obviously, its a model of the Viking 1, made by NASA. It was the first probe to successfully land on Mars, its objectives, analyze the atmosphere and take High-rez images of Mars from space and on the surface. So clearly, my version had to be able to do all these things and more! Download On the launch Pad: IRL: http://imgur.com/LBWxv4b KSP version: http://imgur.com/NkXXXND http://imgur.com/f4Y7WzV The Orbiter: http://imgur.com/xpfRep9 KSP Version: http://imgur.com/1p2x49m The Lander: http://imgur.com/o1P7hu9 KSP Version: http://imgur.com/rgtedN7 Some fancy Orbiter-Lander Separation art! Artist Version: http://imgur.com/lVHFhAR Ksp Version: http://imgur.com/9LOyZvx Praise to 50 Years of Mars exploration! Hopefully 2020 will come soon so the Mars Lab can make its 9 month journey to join it's brethren Curiosity and Opportunity! *More Coming Soon, Post your Stock Ideas Below with pictures and all! Rules are... +Cannot be like, 'I made the death star' sort of thing, think of ideas that Squad would add to the game to either aid in Tutorials or help beginners learn to fly! EXAMPLE: Here is a basic un-manned Voyager probe, now go get it out of the Kerbol system! +Add pictures or a download if you want, its not very interesting to read a description of your rocket... (press F12 if your on steam to take screen shots) +You are open to critizem, everyone is, even me. So don't go starting a flame war if someone doesn't like your work, or trys to help you. - - - Updated - - - Sorry, the 'Insert Image' thing wasn't working, we'll have to live with links for now D:
  10. haha! That comes with my other idea: 'Random Planet Mode' where you are forced to have your main base on a random planet, rather then always on Kerbin. Hard mode would be Jool. Also all the planets are in a random order, with some new ones thrown in. Obviously they would generate in categories, so moons are always moons, but planets are always planets (You can only launch from planets so you don't keep ending up with spawning on say, gilly) and usually never moons of other planets. But moons like Laythe, Tylo, Vall, and somewhat Eeloo, could be either type. Then, Randomized Kerbol color! but it can never be black, because that would be scary. Anyway, Remeber: If they made a new game, think of the eye candy! Seriously go google 'RSS clouds' and look at those pictures!
  11. I still can't belive how close the vote is ! Currently its 99-100 with 'No' winning! INSANE! But again, this would be an OPTIONAL THING ONCE SQUAD HAS FINISHED KSP AND FIXED MOST OF THE FIXABLE BUGS!