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  1. How do you fit a really big rover like the Crater Crawler on a rocket for transport to, say, Duna?
  2. How do you determine what the stall speed of a plane is? Is there a way to do that other than experimentally?
  3. How would I get a plane like that on a reasonably-shaped rocket?
  4. Is it possible to make an electric plane that can fly on Duna? If so, how do I make it, and how do I get it to Duna?
  5. I'm thinking I want a mod that adds pseudo-Lagrange points without full n-body simulations, using empty spheres of influence in the relevant positions relative to their parent bodies. Does Unity3D support something like this? What would I need to watch out for?
  6. WOW, thank you for your detailed answer!!!
  7. What should I know about planning for a Juno mission to Jool including all of the same gravity assists that the real thing did, in terms of the launch window? I have the spacecraft itself built, and it works well (probably too much delta-V...)
  8. How would I write a plugin that gives the Breaking Ground motors sound effects?
  9. How do I make the propellers work underwater? Why don't they generate lift underwater at the cost of causing drag that reduces the motor speed?
  10. How do you use the turboprop engine for single-engine planes? When I’ve tried, it makes the plane roll in the opposite direction because of the torque, and it doesn’t get the plane going fast enough to take off.
  11. Why do the Breaking Ground motors not have sound effects? I feel that's something that's missing from the game. How would I go about adding that via a mod?
  12. What would it take to do a "real"-ish BepiColombo mission, using the actual sequence of flybys? Would it save delta-v at the cost of a huge amount of time?
  13. So it is just for fun, not intended to be anywhere realistic. Basically, if you want realism that's what mods are for?
  14. So if that's the case, it's just game magic? Or, the game could be using hydrogen peroxide as monoprop, which can be produced from water, I think...
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