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  1. The real life nickname is actually said to be b****ing Betty.
  2. I take away your magic keyboard, and throw it into mount doom. I then throw a gitching kerbal at the next poster.
  3. I would revert and tell you that we are going to kerbin and nothing bad would happen before you did that you evil scum. What would you do if you were on kerbin?
  4. He said,"From now on, I won't release pods 'till they have at least a basic IVA."(Paraphrasing)
  5. I would meet jeb, and party like there is no tomorrow. What would you do if jeb abducted you?
  6. *Ah gawd dangeet!* I obliterated the internet....
  7. So you're tellin' me, i cant request a Soyuz pod?
  8. ooooh! Ooooh! There is too many posts on one page!!!!!!1111
  9. Wait, frizz. Can you start the soviet space program next? Or are you taking a break?
  10. Universe holds kerbin. Jeb slams an asteroid into the next poster.
  11. I punch through your force field before it powers up and choke you to death. Jeb then slams a spaceplane into the next poster.
  12. The crazy thing about the N-1 is that it caused the largest non-nuclear explosion EVAR!!!!!!!1111 Plus, when is the LOK coming out?
  13. I would send an EMP to the launch site. What would you do if you woke up in the middle of the night, and jeb was standing on you and staring you in the eyes.
  14. Tell me what you're hiding. What projects are you working on behind our backs?
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