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  1. I haven't even bothered to download it. In fact I have decided to completely stop playing the game until SQUAD announce they are completely finished messing about with the key components. Just logged in to see what if it was worth downloading 1.04 - sounds like its not. Until the game is stable I will just continue to log in every Tuesday to see how devnote (or is that nonote?) Tuesdays are coming along.
  2. Like I said, rockets of similar design. The only thing from your list that makes sense as an answer is the last point, but I do not believe that is the case. I seem to be able to fly the rockets made with bigger tanks at steeper angles/more aggressively without any issues. And there are other issues, the ridiculous heat system that is yet to be patched being one. I mean, seriously you add a heat mechanic but no sensible way to mitigate it. On top of this it also makes the game crash! And STILL no patch. The changing aerodynamics as mentioned above is a joke, we are at release now - this is a fundamental part of the game and should NOT be changing after release. Im sorry but SQUAD have messed up big time in my eyes. I don't want to hear any groupies telling me how im wrong and playing the game incorrectly - this is how I feel. The devnotes since release have been a joke. Im not playing the game until these issues are sorted, glad I didn't pay full price at release and have had many many hours of enjoyment out of it pre 1.0.
  3. I have to agree with this, I have completely abandoned the game until the devs announce they are finished messing about with the aero. I do not believe it is realistic or fun. Can somebody answer why rockets made with the early tech are so much more unstable than the ones with similar designs made with the larger tanks? It doesn't make any sense. Too many people on here want this to be a hardcore sim, the rest of us want a game. We bought this in early access and since then I believe a fundamental mechanic has been changed. Its not fun for me the way it is now, I want to be able to launch large monstrosities!
  4. Exactly. I can't see how they could not address this.... Somehow I feel like they are just going to crack on regardless.
  5. Quite possibly, they are not doing themselves any favours though are they!? I think they have got to respond, 75% of the community (according to this poll) are not with them - that's a straw poll of how the outside world will judge them.
  6. What I don't understand is if there is no managerial or financial pressure to "release" the game and there are more things SQUAD plan to add as well as bugs to fix then why release? It just seems to be an arbitrary reason to release it because it is "scope complete". There are still way too many bugs, the contracts are a bit dull and feel unfinished, nothing to do on EVA, some of the cockpits have no IVA.... Bla bla bla Why waste a big release if you want to add more things? I don't see why 6 months more would make any difference, apart from better reviews from critics. As it is a lot of new players will pick the game up and play a few hours before leaving it alone, which for the sake of waiting a few more months is absurd. I don't care if SQUAD release the game now or never, I have my copy and I will just wait until it's not being developed anymore, add the mods I think the game should have and then carry on playing; I just feel sad for the Devs that they couldn't just wait a little longer, I think they will look back on it as a mistake.
  7. See now I thought the same but actually now I'm playing through it I think the costs for the buildings are perfectly balanced. In the start the game forces you to use planes to do the survey missions which has really revived an interest in atmospheric stuff for me. The middle game is also challenging as it forces you to do things you might not normally do. As an example yesterday I got a contract to Launch a satellite in a stationary Equatorial orbit around minmus - The payout was 1.2million! I strapped a lander to it as well and put a kerbal down whilst I was there, I think I got 695 science as well. That's a big enough payout to make that RnD tier not too much of a grind. Put a few stations and sats up and you can easily get the required funds. The only thing that's wrong currently in my opinion is the tech tree - seriously they invented the jet engine before the landing gear? There needs to be a probe in the first tier and there should be the ability to build a rover earlier that present. Other than that I don't mind everything else - great update!
  8. Look in the bottom right corner, the "i" icon is red, that's because you have exceeded the allowed limitations. This does bring to light something else though that needs to be sorted before release.... Tell the players how things work. There is a lot of stuff going on now and I would be lost as a complete newbie.
  9. Totally agree with this The Jet engine is too far down the tech tree, all my contracts are orbital ones or flyovers and I can't get to orbit because of the launchpad weight limit and I can't do the flyovers because the plane parts needed are still missing.
  10. I can't lie, totally underwhelmed by the contract system too I thought I would love it but I just can't enjoy the procedural parts testing contracts at all. I like the explore contracts, but the rescue kerbal contracts are ridiculous - I want to see real space missions!!! All the procedurally generated text is too difficult to read and is ignored by everyone, I think it would be better to just sit down an write 500 - 1000 individual contracts, yes it will take time but it will be worth it. Squad perhaps could think of a way to spawn markers on a surface, then these are places you need to land and perhaps drive a rover to another flag. Explore anomalies contracts, study specific area etc. The UI refresh is great, but I can't help but think that squad are not listening to the community on certain things, why is the navball still not on screen when you go into map mode? Why do you still have to press G twice to deploy your legs the first time? No worries though we have random kerbals to rescue from orbit eh Squad!? The only thing that bothers me is I have read that Squad is aiming for scope completion by the end of the year, judging by how long it took to get this update out I can't imagine they can get that much done by the end of the year and content wise, I think its still way off the mark.
