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  1. Yeah, Beale, about the textures, Could you just put one up here so I can drag and drop to my desktop? And about the Salyut/Vega, could you make special docking ports like with the actual soyuz?
  2. Gone for now. And MrTheBull, Could you work on a OM to make a PTK-Z?
  3. Can i haz that OM with the blue stripe? I would do it myself, but the textures have gone full ******, and 90% of it is nonexistent, yet the textures work fine in ksp.
  4. Well, it is becoming nighttime where he is. And it's morning where I am.
  5. Were both probes out? You know, the "Boom" as Orion incorrectly calls them. And Orion, could you make a full time male port, as well as a full time female port, along with this Active/Passive one?
  6. Heavy Duty command seat? I was just thinking of that!
  7. I would gather a group of people to petition EA and make them give the rights back to squad. What would you do if jebediah kerman appeared in front of you.
  8. And I'm back from my little "hiatus". So about dem Salyut parts, are there going to be Almaz, Salyut 1, Salyut 4, and Salyut 6/7 parts? With IVAs?
  9. Kugust 18, 4907: Bob found to not actually be dead and found in wreckage. Taken as complete miracle. 4908: To replace the KSS, Soylut 7 is sent up. Stays in orbit for 50 years.
  10. Well, can you give me the white OM with the stripe through it and the white DM?
  11. Well, I mean, you could send me this through dropbox. I have a mac, macs suck at texturing, and I'm too lazy to download a texturing thing and do it myself. So could you do it? Just as a request?
  12. Ok, Orion, with the G120, add 4 verniers if possible, add their own effects, and make them gimbal. This is if you would like. I have to say this because @Deathsoul097 might accuse me of demanding again.
  13. Orion, actually, after this, you should remodel the spud, add a SM, and make a slightly larger one that seats 3 called the turnip.
  14. Well, I'm gonna modify it so it has mechjeb rendezvous thing and docking autopilot. But my question for your avatar isn't what it looks like, but what is it?
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