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  1. Ugh...'splain, plz? Mit da deets, 'cause that's exactly what I need to finish up documentation...
  2. What I meant was: although it is present in quite a few cfgs, the uniformity of calls to rescaleFactor suggest that it need not be included. Informational about me: I didn't even start playing until [0.23].
  3. Does anybody think that Squad could just release the actual code for interfacing with the classes? (eg. just release KSPFields.class or somesuch?) I don't know about anybody else, but it seems to me that it would be a lot easier for modders if we could just what all they've already implemented, rather than trying to figure it, duplicate it, get it wrong, or do something massively more resource intensive (doubling code will do that, you know) I'm looking at you: moduleDockingNode
  4. Actually, it's all derived from observation of usage in-game, and, as such, consists of a lot of guesswork, even if it is intelligent guesswork. Which threads would you recommend specifically. And yeah, lots of polish still needed, but as a baseline, it works, does it not? It's still far more comprehensive than anything I've seen so far. Being on the wiki means that anybody who knows the material better can updatr, of course! (And please: do update! I'm neither perfect nor perfectly familiar with the material, so...)
  5. Isn't there also a welding mod or something that can help with frame rates?
  6. USI-Tools and MKS both include ORSX in them, so when you uninstall and re-install both of those, the message should go away.
  7. Testing this notion. Just ran through the test. Physics-less parts report their mass as part of the vehicle, but they do indeed have zero mass on launch. (Of course, they all have very little mass to begin with, but...) If you want them to have mass (and aerodynamic effects), you can edit out the physicsless line in the cfg file for that particular part.
  8. Yeah, balance is one of the primary reasons why asparagus and onion staging are used so often. With an unbalanced thrust OR drag, your ship would have lots of problems no matter where it was, and while you can control unbalanced thrust by shutting off engines, you can't do the same with unbalanced drag. Still. I think it's a really cool idea to have mechanically position-able engines attached to the body!
  9. Don't know if anyone is going to care, but I worked a lot with configuration files trying to tune things to my liking in KSP, and in the process learned a lot about what they do, what the [module]s do, and all that jazz. I thought that someone, especially mod developers, might benefit from all that research, so I hand-typed it all into the wiki. For those who are interested, has everything you need to know about configuration files. Not just the parts configuration files, either, but resources, contracts, and more! And for those mod developers who think they need to code a new mod for their part, explanations of the all the stock modules can be found here: I will be updating as I can, and adding modules from add-ons, as well, as time permits. Right now, it has all of the stock modules from [0.90] explained as best I can, with examples from actual code, including usages. developers may not have to write your own modules anymore!
  10. Or you could edit the classes file to add all abilities to all classes OR swap the abilities from one class to another.
  11. Well, I just started it yesterday, so... And I don't know anything at all about modeling, so...when I get started learning it (and learning it a little bit well), I'll add it. Third-party plug-ins are a lot to keep up with, but, I was having the same thought. They are going to get added when I finish with the Stock stuff. In fact, it was some particular difficulties I was having making MKS/OKS work that prompted me to delve into modding cfgs in the first place. (SpareParts that were being produced weren't being transferred to the modules that needed them, nor were the modules that needed them able to request them from the producing module. Turns out SpareParts had it's flowMode [or whatever] set to 'none').
  12. Something like this?:
  13. Docking: Getting comfortable: Dock two or more vessels on the surface of a planet or moon Getting comfortable on: Dock two or more vessels on the surface of {body} Block party: Dock two or more vessels on the surface of all bodies The neighbors are moving in: Dock two or more vessels on the surface of all bodies {Sentar} Lifestyle: A Second Home: Dock two or more parts that can house Kerbals. Home away from Home, {body}: Dock two or more parts that can house Kerbals on {body} Home away from Home, {body}:Dock two or more parts that can house Kerbals on {body} {Sentar} Spreading out: Dock two or more parts that can house Kerbals on every body We Need Breathing Room!: Dock two or more parts that can house Kerbals on every body {Sentar} Generational Ship: Have a ship which can house 30+ Kerbals, made of more than one docked component, on an escape trajectory out of Kerbin's SOI. {Secret} I'm sorry, Dave: Have a ship in orbit over Tylo blow up, while another ship (in orbit over Jool) explodes near or at the surface. Travel: Our own backyard: Have vessels travelling to or from Kerbin / Mun / Minmus The Third Age of Kerbalkind: Have vessels travelling to or from all bodies in Kerbol SOI Planet Express: Have vessels travelling to or from all bodies in Kerbal SOI {Sentar} Bugs: {Secret} Can't quite Reach it: Have another vessel mysteriously jump >10 km. (Explanation: With two vessels at or near the edge of Kerbol's SOI, one can never reach the other to perform a docking maneuver (and hopefully rescue) the other, because the other one will mysteriously jump a random distance and direction from the one being flown - presumably this is a glitch relating to the edge of Kerbol's SOI, nevertheless, it happens) In case it wasn't obvious, I'm very much in favor of having the Sentar-based achievements be quietly funnier than the normal achievements and their titles based on real world stuff...