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  1. Calling 911 because that one Nintendo character got kidnapped once again.
  2. Calling 911 because the bowl of ramen you ordered didn't include a beer.
  3. Calling 911 to report that the police cars following you are driving well over the speed limit.
  4. Calling 911 because you accidently broke the window of a store-front and you want to turn off the alarm that's making all the noise. (FYI, turning off alarms is the job of someone other than a passerby, no matter the fault.)
  5. Calling 911 because the creator of this thread has returned.
  6. Calling 911 because KSP isn't on the schedule for AGDQ (Awesome Games Done Quick.) (Yes, not only do people speedrun KSP. But Speedrun.com has 12 separate categories and sub-categories where someone has submitted a run.)
  7. Calling 911 because a hotel parking spot was too small. Calling 911 to complain that a hair salon didn't style your hair properly. Calling 911 to complain that your neighbour was vacuuming late at night. Calling 911 because a coin laundry machine doesn't have enough water. Calling 911 asking why traffic is so bad. Calling 911 asking police to bring a shovel to dig the car in front of your house out of the snow. Calling 911 to complain that police were 'too loud' responding to an emergency. Calling 911 for information about watering restrictions Calling 911 to report a broken ATM. Calling 911 because a gas station wouldn't let you use their washroom. This list reported by a major emergency call centre in British Columbia, Canada.
  8. Calling 911 because you just had an idea, but you don't have any way of recording it before you forget it.
  9. Calling 911 because you had an off-nominal orbital insertion burn.
  10. Calling 911 because they are planning a 4th Matrix movie. (Authorities just shrug and refuse to comment.)
  11. Calling 911 because you watched The Matrix recently and you're questioning if reality is a simulation. (If you do experience this, sit and think about RL human history and civilization until this feeling fades.) Calling 911 because you realized you are in The Matrix. (Asking for help getting out of a simulation with people also in a simulation is self-defeating. Learn Kung-fu instead.) Calling 911 because you watched The Matrix Revolution. (This film does not exist and we don't acknowledge its existence.)
  12. Calling 911 to complain about the latest movie trailer (for any movie.)
  13. Calling 911 because you can't think of anything that rhymes with the word orange.
  14. Encore! Encore! Calling 911 because your ride to catch a train didn't show and you think a police escort would get you there in time. Calling 911 because there's tomato in your sandwich. Calling 911 because your debit card is stuck in an ATM. As reported by the Peel Regional Police from Ontario, Canada.
  15. Like that one, huh? Let's try this one... Calling 911 for help deciding which English translation of The Metamorphosis is the most accurate.