  11. Lol! Too true! Honestly, it feels like the average age on here is 12 with all the complaining. Why is it an issue that its easier to launch things now? Its more realistic and just god damn nicer to play. The launch shouldn't be the most challenging part of the game. Also while im here, it seems like there is alot of complaining due to people thinking this is a simulator? Its clearly not so why do some people moan about these sort of things? Just get on with it and enjoy the game!
  12. I agree, love the update, love the parts and the new stability so thank you squad! I have nothing to complain about at all, its amazing. Sure I could launch massive payloads before with loads of (lets face it) over engineering, the new parts mean it's just easier and overall a better experiance as a game. I love it
  13. This man speaks sense, why do people even care? Just do not transfer fuel through it if you don't want to! The poster that said he will hate it, fine hate it and just leave it in the parts bin back at the VAB.
  14. Mine is my trip to duna and back that I completed recently. Unfortunatly time warp cut my parachutes just as I was about to splash down on kerbin and killed jeh, bob and bill Im just now building a craft to take me to dres and back, its the unknown for me....
  15. Behave yourself. Your talking utter nonsense, there are always people on here moaning about what squad are up to. Just enjoy the game, how can there be ANYTHING wrong with squad adding more precise control over maneuver nodes? Please consider what you are positing before you type it.
  16. Yes you are talking nonsense. How can it be bad that they are adding the most popular mods? I only play stock as I like to play the game as squad intend it to be played but some of the functionality on mods litterally deserve to be stock.
  17. Unfortunately we have not yet got our funding to Launch a spy satellite into orbit so we can keep a close eye on proceedings in Krussia, however we managed to persuade the Kamericans to feed us live pictures of a Krussian launch yesterday. Here are the details Launched under cover of darkness and surrounded by a strong soviet looking box structure is a secret Krussian mission. These pictures showed that they have managed to acquire the Nuclear rocket meaning they can explore the solar system at will - quite disconcerting. We managed to track them out to minimus We couldn't help wonder what the Krussians were up to, with their big weird box so we watched closely as they dropped it and then landed the skycrane on its engines. An hour after take off they activated an explosive charge that blew the front door off revealing an object inside on closer inspection it was clearly a rover which was driven out of its box and it set about using some peculiar apparatus for inspecting the surface we are monitoring the situation and will report back.
  18. I really wanted to watch your video but after 5 mins I felt motion sick after all your incessant camera movements!
  19. Same! I don't have any pictures from back then but I watched a lets play the other day that reminded me of all the little things id forgot
  20. I tried to watch it in a hotel last week, I really wanted to like it but I had to turn it off after 45 mins!
  21. Im using a laptop too! Sony Vaio i7 with 4Gb of RAM Anything upto 500 parts is fine, I've not built anything bigger though. It does kick out some heat when its playing though!
  22. I think it will mate, although I do wonder if content would be released as DLC which us early adopters would be asked to pay for...
  23. Today the BSA is proud to announce their first ever rover landed safely on Duna, the first success of the newly created agency. T minus 5 minutes and final checks are made to the launch stage T + 28 seconds and all systems are performing to expectations T+ 1:41 - The Booster rockets are jettisoned T 2:24 - the final part of the booster stage is jettisoned leaving the circulisation stage to do its job T 9:21 - just before a full orbit is established the last large booster is dropped leaving the transfer stage to push us out to Duna 32 days later the Duna transfer window opens, unfortunatly our mission planners left the time acceleration key on for too long meaning we had to burn alot more fuel than we should of. 95 days from launch we perform an aerobrake around duna, the British designed and manufactured payload fairings doing a great job of protecting the rover Once round at the new Apoapsis the fairings are removed so they will burn up on re-entry into Duna Now to rover returns round to the light side of the planet and a landing course is plotted Coming in low over the surface at 700m/s didn't cause any re entry effects but we kept the shield for as long as possible just in case..... .... but we jettisoned it as soon as our nerves couldn't take anymore! it was at this stage the parachute was also deployed at 500 meters above the surface the parachute was cut and the skycrane engines fired to bring the rover down gently. at 2 meters above the surface the rover was dropped and the skycrane boosted out the way We are happy to report the rover sprung to life once the startup codes were transmitted to it and it has made its way to its first target, we hope to have data returning from it within the next few hours
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