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  1. Quick bug report, the KW procedural fairings no longer fit the 0.25 scaling compatible KW Rocketry parts.
  2. I thought that auto-struts were in there already? or am I thinking of a different mod? BTW thanks for the update, e-dog. This is one of my must-install mods
  3. I thought KW parts had a problem with 0.25? I've been using the fairings from AIES, the mod seems to be working well.
  4. IIRC that means that KSPAPIExtensions isn't working correctly. It may need updating for 0.25
  5. Waves hands mysteriously... "Abra-ka-Sarbian!" (poof!) @PART[W485_Surface*Light] { @MODULE[ModuleLight] { %lightR = 1.00 %lightG = 0.93 %lightB = 0.78 } } @PART[W485_Surface4WayLight] { @MODULE[ModuleLight],1 { %lightR = 1.00 %lightG = 0.93 %lightB = 0.78 } @MODULE[ModuleLight],2 { %lightR = 1.00 %lightG = 0.93 %lightB = 0.78 } @MODULE[ModuleLight],3 { %lightR = 1.00 %lightG = 0.93 %lightB = 0.78 } }
  6. The color of the emitted light is a tweakable, you can just right-click on the parts in the VAB and change it to any hue you like. Unfortunately the texture on the part stays that same yellowish color, so it can look a bit weird. Maybe playing with transparency in the 3d models can help?
  7. Yeah, me too... that and RealChutes. MJ can land on a dime using stock chutes, but it doesn't support RC (last I tried it doesn't even open them) and that mod has some pretty cool parts I'd love to use.
  8. Works great here on 64 bit windows. I have an issue report, although I suspect it's not easily fixable... when you use the new docking port and try to use the RPM docking cam, there's a big silver hexagon in the display which is probably the back of the prong that sticks out of the docking port.
  9. Wow, I completely missed that. Yep, you're right. I guess I'm so used to seeing ads all over the place my brain just edits them out
  10. Actually I don't think the toolbar's breaking the rules, because the donation button is not in the toolbar itself, it's in the download page. (emphasis mine)Speaking of the new rules, I really like this one: That will make plugins that depend on other plugins a lot more stable.
  11. Not sure if that's the case... I just tested it and it does have a pretty puny decoupling force, but if you look at the part description in the VAB it says it has a ejection force of just 100. If you look at the other, smaller decouplers they are a lot more powerful - for example, the 1.25M decouplers have an ejection force of 250 and the 2M decoupler's force is 600. I suspect they goofed on the part and it was supposed to have an ejection force of 1000. If that's the case, it should be pretty trivial to patch with a MM script.
  12. Thank you Vendan for adding the privacy info in the OP. And thank you SirCmpwn for maintaining a server that cares about its users privacy. This is how it starts, individual modders show they care about this stuff, and eventually it will become the normal and expected thing to do. This is incidentally also what happened with free software licenses, initially everyone just said "it's a free program, why do you care?" and now posting and complying with licenses is normal and expected.
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