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  1. The old adage about leading a horse to water but not being able to make them drink seems to apply. Not to @SunlitZelkova, but to the movers and shakers who actually need to act to start the ball rolling. Here in the US, a major political party has made climate denialisim a plank of their party platform, and they have enough muscle to deadlock any substantial answer to climate problems. Russia, among others, has an economy built around extraction- to end extraction would basically end them as an economic player, and so are motivated to delay any climate transition as long as possible, by any MEANS possible.
  2. So what you're saying is that our future is to be eaten by aliens from outside the damage zone- off planet.
  3. Photon drives have an ISP equal to the actual speed of light. Nothing in this universe can be more efficient. But their practical thrust sucks.
  4. Balloon launch is a wonderful thing- you can get to the edge of space just by displacing the very air that's difficult to climb through. However, you dont gain the velocity advantage that a staged rocket would have, getting to the same altitude. You're effectively launching from a small pad 40-50 miles up. Spinlaunch is working on a purely kinetic circular accelerator. It still has some problems to sort out, but using a similar system in the soft-vacuum around a high altitude baloon could plausably get you to orbital velovity, albet with a PE only 50 miles up. From there, something like VASMIR, a high thrust electric propulsion engine, might be able to circularize before the orbit decays.
  5. Anyone with a "Jesus take the wheel" attitude toward ANYTHING needs to remember that god helps those who help themselves. It is -possible- to avoid all the holes and trees in the path, but only if you know they are there and have the ability to steer around them.
  6. That's not a solution, that's delaying the inevitable. You cant build up any significant angular momentum in the ring that way.
  7. Doesnt work. Friction will despin the ring as the bikes come to a stop. You'd have to keep the bikes running continuously, and the spin rate isnt going to be enough for significant gravity.
  8. Speaking of Lunar sports, Lunar Blitzball Waterpolo.
  9. The short explanation is that heat shields dont fold well, without a lot of difficult and expansive (and heavy) extra engineering. It's easier to have a 1-sided door open 90 degrees, set decoupler strength to 0 and rotate out of the way.
  10. Not really, if we find a strain of bacteria eerily similar to one found in the environs of JPL, Kennedy, Baikonur, or Boca Chica, we can be confident that it's not a martian strain. Genetics research can easilly tell if life diverged millions of years ago, or decades ago.
  11. You just know that the first Mars landing testbed will be literally shrink-wrapped on the launchpad, sterelized, launched, and cut free in orbit
  12. Would you be any less skeptical if it said 30 years instead of 10? I prefer they post accurate projections, with the understanding that climate predictions will never be precise.
  13. Are you assuming the rate of melting will remain constant, and not vary as temperatures rise as as more ice breaks off and is exposed by cracks and rotting? The article is about a specific glacer that is going to break lose and start dumping land locked ice into the sea "in the next 5 years", so that's in addition to the current rate of melt. (reminder that landlocked ice entering the ocean doesnt NEED to melt for sea level rise, as it displaces it's mass of water as soon as it enters.)
  14. This was on NPR this morning... https://www.cnbc.com/2021/12/13/a-major-antarctic-ice-shelf-could-shatter-within-five-years.html
  15. Fundamentally, this is the difference between a linear accelerator and a circular one. It doesnt matter if we're talking bows vs slingstaffs or rail launcers vs spinlaunch A circular accelerator trades having to deal with (the illusion of) Centripetal Force (which isnt a force but is an artifact of a rotating frame of reference blablabla) in exchange for only needing to build one loop, and not hundreds of kilomoters of track. The circular launcher still needs the equivilant of hundreds of KM of track to get up to speed, but it uses the same track over and over.
  16. 7m max diamiter, but Peter Beck called it a "5m class fairing", so it only fits payloads that fit in "normal" 5m fairings.
  17. Note that there's nuthing fundamentally preventing Rocketlab from constructing an upper stage with Starship Quick-Disconnects, that's able to use any Methalox tanker in orbit.
  18. The statistics of starlink are such that if he builds it, people WILL come. The problem lies in the vast gulf between "beginning construction" and "steady state profitability." And from the sound of it, the Ver2 Starlink sats were designed from the ground up for Starship's capability, are already gearing up for production... and the raptor manufacturing apparently isnt keeping up.
  19. Oh, is Porche making an all-electric Tank Destroyer?
  20. "That doesnt sound too hard. My car can go 500 km between recharging/refueling..." -the public
  21. Sounds like a job for a full cargo variant. The aft cargo pods (in the engine bay) are always open to space but protected on launch and entry, so in my mind they make a better place to have utility arms equipped.
  22. Couldnt you just use a standard crew starship, with utility arms in the aft cargo? I'm already assuming that the Depot has a fueling arm that mates with other vessels QD ports, tucked in the aft cargo.
  23. It doesnt. By coincidence, the right recipe of stainless has a good strength at low temperatures, and ALSO has a high melting temperature.
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