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  1. I just built a Parker Solar Probe replica and managed to get it within a million km of the sun! The radiators I put on it are maxed out at perihelion, with a temperature of almost 2000K! I'll post pictures later.
  2. Why is it that last time I installed TUFX, it would occasionally make the scene blurry and shaky until I restarted the game?
  3. I'm getting a lot of Z-fighting. Has anyone else had this?
  4. I just realized that was a silly question since you said to un-rotate the image when I'm done editing.
  5. Which axis do I rotate it along, horizontal or vertical, or both?
  6. How do I edit an existing texture (.dds format) as a PNG? Do I have to rotate the image in GIMP?
  7. I noticed that when I change any settings, the entire scene becomes really blurry as soon as I hit Apply.
  8. I noticed that with this mod installed, the stock "silver" fairing texture looks broken; it looks like dull plain steel instead of shiny silver.
  9. I'm still very confused about the different frames of reference. In which frame of reference would a Sun-Kerbin L2 halo orbit look like an ellipse around the Lagrange point that moves with Kerbin? Like this picture:
  10. Maybe something that'd be less confusing than a full n-body simulation is a three-body simulation where the only bodies that exert gravity on your ship are the one you're orbiting, and the one that it's orbiting, for example if you were in orbit around the moon, the simulation would only take into consideration the gravity of the moon and Earth.
  11. I'm really confused about the interface. I'm just trying to get something into the Kerbin-Sun L2 Lagrange point, and I have no clue what I'm doing.
  12. Ok, I'm getting reflections of Kerbin now. What was weird was it wasn't reflecting the sun. It's also not reflecting the skybox, which is why it appears totally black.
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