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  1. @DMagic I'm just landing modules next to each other with the docking ports pointed together. They have legs, not wheels, so when I deploy the docking port, it pushes the adjacent module away. The magnets aren't strong enough to pull them together. The one time I got it to work, I had the port deployed as it came down. When it attached, the module I was landing wasn't quite on the ground yet. Sorta awkward.
  2. @DMagic The current system is perfect for in-space docking, but essentially makes ground-based impossible, unless you're docking things on wheels. If I extend the port before moving it into position, it ends up docking before I've got the module where I want it.
  3. I really like the idea of using the flexible docking ports to connect modules for surface outposts, but there is currently one major issue which makes it difficult or impossible, and one minor issue that I think would improve the experience: First, the major issue is that while deploying the docking port, it has colliders enabled, and fully extends itself before "seeking" a mate. This combination results in a base module that is shoved away and out of range before the port can connect itself. If either the collider were disabled until a connection was made (probably the less good solution
  4. There's a longstanding (but maybe not related) bug on Windows where if you look straight down at the floor, the markings disappear.
  5. I only remember a few times (2? 3?) that the devnotes didn't come on Tuesday...
  6. If the world worked like RemoteTech simulates (with signal delay), unmanned space exploration would not have happened. I don't play with signal delay, because in real life, computers on the spacecraft execute the burns, and RT's flight computer isn't powerful enough to replicate the capabilities of real-life unmanned probes. Therefore, I am the probe's flight computer, and the probe's flight computer doesn't suffer from signal delay.
  7. You're assigning meaning to the numbers where there isn't any. Squad doesn't (strictly) follow SemVer, so you can't derive any information at all from any of the components of the version number. We're at 1.1.2 because Squad thought that would be a nice number for where we're at now. All the people who couldn't launch (or land) a rocket in 1.1.0 or 1.1.1 and who can now do not agree that 1.1.2 was rushed.
  8. There is no difference between a patch and an update. They're two words for the same process. Regardless of what you call it, code changed, was recompiled, and released to the customers. If a specific mod depended on the exact implementation of the code that changed, then the mod will be broken. Squad is under no obligation to maintain backwards compatibility for mods no matter how minor the change.
  9. You don't like how the game's produced, feel free to produce one yourself.
  10. You're honestly complaining that a patch broke a mod? Should I, who does not use that mod, be prevented from taking fixes or enhancements to my game, because those changes break some mod you use? Game updates break mods. Mod authors know this. Intelligent players know this. Stop complaining about it. Squad graciously makes their game very moddable. They are under no obligation to avoid changes that break those mods.
  11. Do you have a link to a screenshot or description of the rendezvous information in the map view?
  12. There's two kinds of people. Those who bought after the game was available on Steam, and those who can transfer their keys to Steam. Me, I bought on Steam, because the platform makes downloading easy and fast, and guarantees that I'll have access to the game even if the Squad download servers disappear. Squad clearly believes that this functionality is worth the cut that Valve takes, and I trust their judgement.
  13. Ditto. Curse, spacedock, kerbalstuff, who cares? I check the box in CKAN and bliss happens.
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