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  1. I thought that was a different issue. Good to know. Thank you.
  2. I'm not against the concept. Just wishing there was another way that didn't involve bringing/producing more nitrogen for shorter trips. Which reminds me of something I forgot to mention yesterday, why do you keep using nitrogen while you're on eva? I understand using it to regain pressure on the capsule after someone goes in or out, but the problem (for me at least) is that it's constantly used while there's a kerbal on eva, but the second they go back in it stops. Do they forget to close the door or something? (I mean, they're kerbals so maybe the do) I see, gonna try it. Still wished there was some kind of airlock part in order to prevent this. I think there's a mod that has it, but I don't think it will interact with Kerbalism in that way. Thank you all
  3. Hi. I have a question about nitrogen. How do I avoid losing pretty much all of it when I send a kerbal to do an eva. When I'm building the rocket I get that I have nitrogen for like 7 years, but do 1 eva and suddenly is almost, if not all, gone. Is there some way to prevent this besides bringing more nitrogen? Is just that I find absurd that I have, supposedly, so much and one minute later is gone.
  4. Ah, a shame, that science tended me to take me out of some pickles Sadly we'll never know. After miscalculating due to the point I quoted first I uninstalled everything and re downloaded and I don't know what I didn't download but it works now. ty
  5. Hi, I don't know what I might be doing wrong but I can't transmit data back to ksc. I have a communotron 16, it's extended, I have power and supposedly connected to DSN (on the stock connection part of the ui it says that I can transmit science), but no science gets transmitted. What's the issue here? It's the wrong type of antenna or something? Also, now that I notice it, does Kerbalism remove the different biomes of ksc?
  6. I was going to be like "Oh hey, OSE Workshop works even if it's the wrong ksp version" but nope. As soon as I try to launch a rocket with any IHM ksc disappears lol.
  7. Awesome. Thanks a lot for all the help Now that I think about it. Is there a way to identify what IHM is what? I'm building a rocket and I keep losing track of which one is which lol.
  8. I was thinking more on adding them to rockets. At first I didn't notice research kits existed and launched a space station. Eventually ran out of those and had to build a delivery rocket out of aircraft cargo holds since those could hold the buckboards. I guess it's possible to to add those to a rocket design, but if there was some sort of tank similar to the fuel ones it would be very nice. Also the pics would help a lot. I kinda use the basic form as shown in the tutorial one, but if I want to launch it I have to build this monstrosity of a rocket to be able to. Also I was checking OSE and it seems like it needs ksp 1.10? The problem being that I'm still using 1.9 because there's a lot of mods that still haven't been updated. It's 100% necessary to be in 1.10?
  9. Sure, any help is appreciated. I was wondering mostly because it happens with the one that is included in the tutorial. Besides a rover I made for the ksc science contracts (Made of the command cab, the crew cabin, a ground stabilizer, 4 pairs of wheels and some science experiments) I haven't really tried my hand at rover making. While I have the question train rolling. Is there a way to carry resources like research kits or equipment in other places besides the buckboards? Probably I'm missing something but I haven't been able to find it.
  10. That did the trick. A lvl 1 engineer needed like 550-600 equipment to build it. I went back and fort on the tutorial and apparently there's a kinda free buckboard (I hope lol) so I changed that one to equipment and I think it gives me around 630-660 total. Picked up a couple of transfer stations (a part I didn't know existed because I stopped playing for quite a while, thought it was just still the regular ports) and a couple of ports and connected both buckboards to the Ponderosa and that was it, I was able to inflate it and for now I'm at that point. Thank you very much. Before I forget, is the Buffalo a little unstable by nature or is something else in my game? Because if I try to turn a little too much even at low speed it will try to roll over.
  11. Hello. I'm trying to set up the base as the tutorial explains with the example buffalo. I don't know if maybe the parts changed or something else changed but I don't find ports on neither the slab or the trailer hitch. It seems like you need more equipment to build it than what the buckboard carries and so I have no idea how to make it work. I would appreciate any help. I'm using the latest pathfinder with KSP version 1.9. I have both KIS and KAS installed too (among a lot of other stuff)
  12. Well, things are getting better, while far from perfect perfect, even good, the planes are improving. Thank you all for the advice
  13. No, that part at least was fine. I got partial success now. Moved some parts, changed the friction of the tail wheel, added a stabilizer on the rear and the plane at least doesn't lose control in that way anymore. Now I'm having issues to lift off, I can get air if I reach the end of the runway or a bump in the road but can't lift off in a, errmmmm, "normal" way. The plane controls okish, but it tries to nose dive into the ground. Still a lot better than going to one side and exploding.
  14. I'll try the the suggestions you made to see if I make it. Would really like to approach the order of events in a more similar to what happened in real life kinda way. Thank you
  15. Hi, I recently started playing KSP again 2-3 years. To change things a little I decided to use the unkerballed start mod, among a bunch of others, so I can sorta focus on planes before attempting going to space. I never was an expert in planes, or the game in general, but my planes flew ok. However I now seem to be able to build a plane. I had this kinda basic design and have added some stuff in hopes of lifting off, but no luck. I have the issue where the plane after reaching certain speed violently turns to one side, lose control of it and crash. If I try to correct shortly before this then the plane turns violently to the other side and same result. Here are the pics and a short video of my general experience https://imgur.com/a/lgdY8J8 Appreciate any help you can give me. Edit: Forgot to mention that I tried the solutions on the FAQ, granted I could still have done it wrong.
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