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  1. I downloaded 0.12.2 of KSPIL and have been reverting some of the changes WaveFunctionP made in the plugin (thanks for just commenting out and not deleting BTW), it was easier than trying to get KSPI 0.11 working.

    I just made it store the thermal power and rector temp in different variables.


    //These come from the config file

    basePower = 1 //All reactor calculations are done using this variable

    upgradePower = 5

    //If you have the appropriate tech unlocked it sets

    basePower = upgradePower

    //But then TweakScale comes in and sets

    basePower = 1

    So any upgrade gets immediately overridden, I'm just learning c# but I think it was just sloppy variable use. I just changed all the action bits to use a new variable currentPower that is set from basePower or upgradePower depending on the upgrade state.

  2. I've been messing around with the code trying to get the upgrading to work again but I am having a problem. Every module that has tweakscale on it somehow keeps getting its power/temp/etc set back to the unupgraded values even though it has been upgraded (and thinks it is upgraded in the module). Interstellar overwrites the base values with the upgraded ones, does tweakscale get in there after that happens and write in the tweaked values over the upgraded ones?

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