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  1. I've noticed that in real-world launches, the engine ignites a few seconds before the launch clamps release, apparently to allow the engines to spool up to full thrust. Why do engines do this?
  2. That's a hilariously good way to describe the atmosphere
  3. I know that the atmosphere "ends" at exactly 70 km on Kerbin, but I'm wondering where the Karman line is, where a hypothetical plane would have to fly at orbital speed for the lift its wings could generate to equal its weight equals the centrifugal force it feels from moving so fast horizontally.
  4. Gameplay-wise, I'm most excited for the procedural wings and realistic-ish fuel types. Visuals-wise, I'm excited for the general quantum leap in quality as well as the realistic rocket exhaust plumes.
  5. Is it possible to make a balloon that stays near its maximum altitude without exceeding it and bursting?
  6. Thanks! So if I want to strut two modules of a space station together I should place some Mobility Enhancers right next to the ports I want to strut?
  7. When I last tried adding struts to a space station using an EVA, I couldn't control the astronaut and place the strut at the same time, making it hard to do the latter without drifting away from the station. Is there a way to get around this? Not sure whether this is actually Breaking Ground related.
  8. I actually realized that downloading a map that's high enough resolution would take a ridiculous amount of data. How do I navigate a rover using kOS without needing every terrain height value on Kerbin?
  9. How do I export a height map from ScanSat that's high enough resolution to do pathfinding for a rover? Hopefully something like 10 to 100 meters per pixel.
  10. I created a quick ModuleManager configuration that copies the stock LES and scales it down by 50%, so I can have LES's on all my rockets, even Mk. 1 ones. +PART[LaunchEscapeSystem] { @name = Mk1LES @title = Mark 1 Launch Escape System @rescaleFactor = 0.5 @cost /= 2 @mass /= 2 @bulkheadProfiles = size0 @MODULE[ModuleEnginesFX] { // Tone down the thrust to deal with the decreased size @maxThrust /= 2 } @RESOURCE[SolidFuel] { @amount /= 2 @maxAmount /= 2 } }
  11. How would I configure robotics to make a mining truck that could interface with any airplane waiting to be refueled? I'm having trouble wrapping my head around how to make a robotic arm.
  12. I'm actually working on recreating the DART mission myself, but instead of just hitting the asteroid I'm planning to dock with it and push it into a highly elliptical Kerbin orbit for study.
  13. I'm guessing the tanks in the cargo bay should be full, right? Just to make them denser.
  14. I'm trying to make a submersible mining rover, but it's just too buoyant with the empty ore tanks. How do I make it sink?
  15. How did you land such a massive rover?
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