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  1. One word for you, my friend. ModuleManager. That is all
  2. I really like the way you think! Pls, SQUAD?? lol
  3. I've always thought LF and Ox are Kerosene and Liquid Oxygen, or Nitric Acid and Furfuryl alcohol or something...
  4. This is one of the things that bugs the heck out of me with KSP - the resources' volumes and densities are not preserved when stuffing them into containers. Maybe I should collaborate to write a plugin that fixes this?
  5. I tried Ven's revamp, and it doesn't change the heat shields one bit but I do really like how it changes the (IMHO) FREAKIN UGLY stock resource scanners to something more aesthetic
  6. Ok if I make the models, who would be willing to help me put them in game?
  7. Thanks for the replies. Can someone help me write a ModuleManager config to standardize the heck out of the stock resource containers? Having OP and super-nerfed rockets in the same game bugs me... *shiver*
  8. Thanks! It does include a module for parachute spread! - - - Updated - - - On a different note, what mod is it that turns heatshields black when Ablator is used up? Is it possible to apply just that module to stock heat shields without needing the whole mod?
  9. I want to create a plugin that detects whether parachutes are attached with symmetry, and if they are, it offsets the angle at which they deploy so the canopies no longer overlap. Does anyone have a clue how to do this?
  10. LiquidFuel is about 5x denser than water, which makes it 1/2 the density of mercury - not entirely ludicrous. But still, what do the "units" represent?? What is the conversion between "units" and liters?
  11. What is the conversion factor between "units" and liters?
  12. Is there someone who is better than me at math, who can help me standardize the fuel tanks? How many liters are there in one "unit" of each resource (liquidFuel, Oxidizer, MonoPropellant, SolidFuel, XenonGas, etc.)? (for figuring out fuel amounts) What is the density of each in kg per "unit"? (for figuring out tank mass) What is the volume of each of the stock tanks? (again, for figuring out fuel amounts)
  13. I found a possible bug. WindowShine doesn't play nicely with the stock part highlighting, so if I mouse over a part, it doesnt highlight. Also, if I enable the debug thermal colors, the windows continue to reflect the blackbody color after turning off the overlay.
  14. I see how crumpling parts would hurt performance; the models' tricount would balloon every time something hit the ground. Fuel leakage would actually probably be pretty easy to simulate though; just decrement the fuel amount in the affected part by a set rate every fixedUpdate.
  15. I know right? That's the whole point of me startng this thread lol. I want KSP's measurement units to be consistent!
  16. I would really like to see something like this! Kinda bugs me when I send Jeb up for his 500th mission in a row....He must be space-crazy by now!
  17. It has always bugged me how the stock fuel tanks don't seem to follow any sort of convention as to comparative sizes. I'd like to standardize the fuel tanks to contain, say, 10 units of fuel/oxidizer mix for the smallest, then 50, then 100, then 250, then 500, then 1000, then 2500, then 3000, and so on, up to the largest Kerbomax tank. This would make designing rockets using math so much easier . Can someone help me with the math?
  18. Yahooey! Now to download EVE! Say, are you good at developing plugins? I have the CustomAsteroids source downloaded, and I don't know what to do with it...
  19. I'd like to see scorch marks on the ground produced by engines; scorch marks on parts that get blasted by engines; metal crumpling on impact instead of exploding; (maybe) craters produced by crashes; some form of line-of-sight communications; reflective windows that still are compatible with part highlighting and reentry fire; reentry scorches and leaves burn marks on parts; burning heat shields change color from brown to black; hot parts hitting water produce steam as they cool; more reasonable asteroid distribution (implementation of Custom Asteroids), optional texture switching of the SLS parts to the newer proposed paint scheme; some sort of engine ignition limitation; more realistic fuel density; better "tiny rocket" sound that doesn't sound (IMHO) really annoying; a less jarring space center background noise; more variety in the construction and space music; a stock implementation of Chatterer; more useful IVA instruments (ASET, I'm looking at you...).
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