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  1. Yes, and take a white textured DM and put a soviet flag and "Soyuz" in red crylic underneath it. It'll be like one of the real life models in russia.
  2. 5000: Jebediah, Bill, and Bob Kerman sent on a warp drive spacecraft, LukVII, to the home of homo-sapiens called "E-arth". Kerbol found to be orbiting the "Sun". 5001: Poltical relations between "Humans" and Kerbals started. Ambassador of Kerbin is Kirrim Kerman. 5002: Evil, stupid race of ailens named "Orcs" found around Proxima Centauri. 5003: War breaks out on Earth. Kerbals stop the riots. 5004: Rapture occurs on Earth. Anti-Christ takes over. Relations with Kerbin are nearly severed. 6004: After a boring, short thousand years, Jesus reigns on Earth. 6005: Earth destroyed, Believers in Chr
  3. This means that I will have to use a LES on everything manned.
  4. Yeah, Beale. With the alternate texture schemes, make an orbital module like this:, and add a Soviet flag to the side of a white one.
  5. This is great, but what's the antenna for? Is it like the igla? Does it serve a purpose yet? And what is that for your avatar Beale?
  6. Dis gon be güd. - Jebediah Kerman, during testing of Soy-Juice pod, spacecraft, and launch stage. But still, make the Soyuz parts from Kerbolev.
  7. 4750: year counter restarted, and hooked up to a nuclear generator. Kebuary 14, 4751: As a feeling of love from Kalentines Day, first female kerbal in space in Soy-Juice 56.
  8. Kpril 27, 4745: Dudrey Kerman is the first kerbal to set foot on the Mün in 40 years, using the new, Kerbolev SK and SOK, designed from the Soy-Juice. Dudrey and Kulher reenter safely and are rescued off the coast of the KSC.
  9. Orion, if you could, could you make the LES taller? It just looks too stubby. And also if you do, can you add the second set of smaller boosters on it that I think to the tilting.
  10. Yes, dey are. So how are you planning on redesigning the original onion/new shallot? Besides the obvious need for a new hatch. I actually typed in leek, and it came up with this: ÃœøрÑÂýøý. Nothing alike.
  11. Also, make an alternate texture withe this written where onion would in Russian: Ûøüþý. You'll never guess what that is.*sarcasm*
  12. Do eet! Press the button, and you're a kerbal, in the KSP universe. But you're also their first to go to test pilot.
  13. For the OM try Ûуú. It's Russian for onion.(I think.)(I used google translate.)
  14. Porky, are there any more parts/IVAs that you are working on?
  15. Do want onion/lemon IVA. If in game already, show us some progress plz. If not, then keep doing whatever you are doing.
  16. Ooooookay. That was... Random. But back on topic, what parts/IVAs are ya workin' on now?
  17. Mmkay, if you press the button someone will donate 1 billion dollars to squad. But someone you know will come down with Parkinson's. Do you press it?
  18. We find a way to cram us in. I'm not that big. If you press the button, you get a million dollars, but Justin bieber dies. Will you do it?(tip, this is actually from their website)
  19. Kune 16, 4743: Lima unmanned spacecraft collides with Kirs module on KSS. One of 3 Soy-Juice/Lima ports down for 6 months. Karch, 4744: Zond becomes the first munar circumnavigation in more than 30 years. Kuly 7, 4744: Soy-Juice 11 reenters after visiting the Soylut station, and rapidly decompresses, killing the 3 crewmembers, Jack, Jonhat, and Billy Kerman. Soy-Juice completely redesigned. Soy-Juice 7K-T released 3 months later. Carries only 2 in full IVA suits. EDIT: Parakid, the Lima is fully unmanned and can't take kerbals. I suggest you change it to the Soy-Juice.
  20. About what gregroxmun said about different names, I think for the Soyuz parts, instead of HGR, I think a good name would be Kerbolev.
  21. Orion, what are you thinking of doing after the Soyuz is done and released? Maybe station parts?
  22. 4740: Soy-Juice spacecraft and launch stage designed and launched. A total success. Soy-Juice is now the workhorse of the KSP constantly flying kerbals up to the Soylut station. 4741: Lima designed from Soy-Juice as an unmanned supply ship.
  23. When doing a retrograde burn, point yourself towards the yellow market with no x in it.
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