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  1. Yeah, Beale, about the textures, Could you just put one up here so I can drag and drop to my desktop? And about the Salyut/Vega, could you make special docking ports like with the actual soyuz?
  2. No, its 2.5m. You are getting mistaken.
  3. Pockrtplanesairways

    [0.23] ANGARA Pack 1.0

    Gone for now. And MrTheBull, Could you work on a OM to make a PTK-Z?
  4. Hey, Denny! You better have a laptop at that pub!
  5. Can i haz that OM with the blue stripe? I would do it myself, but the textures have gone full ******, and 90% of it is nonexistent, yet the textures work fine in ksp.
  6. Ah, please? At least also do Salyut 6/7.
  7. What're you? Insane? Yes keep the docking port!
  8. Well, it is becoming nighttime where he is. And it's morning where I am.
  9. Do want pics of salyut.
  10. Were both probes out? You know, the "Boom" as Orion incorrectly calls them. And Orion, could you make a full time male port, as well as a full time female port, along with this Active/Passive one?
  11. Pockrtplanesairways

    [1.2.x] Kerbonov Kn-2 Cockpit Module

    Heavy Duty command seat? I was just thinking of that!
  12. Pockrtplanesairways

    What would you do if...

    I would gather a group of people to petition EA and make them give the rights back to squad. What would you do if jebediah kerman appeared in front of you.
  13. So Orion, what's planned for the next release/update?
  14. And I'm back from my little "hiatus". So about dem Salyut parts, are there going to be Almaz, Salyut 1, Salyut 4, and Salyut 6/7 parts? With IVAs?