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  1. Whenever I attempt to fit the Orion LAS on top of the capsule, nothing works like I am unable to place it and there is no node to connect it with. EDIT: I believe I have got it attached to the capsule via tower which is by first attaching the jettison motor and then placing the shroud on afterwards.
  2. I was wondering perhaps such particular machine guns like the Colt Mk 12 cannon and M39 can be added in the future for jets? M39 cannon 20mm https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M39_cannon Colt Mk 12 Cannon 20mm https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colt_Mk_12_cannon
  3. I am highly looking forward to this aspect of the mod for the game. It will certainly be a must-have for some F-14 Tomcat fans who want to recreate and fly the jet in a more kerbalish, yet replica way.
  4. I apparently am having issues with procedural parts textures being conflicted with the textures of DCK. Like for instance, when I assign a particular texture to a rocket, when I click launch and it is on the launchpad, it reverts to stock white.
  5. It would likely require a rewrite Since version 1.0 is vastly different from most recent releases of kerbal space program sadly due to architectural changes.
  6. FAR is simply not compiled to run properly under 1.3.0 so we'll have to wait till a 1.3.0 version is released.
  7. I reinstalled ksp but now figured there is a problem with the module flight integrator.
  8. I have noticed when I have FAR installed with my installation of KSP, I try to launch a few aircraft from my runway; they simply do not move at all even with the brakes off and at full thrust.
  9. Did you install the Real Solar System plugin with the ksc switcher config? I had the same problem as you did.
  10. I noticed when I open some of the parts, especially the fuel tanks, there is no fuel and I am using real fuels. It has worked before but since the texture change on the fuel tanks and boosters, there is no fuel. Update: Some of the SRBs work when I use them with an alternate launcher instead. Can you double check if the fuel tanks are missing a resource like liquid fuel, oxidizer, etc please?
  11. By any chance, can you please provide a download link for all of us to try for ourselves or is it still in works? Anything would be appreciated; thank you!