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  1. What have the romans Squad ever done for us?! Except the new panels, structural tubes, the 1.875meter parts, capsules (for making ballgames), Thrustplates and some nice rover wheels, but other than that nothing usable. Nuclear engines by itself are a far stretch, afaik every existing one worked only on testbeds. Ion engines without some kind of autopilot are not as usable as they are in reality. I wouldnt have enjoyed that at all. Personal parachutes or another nerva is not a question for me. What do you expect from capsules, a nice little warp drive? The MEM is clearly for flavor as are the Vostok capsules. Where they look half finished I dont get, at all. And yeah the MEM CoM is wierd. I can stronlgy agree that there are several bugs that I should have been corrected, especially with 1.4.2 which is an broken unnecessary release. I personally like the mission builder concept, there are some nice community missions that were a lot of fun, the stock ones... meh. All in all I don't regret buying it, with time there will be fixes for the problems and if you want something special pretty I'm sure there is a mod for that or at least opportunitys to make new ones. As for multiplay this has been discussed to death and I see no possibility to integrate that, Darkmultiplay doesn't do the trick for me at least.
  2. I took a heart to your request (don't ask from whom) and I say its off by ~4.2°
  3. Same effect here, 1 part, 36t. I think the tank is eccentric and offset because the edge is only on one side.
  4. Finally did it under the 3min mark, despite Mission log counted return to ksp at 3min sharp and landing from jeb several seconds later, might be an issue but for my sake I say its fine. Mission worked pretty well for me, last night I had some trouble to get the card quite regular for reasons shown above in my spoiler. That wasnt the case today, not once so something strange might be going on there. Those landings and the time pressure to get out and get the card were quite fun. Accidently landed on the hangar one time If you make another one I'll definitly play that!
  5. If they gave me something free I would worry about my organs. They almost let you pay for updates.. good thing KSP cured my from almost any other form of nonkspgaming.
  6. 1.4.1 is NOT identical to the DLC. The mission editor comes with the DLC, as do some historical parts. It 15$ or ~18$ in Europe, because f... Europe for its long distance digital shipping. So what you are looking for is the DLC which you can get at the KSP Store, Steam, Humblebundle afaik.
  7. That's just mean ;P I really like the mission so far though. I noticed that if I revert to launch it will revert me to ~12s after launch and mission objectives cant be completed anymore.
  8. Your lights depend on a mod so I couldnt test it but I assume that the vessel id changes after docking and that messes that node up. Try letting it explode before they dock that should tell you if the docking seems to be the problem.
  9. Last try I did right from ksc to save time was still burning to accurate orbit while it gave me the 85% orbit even though the node states not that it allows acceleration, so there seems to be a minimal acceleration to stop that stability measurement. Imagine you have to maybe wait a half an orbit to correct your orbit which is above 85% you had to take a stability time of about 30 minutes to allow that.
  10. Same experience which you can read up in that Thread: It seems to be based upon the vessel persistentid that changes for rover etc. I had to land my servicemodule on its wolfhound... not much fun there. It also seems that QA was either forbidden to touch the missions or was bluntly ignored. It's like engineering a Harley Davidson and advertising it with all historical parts and delivering a chinese scooter. It drives but its no fun and not pleasent to look at.
  11. I'd guess there is a logic problem, if I get it right the logic checks the 85% accuracy orbit before it checks the 95% orbit so even your hyperedit couldn't get beyond that. In general this is a problem because you can't reach an exact orbit without reaching it to a certain degree below 100% before, except with hyperedit. I can not think of a logic of the top of my hat that, is possible in mission builder and would solve this without a playerintervention that idicated that he is done with his orbit.
  12. You are welcome, thanks for building a mission. Dont get me wrong I like a good challenge but an inclination change is no challenge but a deltav requirement
  13. A bit blunt but I can relate to your criticism. I expected historic mission, like the first flight of Gagarin (especially with those sweet 1.4 chutes), Apollo 11+13 and whatnot so I'm a bit disappointed in that regard. The overall quality of the missions is poor. Full of bad information, evil and unneccesary inclination changes to kill my efficience driven playstile and bugs or bad set conditions. I really expected better missions from the people who developed the mission builder but still have hope for it, there is a lot of potential. But I'll wait for the next iteration before I seriously build any missions.