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  1. Hello! I just found this on CKAN and was wondering if anyone has any pictures of some of the random changes that are made with each new save game seed?
  2. Hey sorry if I missed this somewhere but does this work with Planetary Base Systems and Pathfinder?
  3. Hey! Is there a way to lower the decoupler force when releasing a build? It tends to shoot them out quite violently sometimes. Also is there a way to rotate which way a build is released so that it position wont be upside down, on its side, etc?
  4. Got a picture? I had a similar idea using KRE Dragon engines but they are not very efficient.
  5. Hey how do you guys usually land a SSTO on a low grav body like the Mun? I keep trying to land mine backwards on its butt, then tipping it forward so it sets down on its landing gear. But what keeps happening is that when the butt of the ship touches the surface, or the landing gear touches down, the who thing falls apart. Even with auto-strut and rigid attachments on, and even if it lands at just a couple meters per second. It seems really exaggerated, like the crash tolerances are way off. Is this more of the on-going problems with colliders?
  6. Ok check this out. Just a concept using some Kerbal Re-usability Expansion's "Draco" engines. The efficiency...well, its really not, but it gets the brain working. This would be one awesome VTOL option. Very balanced! Alright, I'll quit posting for a bit but OPT is just too cool.
  7. Yo! Apart from individual B9-style RCS ports, would you also consider doing a radial docking port? B9 had a really great one that opened up and whatnot, I always stuck it on my OPT craft in previous updates. Just a thought, can't wait for the next update! Check out the new boat! Also, I noticed this with the Humpback cargo ramp. Is there anyway to animate it so that its not blocked by itself if it has to be adjusted (due to landing gear)? Plus, when I try to open it 100% when the plane is landed it blows up. Violently.
  8. Ahh see I don't rely on RCS much unless I'm in orbit. LOL at 60%, you're right though I nail my landings pretty well, but I only ever land at the KSC maybe 1 in 10 landings. My Kerbals like to crash in strange and exciting places I guess.
  9. Hey man, what has always worked for me is that when I've set my landing trajectory, I transfer as much fuel as I can to the front of the ship to keep the weight forward. OPT is great with this because the cockpits are usually kinda heavy, or have to option to hold fuel (which I usually do, then lock it and only use it in case of an emergency). Then you add some canards to the front as well, so when you start to enter the atmosphere the weight in the front keeps you from tumbling around, and the canards help your AoA (angle of attack) just enough so that you don't missile straight through the atmosphere at 3000 m/s (oh, what fun!) and also help to keep the nose under control. That's how I do it anyway. Check out the picture of the ship I made just above your post, that's how I usually build my SSTO crafts.
  10. Oh man I love this mod. Here's a picture of a prototype I've playing with. It would be even better with some small individual RCS ports
  11. Is it possible to replace the stock landing gear models with the OPT gear and keep all the same colliders using Blender? Speaking from the point of view of replacing weapon models in Insurgency, so I'm probably way off. Different engine too. Ah well, its cool to know better landing gear is somewhere on the horizon.
  12. I can't wait!!! Will you be releasing some RCS parts that are just as streamlined and sexy as the rest of the parts? I did try the Juno RCS adapter part yesterday and its awesome, but having some small individual engines would be great too. Also just out of curiosity, are the landing gear parts still a work in progress or do you guys know what is happening with Adjustable Landing Gear? (the thread is locked). Thanks again for the awesome work you guys do on this mod.
  13. Hey man your rover garages are too amazing! Sadly, I can't use them. They would be literally the perfect delivery method for my malamute rovers and KPBS base parts but they are just a bit too small. Any chance you could make a 3.5 m rover garage? Maybe also a 5 m one? Just a suggestion, but if you had a 3.5 m one I would be in heaven.
  14. Hey everyone, I'm sorry if this has been asked before but is there a way to view your altitude info (showing ap/peri, actual altitude, etc etc) while playing? Kind of how kerbal engineer works? I thought I saw somewhere that 1.2 would have that and that it would be enabled in the debut menu. Not sure if that's true but its one of those "stock" things that really should be implemented into the game without mods.