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  1. Wait, why is there a Soyuz launch stage.... Are you hiding something?
  2. Wait, if there is an almaz shroud, are you going to make an almaz and salyut?
  3. I'm an american. I'm sure the stupid R-Tard politicians don't like that day.
  4. I activate cheats, then come back. I then lob a Soyuz descent module at the next poster using my super strength suit.
  5. But I am healed by Jesus, then he strikes you down for your sinfulness. I then proceed to force the next poster to commit hari-kari after telling them what it is. (It is committing suicide by falling on a sword)
  6. I KNEW IT! So, do you think it will come out in like a week? Or do you have other stuff to do?
  7. BobCat used it. Ask him. P.S. When do you think the PMK-1N will come out? Oh and... *Insert Charlie Sheen voice* WINNING! EDIT:Oh, and orion, are you planning on making Soyuz solar panels? Like in the 7K-OK
  8. I like your way of thinking. But there would have to be an Igla docking system plugin and antenna on the BO. But I thought that it was the OO for orbital module.
  9. Will it be manned and unmanned? EDIT: Tip, make the SM more like thees.
  10. It's sad because of the fact that there are so many people who say we're demanding unless we specifically say we aren't.
  11. One time when I was about 6, I was running across the street, and I nearly got hit by a car. It was like a couple inches away. I felt the air disturbance, but I had no near-death experience.
  12. *Insert old man from happy wheels voice* Dangeet.
  13. But I'm standing 200 ft away, so you can see how that falls apart. I then pull out a flamethrower and blast you and the next poster. baby.
  14. I gun him/her (don't wanna be sexist) and the next poster down with an uzi.
  15. That's because he put those ******ed slashes in.
  16. I have a crappy mouse with my mom's mac. It has to have right click toggled. Oh, and i'm planning on getting FS 98 some time soon. Check it out, because it is an old flight simulator and is very, VERY nice on your RAM and runs at, like, 70 FPS.
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