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  1. Absolutely awesome! I've added this to the front. :)

    Hey now, I have a full-time job :wink:

    But as promised, current WIP


    I'm thinking it should use the same Solar Panels as Tantares. Maybe something a bit larger.

    That is three parts:

    A 1.25m Hab, a 2.5m Hab and an Adapter Hab.

    As for others questions, I'm probably just doing Salyut 1.

    Ah, please? At least also do Salyut 6/7.

  2. hey orion, just a little oddity to report:

    when trying to dock with 2 of your custom docking ports to each other, they bounce in and out and fail to dock: try letting the magnetism pull them each other in, you'll see what i mean. i had to use RCS to reduce the speed of docking to get them to trigger docking.

    Were both probes out? You know, the "Boom" as Orion incorrectly calls them. And Orion, could you make a full time male port, as well as a full time female port, along with this Active/Passive one?

  3. Kugust 18, 4907: Bob found to not actually be dead and found in wreckage. Taken as complete miracle.

    4908: To replace the KSS, Soylut 7 is sent up. Stays in orbit for 50 years.

  4. I see the example, but I'd like to keep political / real world stuff out of the mod and just focus on some pleasing alternate colour schemes. The textures are only .TGA format, so you're free to edit and share them.

    Well, I mean, you could send me this through dropbox. I have a mac, macs suck at texturing, and I'm too lazy to download a texturing thing and do it myself. So could you do it? Just as a request?

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