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  1. CardBoardBoxProcessor

    [WIP] Infernal Robotics - Next

    I used this successfully for several days without issue. Now since yesterday all my saves the Parts load in the wrong spot. Hinges are off by 90. weird gaps in surface attach points. etc etc. it is now unusable. i am very sad.
  2. CardBoardBoxProcessor

    Ex KOSMOS mode artist here... artist Anyone do Stockalike textures?

    I am sorry what? is that how textures in KSP work now???!!! what..... there a tutorial?
  3. Hey! whats up. I used to do Kosmos Mod once upon a time. I found my models. But they ll have KOSMOS colors. I'm not into that anymore. I'd prefer RE!release with StockAlike texture and feel to them but I don't want to texture them myself. Anyone want to team up?
  4. Cool Im gonna start using it
  5. Beale Does your stuff have Normal maps?
  6. CardBoardBoxProcessor

    [WIP] Infernal Robotics - Next

    Does thi mod work? Sorry been out of the loop for a while. Have not played since 2015. edit: ah it still works. much happy.
  7. CardBoardBoxProcessor

    Looking to adopt a plugin/mod

    I used to make KOSMOS mod and a Dragon capsule mod. I still have the model files. I can provider you.
  8. CardBoardBoxProcessor

    [1.1.2][1.0.5][WIP]KOSMOS updates

    oh, I would not be the one doing it haha. I but I'll happy release any copyright of it for people t use it and i'd gladly give any models that are out there.
  9. You are still going strong evne after all these years huh? Impressive. Keep Up the great work.
  10. CardBoardBoxProcessor

    [1.1.2][1.0.5][WIP]KOSMOS updates

    Whats up! anything happening here? I probably still have models original formats for editing. Didn't know people still wanted this soooo many years later. If you need to get in touch with me about this and continuing the mod please email me i recently loaded KSP up and saw that they have added a lot of stuff I original wanted and the like
  11. I think someone might be working on this again.
  12. CardBoardBoxProcessor

    [1.1.2][1.0.5][WIP]KOSMOS updates

    we gather together cause we mather together. need any other kerbal stuff? i cna give you all my stuf for it I'd suppose.
  13. CardBoardBoxProcessor

    [1.1.3][WIP] SpaceX Interplanetary Spaceship

    That was done quite quickly. obviously several differences but you got the initial shape quite quick. congratz
  14. - and my photography is better than my rockets. Certainly better than my stock texture attempts... does KSP allow for more combined modules these days? I recall being ahead of my time