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  1. I'll not be too much blunt but what about people who just want to catch up and want this or this ? Are they be forced to upgrade KSP to just get some upgrades to the Bac9 work, just because you haven't sort things up in your github page ? So it's quite "too bad for you guys you should have been there, following carefully this thread to get the update when I made them".
  2. yes. Without it, it's works. the plug-in library version (they're all set to, despite there is many version, so " not working" means which one ?). All of this is very drafty, a few releases on github would have been better for everyone, especially you. Because it is like "get the files from github and overwrite but warning if you have KSP version X, do this, if KSP Y, do this, and if KSP Z, do this", can't imagine what it is for people without enough computer skills.
  3. Why keeping the same version number ? This would make your job harder :/. with the version given in your link, it still have issue. EDIT: control surfaces are both ok, only wings have this issue, take a part from list, try to attach it (as soon as part is just put on another one, without actually attach it) => exception ! 1st time I put a wing, it's ok, menu is there, but after remove and put a new proc. wing part, I got this on log: Menu don't show up anymore after that, 'J' key does nothing, but button in the toolbar still display the small window.
  4. I have the same issue as Subadanus (KSP 0.90 32b on windows, OpenGL or not) in log there is Every time I add a B9 procedural parts (all 3 types: wing or CS) to the vessel. In editor: the button does nothing, no small popup displayed, so J key does nothing too. in flight: button display the debug window, didn't tried further. It's occurred with or without MM installed, and only with your version, base Bac9 plug-in works. Also, part loader complain about these two: Cannot find a PartModule of typename 'ModuleFuelTanks' Cannot find a PartModule of typename 'ModuleHeatShield' but it is not directly linked. I use your plug-in downloaded on 27/04/2015.
  5. @Ferram4: regarding this in config: is there any, simple is possible, mean to prevent it to be applied to a given (set of) engine(s) (by part's name, manufacturer or part directory) ? Thanks.
  6. Justin Kerbice

    A new paradigm for air-breathing engines

    You forgot one point: we usually express weight as the absolute value of force vector, so my computer weight X kgs, it's not the force itself, but the force value (discarding the way, which is obviously "down"). Which is the units use for the plane I use in my post. No one use mass in everyday conversation at all ! Unless you only speak to physicists ! What the matter using mass at all ? it's too much abstract for our everyday life. A scale didn't give you the mass, it gives you the weight, and what's the unit used ? Not weird at all, Kerbin gravitation constant is the same as our Earth one (9.81 m/s-2), so 1t in KSP on Kerbin weight as much as in our universe on Earth (at ground level to be thorough), which is 9.81 t in weight (again absolute value of force vector).
  7. Justin Kerbice

    A new paradigm for air-breathing engines

    As I wrote here, C7's engines (jet engines) masses are completely insane ! basic jet engine mass = 1 t ==> weight > 9 t (9.8 t) turbo jet engine mass = 1.2 t ==> w ~ 11.7 t for comparison: a complete F-16 plane have an empty weight of 8.570t (less than the KSP engine alone !) and a loaded weight of 12t, another comparison: one single big Airbus A-380 engine weight ~5t. For a 10 times smaller world... it's weird . -- Changing paradigm could be good, but first, some "easy" work could be done to start. There is a lot which could be done on KSP to make it better, but it's probably a lot less cheap as "rip mods off" as Squad have chosen to do for now (AFAIK not a single 1.0 "feature" is brand new, all comes from modders in a way or another).
  8. Justin Kerbice

    Feedback Requested: 1.0

    If it still open, I add this: inconsistency: 50% thrust on launch was allegedly added for morons who don't understand why their rocket doesn't move after pushing space key but... the same morons would know they have to add crews to pod as for some reason, after some launches, crews are no longer automatically put on their seats WHEREAS they are still crews available, and even worth, go to the astronauts complex to recruit some new ones before adding them to seats. Weird issue: when a pod have minimumcrew > 1, have only mincrew-1 inside the pod make the craft doesn't respond to any control at all, like it has run out of EC. (not applicable with stock as all pods have mincrew=1, even mk3 pod ! But this can occurred "suddenly", goes through QA testing unnoticed, and reach the release if min crew is increased for any reason) balance issue: C7's engines (jet engines) masses are completely insane ! basic jet engine mass = 1 t ==> weight > 9 t (9.8 t) turbo jet engine mass = 1.2 t ==> w ~ 11.7 t for comparison: a complete F-16 plane have an empty weight of 8.570t (less than the KSP engine alone !) and a loaded weight of 12t, another comparison: one single big Airbus A-380 engine weight ~5t. For a 10 times smaller world... it's weird .
  9. Hi, mirror symmetry completely fail to achieve its goal with compound parts in the VAB: (strut connectors suffer the same issue) it's work with both symmetry modes in SPH. (EDIT: KSP
  10. Justin Kerbice

    1.25m Engine Lift Tests!

    A thing I learn in KSP is you can lift about 0.1 * thrust in ton (a vessel with 50 kN of thrust can lift about 5t not more, itself+propellant included).
  11. Justin Kerbice

    Documenting Mods and Add-ons

    Good but unfortunately... too much modders are more interested to put a useless license file, sometime in many/every subdirectories of their GameData folder, than a single readme... or put changelog/revision history prior to any single explanation of what their stuff is all about . (but it's not as worth as many GTA4 mods... no install instructions for most of the things there, just a few words and a stupid useless changelog) Ok it's on free time but what the purpose of sharing (they surely like when people like their mods, right ?) if it's doing it a bad way ? NOBODY knows what you know by doing something, so explanations are mandatory, or just don't share at all.
  12. Justin Kerbice

    Kerbal Stuff, an open-source Space Port replacement

    A little issue: ckan pull request is sent even checkbox has been unchecked (is it possible it is re-check against our will and behind our back every time with choose to edit our stuff ?), and most of them fail for some reason (license it seems).
  13. Justin Kerbice

    [1.3.0] Filter Extensions 3.0.4 (Jul 11)

    May I suggest to add more info on custom filter on 1st post (from source: isEngine, isCommand, adapter, multicoupler, crewCabin) as well as path/folder ? What do you think about using subcategory of part, as it is not yet used by Squad but not discarded/rejected from config parser I guess ?
  14. Justin Kerbice

    Kerbin Baja Racing for KerbTown and KSPv0.21.1+

    For people who could be interested, I have recompile the plug-in for 0.23.5 + fix a little issue, and move the track a bit to make it easier to get on. Can add a link here later (message sent a while back to InfiniteDice, still no answer yet, so I took it for a grant for just this tiny update).
  15. Justin Kerbice

    [1.4.5] Throttle Controlled Avionics

    Yes. Even stranger, you don't talk about my very own log at all ! (I don't even have any related mod to AR installed) Forget about it, thinking deeper just shows me it's impossible and right, I would check to have at least a TWR of 1.5 in the future.