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  1. I like this idea but i dont think it should be implemented until parts cost money and are in limited stock.
  2. I have tried to put a picture as my signature but it wont show up.
  3. Liquid Kydrogen (kerbal equivalent to hydrogen) tanks for the LV-N and release of the LV-Nb from the old KSPX that is 2.5 m wide
  4. There's a mod for that EDIT: this is about the guy who asked about awards for kerbals doing stuff. it is under don't ask but not said "not in (first release) of game so it could come out later.
  5. Billy-Bobbles Kerman, he was featured and slaughtered by danny2462
  6. Wish Granted, you play something worse I want the full version of kerbal space program.
  7. I dont know what you mean my noble art... The user below me has landed on eeloo
  8. Granted, But daleks kill you I wish to have the Full version.
  9. *Click* Huh strange where is the 15 Gs from the parachute? *CSSSHHHHHHHHH!!!!!*
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