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  1. Have you ever tried to build a VTOL? Probably. Have you successfully build a VTOL with more than 2 engines? Probably not (nice going if you have). The main issue with the VTOLS with more than 1 engine is that there are issues with the center of mass and thrust. So I was thinking 'well, how about having symmetry around the center of mass so that forces stay balanced?' But what could other implications involve? Well, landers count as VTOL's, but still. If you have an off-set center of mass on the lander, why not balance the craft's center of thrust by having COMS? OR if landing isn't your style, what about in orbit? With space stations? This new feature can help with docking by placing RCS thrusters symmetrically around the CoM, preventing for the RCS thrusters from applying torque. So how would this feature work? The way I see it, it would involve two things: -The first is what you want to be in the same place. You could use COMS to align the center of mass and thrust, as in my examples. But you could also do this with mass + lift, and lift+thrust (because why not?) or have a witches brew of all three! This feature can also help with making planes stable... ish. -The second is calculating where rockets could be placed to balance the crafts CoM/CoT (or any other combo). This would be done more by the computer and may increase memory. But hey, who's up for the idea?
  2. Do we need to use ion thrusters or can we use nuclear rockets? And are we allowed to use mods that add difficulty (such as TAC life support and remote tech)?
  3. Me too. It's just that this goes a little more in depth.
  4. I wish I had the time and knowledge and the time to gain the knowledge to work on this myself, but looking at stock textures made me confuse how those turn into the parts we know and kind-of love. On a Facebook KSP Group, there was an image of a KSP shuttle re-entry. The dialogue of the original post went something like this: A comment continued to say: And I proceeded to say: That. The Kerboom juice sparked the idea. The main features I have in mind are short and simple that can be expanded upon. They are separated by mechanics and parts. - Happiness. This allows kerbals to do tasks more efficiently when happiness is high. Engineers repair more, pilots have stronger SAS and scientists gain more science. - Kerboom Juice. This resource can boost happiness and maintain it. Run out of Kerboom Juice and things go wrong. Also, tanks of the stuff could be attached externally with an explosives symbol or something on the side? - A Bar. This would look somewhat similar to the stock science module in terms of dimensions and general shape. - Sleeping quarters. This could be similar to the hitch-hikers module, except slightly longer and have capacity for 6 kerbals. - Computer. No, not a probe core. One that can play music and games in orbit. I really don't expect this for games, but if you can overwrite the music while in orbit to play user-selected music... so much rep for you. That's what I've got for now. Really, the Bar and Kerboom Juice are the two that I mainly want to see. Happy Modding!
  5. Install bug. I tried to install the mod but it doesn't seem to be working. As you can see, Kerbin's orbit is the same and it's size is the same. I have the folders in GameData (TJMods is a flag pack I made, if you're wondering) but it doesn't work. What have I broken?
  6. Story Time! So you did it. You're on the Myth-busters team. Your first myth is pretty unusual. Few people have seen this, but there is a video of a plane that is vertical using only the power of it's lone propeller to keep it a few inches off the ground, presumably at an air show. It's no jumbo jet sized plane, so things need to be kept small and it has to have a kerbal in, but it could be remote controlled. Either way, it needs a crew pod. Kudos to those that read the above in any of the Myth-busters' voices. But TJ, how do I win/what scoring is there? Good question. There is no real way to win. Complete the challenge and feel good. So where's your entry? Right here (it includes the video of that plane I was talking about): Kerbals, start your engines!
  7. I'll be honest, I thought this was a kind of Kerbal Alarm Clock. But when I saw 'This utility allows you to "unleash the kraken"' I couldn't say no
  8. Erm... I don't know if anyone else has had this issue, but the planets still seem the same, in terms of size. And kerbol plus doesn't seem to work. But the atmospheres look 100% amazing!
  9. Harv was saying about a trip to eve for next year. So I've created a map of possible paths for it: The white paths are from the roughly equatorial region (the equator is about the the thin blue line across the middle). Black paths are from pole to pole. Most of these paths may need to have more than 5 days to be possible, but I'll select a few myself and drive it myself to check the terrain.
  10. TJPrime


    Recently, I participated in a week long Space School (highly recommended for anyone anywhere) and we snapped these photos using long exposure and the light of the night. The first one was the only one I participated in (we were separated into 7 groups and did this the first few nights in turns), but it's this one that I really wanted you guys to see Though I'm not 100% sure if this is a reference to KSP/squad, I'm implying it in that way. Thanks, Squad, for making a great game!
  11. Would something like Apollo's 15-17 be ok? So, having a rover on a landing module, get out of the landing module, deploy the rover, get in the rover, drive around, get back into the lander module and return to the orbiter?
  12. So, I managed to get a bug (which I've called 'Phantom Land Kraken') where the orbit line for your active vessel is removed (the icon for your ship is still there) and you can't time warp because the game thinks that your vessel is moving over terrain (hence the name), despite the fact you're tens of KM above the surface. Mods installed: KAS/KIS; Kopernicus Tech (no planet packs); Kerbal Alarm Clock; Kerbal Joint Reinforcement. Here are screen shots of the effects: The cause of the bug is ejecting the Launch Abort System part, which a fairing is set around. This breaks the fairing, and this might be what causes the time warp bug. I'm not sure why it would cause the orbit line to break, though. This is solved by having the fairings deploy before or simultaneous to the LAS firing.
  13. I didn't give my spacecraft any fancy name. Though I think I've set a pretty good benchmark of 2 Years, 39 days 1 hour and 43 minutes. Probably the fastest spacecraft I've ever made, too.
  14. Are we allowed to use squads official mods like the asteroid day mod?
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