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  1. TrainEngie could you try the following step and tell me if that works ? 1- Try to import again the Aeris 3A just to confirm that the problem is still there 2-If so try replacing by at line 86 in part_dic.py in the addon folder If you want I can send you the modified file. 3-Retry Importing the Aeris 3A. I don't know if it will work at all, but it's worth trying.
  2. So update time for the recent changes: Please download the newest version of the mu importer, it supports .dds files and in fact it had been for more than 3 weeks... EDIT: Wow, it's really big Sorry for not checking before However texture are still not right. I will try to do something. Also, if you are using Blender 2.74 you might have problem with things like clamps, but nothing too bad. It will show an error message but evrything is ok-ish .
  3. Well, the landing gears have the texure but they are not placed correctly. Moreover they only take a small part of the UV image and are at the top (or bottom ?) of the image, so when you rotate it with the script, it rotates it but around the vertices layout center and not the image center. So, I doesn't have any real effect. For the landing gear you have to go back to the good old method of placing the vertices correctly in the UV editor, but it just needs a rotation of 180°, a rescale of -1 and a translation... Fortunately we don't have to resize with weird factors and move vertices.
  4. For the parts which are not importing you can try the manipulation I described above (only if the addon was working with 0.90 otherwise that's a whole different problem (a problem in the addon itself)). Just make sure to make a copy of the io_import_mu addon before. The problem with the messed up texture is that they are not rotated correctly like gardocki pointed out. So, you can go select the part and and open a UV editor window and then try to rotate the uv map (a 180° rotation plus sometime a -1 scale on the y axis should do it). Or you can try something like this: Paste it in the text editor, select the part (the mesh not the green empty made of circles) you want to modify and it 'Run Script'. The only problem is that it doesn't work with every part (example: the landing gear of the Aeris 3A) and might not be exact. I hope this work
  5. I'm having problems too and it seems that it comes from the images. But it seems (to me) that the problem comes from the .mu importer. I've quickly checked and the problem might come from the fact that the textures are not in a .mbm file anymore but are .dds now (You can check the full changelog from KSP 1.0). I've tried modifying a little the io_object_mu addon and it seems to be ok now. Try adding ".dds" in the list wherever ".png" is mentionned in import_mu.py (I think that the addon is checking for a .png or a .tga file (used by modders) when there is no .mbm file (used by Squad), so adding the ".dds" should tell the script to look for the new texture files from Squad ) Also, if you were previously able to import craft from mods they shouldn't be affected by the problem since a lot of them use .png files. I hope this works.
  6. Sorry, I don't have any idea on how to correct problems for Mac users but I have some updates for the add-on: -If you want to use, the script with B9 crafts you have to comment the lines 'exceptions = make_exceptions()' and 'exceptions_manager(p,rl,exceptions)' at the beginning of part_dict.py in the make_dict function. The problem was that my piece of code tried to correct the name of B9 part from 'B9_part123' in the .cfg (part file) to 'B9.part123' for the .craft (craft file) (in part_dict.py) and Dasoccerguy tried to correct the name from 'B9.part456' in the .craft to 'B9_part456' for the .cfg (in import_craft.py). So, in the end the script had diffulties matching the name: from a 'B9_part' vs 'B9.part' problem we went to a 'B9.part' vs 'B9_part' problem. Here is a quick render of a B9 craft in Blender : http://www.pasteall.org/pic/show.php?id=86598 As you can see, the imported craft needs a bit of clean up since a lot of useless meshes (manually moved to side in the picture) are created during the import process. Use the fix at your own risk. However, we have a hint for you: a lot of these objects have 'proxy' in their name and even better, Dasoccerguy pointed out that these objects don't seem to have a texture or a material. -I've also been able to correct the part where the make_dict function creates the right_scale dict (not in the current release of the add-on but it was in previous on). For people who want to test things or know how it works (otherwise you can skip the text between '***'): *** The problem was that I wasn't paying enough attention to the wiki and right_scale.py from Dasoccerguy. So, I guess RTFM to me. Here, is how it works now: it still looks for 'rescaleFactor' and 'scale' in the .cfg (but only the one with 'scale = 2,5,9' and not 'scale = 1.3566' the second one is just for the nodes (and it was where I made a mistake)): rescale_factor __scale false __________ false -> scale =1.25 (I was also one of my mistakes) false __________ true -> scale (not sure about that one, should it be scale*1.25 ?) true __________ false -> rescale_factor true __________ true -> rescale_fatcor * scale If you want to try it (not recommended if you are afraid of potential bugs) you can go to https://github.com/Cptmann/ksp_partdic and dowload partdic.py . You then have to copy-paste it in the right folder and rename it to part_dict.py (after making a save of the old one) and change the name of 'make_dict_with_rs' to 'make_dict', remove the other make_dict function and change at the beginning of import_craft.py after the rocket drawing (which is very nice by the way ) '[partdir,right_location] = part_dict.make_dict(ksp); rightscale = right_scale.make()' to '[partdir,rightscale,right_location] = part_dict.make_dict(ksp)'. *** -Finally, you might have some problems with parts that are actually two parts stuck together (two models are indicated the .cfg) Sorry for the long post.
  7. Glad to hear that you will incorporate it I modified partdic today to add a function to handle mods with a different name for the part in .cfg and the .craft (for exemple B9). For this there is an exceptions dic at the beginning of the file. I also changed the name of a few function (probe functions and make_dic -> make_dic_aux) and I added a matser make_dic function to which you only have to give the path. You will still have to add the Vector in the make_dic_aux function where it is indicated and uncomment the import mathutils. If you only need the old partdic.py I think it will still be available in the commits tab (I new to Github so I don't really know). Anyway, I have a backup on my computer in case. If you have any questions/problem/complaints send me a message, I'll try to check the forums a few time during the day.
