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  1. What is the part at the right/"front" of the station? I don't recognize it.
  2. No, that sounds about right. With historical hindsight, it's easy to make a plane from scratch. It's just hard to make an good one from scratch If you ever get transported to the past, planes are easy: use a flat bottom Clark-Y airfoil (google it) and set the balance at 1/3 from the front of the wing chord (the front to back measure.) adjust the length of the tail until it looks right is and get a hill. Boom, flight!
  3. I think you might have better luck over at the RF thread. The problem isn't what the RF patch is doing, it's not doing anything to the cited lines in the part configuration. It's setting up new modules and removing resources. It may be that an additional field is needed, but there is not any MM magic that can be tweaked from what I can see. It may be that the modulercsfx is being removed in another patch, and the new moduleEngineConfigs takes an optional thrust transform value, but there isn't anyway to know the syntax without delving into the RF docs/code. If so, you'd probably want a patch that has a pair of the new module nodes, one for each transform.
  4. It's one arc of a line from being a very happy saucer!
  5. There is a decent possibility in the next couple months that I will be in Dayton and thus (for me at least) the Air Force museum. Does anyone know if they have any interesting articles/picture requests of their exhibits? separately, if you want an example of giant fins, try strapping a buran to the top of a SIC+SII stack. That was ... an experience.
  6. Very neat screenshots! Was the transstage retained for OMS, or is there an additional stage? Are those Universal storage modules in the Open service module? That might be the first I've seen that functionality visually demonstrated! If so, I'm glad it's useful.
  7. RL is always critical. Best of luck to you in whatever capacity you may need it.
  8. This is looking very sharp! Don’t worry about the huddled masses, take your time and do it til you’re happy! two questions: how are you thinking of handling RCS? Shifting payloads always can be tricky. Q2: any chance of a mesh switch on the aft engine plate for a flat version? Being KSP, i’m always thinking of ways to bash parts together in unconventional ways. A Buran-ish type can be done if so, with alternate launch stacks. (I guess this goes as a extra one: integrated OMS pods?)
  9. Option 4 is interesting, as the people who are likely to want to mix and match mods probably have a good overlap with the people who have B9PS installed. separately, the parts are looking very nice!