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  1. Can I use this for getting the VAB view too like the old version?
  2. Howdy lads! As the title says, you are free to post your Realistic Progression zero (the career mod for Realism Overhaul) crafts in here. So go ahead! It would be good if all crafts would contain a craft file. Have a nice one!
  3. Newest of both (it should be, will confirm in about 6 hours).
  4. Howdy. So, if this isn't a known problem I will file a bug report later. Anyway, the problem is that in my RO install I have line of sight with my ground station, have EC, anything needed really. I can even turn the craft with RCS and such but when it comes to staging the flight computer says that there is no connection.
  5. *sigh* I feel kinda stupid now... thanks for dealing with my stupidness.
  6. Same here. This is my gamedata folder: http://imgur.com/B1InSXs http://imgur.com/B1InSXs http://imgur.com/i4AZT7f the debug menu gives me this: [Error]: ItemPrefab for control type 'UI_ChooseOption' not found
  7. I dont know if it works, but try Tweakable Everything, that mod should give you an option to make the docking ports stronger
  8. Sorry to be that annoying guy, but: do the engines work with RealFuels and EngineIgnitor?
  9. Ooooh, so THAT'S what that part does. Never quite understood where the part came from and what is it needed for Thank you!
  10. So I absolutely have been loving RO for around a year now. I am now thinking of a large constellation type Mars mission. I started to wonder: could there perhaps be a realistic part which would be used to cool down Liquid H2 so it would not boil away?
  11. So, lately I fell asleep and started mumbling. When my friend asked what's wrong, I answered "Cats. It's cats." and then screamed "They're everywhere!!" and fell back asleep. So, what fun stuff have you said in your sleep?
  12. Let's just hope that the rocket wont fail. I can't wait to see the launch!
  13. Hello! I have a small question: does it matter in FAR if you use conical fairings or egg shaped fairings?
  14. Hello! I just wanted to ask, that are AIES and NP engines absolutely broken for Realism Overhaul at this point or do they work?
  15. Hmmm...I only have 1 gimbal button. The rocket bell moves, the exhaust animation stays in place and the rocket will NOT change attitude.
  16. @RedAV8R: I dont have those mods you named. I will now just start deinstalling mods, that could do anything to RealEngines. I will see, what I'll find out.
  17. @RedAV8R yeah, I am really sorry! I meant to attach the log, but got into a hurry in real life and forgot to attach it. The J2 is the one from NovaPunch, if that still helps.
  18. bloody hell, sorry, forgot to add the thing. I will get you the log in a few hours, I am so sorry!
  19. Hey, I seem to have a problem, that the J2 engines do not gimbal. The gimbal animation is there, but the rocket stays in one place. The J2 gimbals in real life, so it is not realistic as well. What am I doing wrong?
  20. Hello! I have a Realism Overhaul craft building company (link in my signature). I would want to ask, does anyone have the possibility and will do create a logo for it? Thank you!
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