  8. Does that mean that I ninja'ed you by two weeks ? Wow, slowest ninja ever ! Ok, here it is, I've posted it on Github:https://github.com/Cptmann/ksp_partdic It surely isn't the most effcient thing ever nor the better piece of code, but it works. Some notes : -The name cheaters_probe is because I first intentended to make myself the function which would find the .cfg (and not look everywhere in GameData) but after a number of (half-)failed attempts I discovered that a function was already existing. So, it felt like cheating to me. But rename it to probe (or whatever) if you prefer. -It creates some quite big dictionnaries : with B9, NFT, Kethane, Interstellar, KAX, KAS, TAC, Atomic age and of course Squad, the part dictionnnary has 737 entries !! So they take quite some time to make -The cheaters_probe_large function is for the mods which do not have a 'Parts' folder (exeample: AIES), if you use the first function they won't be explored. The downside is that it saves other .cfg which are not for parts. You will also need to add the 'Vector' thing in the script (where it's indicated), I didn't put it to for tesst not in Blender. Fun fact : only two parts made by Squad do not have a scale or rescale factor parameter: JetEngine and ladder1 I really hope it works correctly (I have only tested with a few parts for a few mods)
  9. I finished my script and it should work ! Yeah, I've seen that and that's quite annoying, it would have been quite easier if they had all agreed on a convention. But I think that there is a trick: the name in the .craft file is (normally) the same as the one in the .cfg. So, you just have to search in every .cfg file () (Is'nt it what you did to create the dictionary sofar ? ) and look for the "name =" and here you go ! And you also have the right scale, location and rescale factor (and even the category). My script does exactly that and everything should work alright (hopefully). But I've already noticed that B9 does not respect that: they use a '.' as a separator in the .craft and a '_' in the .cfg, so you would have to replace everything onced you have created the dic or when you search for the part (that's up to you) Maybe, it is easier to Finally, where should I put the script ? Github ? (Off-topic: Is it normal that I have to relog each time just before posting ?)
  10. Hello everyone Thanks for the add-on it looks great (even if I can't get it to work, it seems that it has a problem with finding the correct part for the cockpit. I might try again later ) I think that you should mention to people (maybe on the download page ?) that they can use their GPU to render with Cycles in Blender, it goes much faster (most of the time). It would be really useful for people who are new to Blender and might not know about it. To be able to use your GPU you have to go in User Preference > System >Compute Device (bottom left) and select CUDA and in the menu select the GPU you want to use. However, it has some limitations : not every GPU are supported http://www.blender.org/manual/render/cycles/gpu_rendering.html (*), some Cycles features are also experimantal on GPUs. (*) No need to complain here, the Blender Foundation already had a lot of complains about it. They've said what was the reason, but I don't remember where Also, I've been trying to make a python script to create the dictionary needed for the paths of the models, the right size and the right location. I've managed to do something but then I saw that not every mod as the same folder organization (I was testing on B9). So, I'll have to work some more on it. As far as I know this kind of thing is not in the current add-on, am I right ? Well, for know I can at least give you the dictionary for B9. So, tell me if you want it.
  11. Hi again, So, I think I'll stick to what you told me to buy. But, I still have a question concerning the motherboard. As I said, I planning to overclock one day or another, so should I choose something like the ASRock Pro 4 or MSI G-43 or Gigabyte Z87P-D3 instead of the Asus H-81 Plus (no overclocking capabilities).
  12. It's seems really good to me. So, I think I will go for a 1TB HDD as advised. For the SSD I don't need extra-safety against power loss (I hope), but if you say a Crucial SSD is better then I'll take it. As I said I'm considering to overclock my CPU one day or another. I've heard that you need a Z87 chipset to be able to do it, but some motherboard manufacturers seem to have made a special change to be able to overclock with a non-Z87 chipset. Is the Asus H-81M Plus one of these motherboards ? (If you think that overclocking isn't not interesting, let me now (exemple: not worth the price of a more expensive motherboard, too hard, ...)) Also, I was wondering: why choose an Asus H-81M PLus which has a mATX form factor instead of a H-81 Plus in ATX ? Because bigger is better, right ? That pretty much all my questions, so let me know what you think.
  13. Hi everyone, I'm planning to buy a new computer and I would like to know waht you think. First, I will mostly use it for gaming (KSP ,Space Engine, Battlefield) and the usual stuff. My budget is about 1000/1100€ and I'm buying from France. I've been thinking about it for a few months and this is what I came up with: CPU: i5-4560K (I don't plan to overclock right now, but a future overcloking is considerated, hence the K) Motherborad: I don't really know (100€-ish ?) (no SLI or CF needed) RAM: 8G HDD: 500G Western Digital Caviar Blue ? 50€ SSD: Samsung 840 Evo 120G Graphic Card: GTX 760 (don't know the brand and the model) I prefer a nVidia because they are compatible with a software I use Cooling system: What you think is good Case: Fractal Design R4 (or something with the same design like the antec P100) PSU: don't really know (600W ?) OS: Windows I don't need any screen. Do you think a standard keybord and mouse will be ok. Right now I have an old computer with a Pentium 4 and 1.5G of RAM so anything should be a huge improvement. (Sorry if I made some mistakes, I'm still learning english)
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