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  1. Good thing is that when you do work on it, you already have a model to work with. EDIT: And please name the new OM the L3m0N, and the shenzhou one the onion.
  2. Artemis casted the spell but missed me and hit the next poster. Then she sics her hunting dogs on him.
  3. Soooo, what is going to happen now?
  4. Nice to see that this has been finally released, but when are we going to se some IVAs?
  5. I got rid of the voskhod till the IVA comes out cause it is killing my game.
  6. I don't have the skills. Or the time, or patience to learn. I'd rather mooch of of others. But still. This is one of the best mods. EVAR... Goes great with SXT.
  7. Make a 3 kerbal Soyuz, and old Soyuz launch stage. P.S. Thank you. I could be your slave. I love you for this mod. EDIT: Tip, make the OM habitable. And you should make the Soyuz docking ports. Male and Female.
  8. I permanently destroy Satan. Waaaaait... That's good. Not bad.
  9. I also hack, and unban all the mods. We then delete super's account for his naughtyness. I blow up the next poster with a predator drone.
  10. I have a moderator ban super from using any ADVANCED technology. I have jeb send an unmanned spaceplane straight into the next poster's chest.
  11. Wait, what happened to the little cars that were supposed to replace the DEMV Mk4?
  12. I have the powers of luffy, and I'm not harmed. I take away super's magic stuff and his privelages to use and create them. I throw jeb attached to a sepatron at the next poster.
  13. I barely step aside. I take away super's ability to have magic keyboards. I rip out the heart of the next poster. Mortal Kombat style.
  14. Wait, Orion, are you working on the OMs now? If yes, then can we maybe get a picture?
  15. Ooooh. Can we also get a Soyuz v.2 Launch stage? Or maybe the original Soyuz launch stage. It's a very useful one.
  16. Holy smokes. Do you have a job, and if yes, what is it. Dang. I can't wait till all this is finished. Now that might take a year or so, but heck, dis gon be good.
  17. It depends on that piece. If it is too small it will get nowhere. Lets go with that. I turn the next poster into Jeb, and make him star in one of danny2462's crazy videos.
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