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  1. Hi everyone. my old laptop has died on me so I am looking to purchase a new one pretty soon. The big things that I'm looking for are: Good processor (planning on studying computer engineering so I'll be doing a lot of code compiling) Decent battery life (at least 6 hours) Dedicated GPU, good enough for some light gaming 15" - 17" screen size ~$1300 budget at most Things I don't really care about: Windows Hello stuffs (just gonna install Linux so it won't do me any good anyway) Touchscreen/convertible laptop (Can't see myself using it) HIDPI screens (I feel as though I would rather have the better battery life and support isn't fantastic on Linux anyway) Moderate bulk/weight (my current laptop is a 17" monster and it doesn't really bother me) Gamery aesthetic (Just seems like a theft-hazard to me) DVD drive (just in case it comes up) Basically what's the best general-purpose laptop I can get for $1,300? Can I get all of the stuff on my wish list, or am I going to have to budge somewhere? My current front runner is this mid-tier config of the XPS-15: http://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/dell-laptops/xps-15/spd/xps-15-9560-laptop/dncwxb1641sv2 If anyone has a good recommendation let me know.
  2. I really need to update my status... I have aged out but I have fufilled the requirements for Eagle so my board of review will be January 2nd.
  3. I've had good success with mapping up C up and down to the two leftover face buttons on the right side of a standard controller and then mapping C left and right to the two shoulder buttons. I map R to the right trigger and Z or L (because they're never both used as primary buttons) to the left trigger with the other one mapped to a "Select" style button or a stick press. I find this setup works really well for games that use the C buttons for additional actions (like Ocarina of Time) rather than as a directional input.
  4. You may end up having to use a VPN provider to get access to the services you need. TOR probably doesn't work because the image hosts have probably blocked users coming from TOR exit nodes to prevent abuse.
  5. Etherium is a new crypotocurrency that is mainly mined on GPUs. This has resulted in a great scarcity of high-end GPUs until the bubble pops. There are several threads floating around related to this topic if you want to learn more.
  6. 2/10 I feel like I've seen you somewhere before but can't figure out where. Dude. You like quoted me in another thread an hour before this. @qzgy
  7. You saw a 1060 for sub $200? I looked yesterday and prices were way up, I presume as part of the Etherium mining boom.
  8. The Factorio devs don't believe in sales and have started that Factorio will never go on sale. Pick it up though, totally worth it.
  9. They obviously break the spacecraft into its component parts on-site and haul them back to the KSC on cargo planes.
  10. Hi all. I got some great pointers a few weeks ago when I was helping a friend put together a build (it turned out great by the way, thanks to @legoclone09 and @LoSBoL for the solid advice) and am now kinda itching to build a system of my own. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/7xMnVY I don't want to spend a huge amount of money up front so I've taken steps to help control cost by using parts that I already have with the expectation of upgrading them later. I was hoping that in the near future to upgrade the GPU and perhaps install and SSD and then in the more distant future to potentially upgrade the CPU and RAM. My budget isn't exactly fixed but like I said, I'm trying to keep initial costs down where possible. I want to be able to use this PC at my current desk so I have elected to try and construct a micro ATX build despite the trade-offs in cost and upgradeabillity. This isn't a hard constraint and feel free to let me know if you feel I am trading off to much to get the micro ATX form factor. If anyone can spot some good improvement to the initial system or knows any good upgrade paths please let me know.
  11. "Takeoff is optional, landing is mandatory" - Adam Savage
  12. The situation is that a new type of blockchain-based currency named Etherium is exploding in popularity. Etherium is similar in a lot of respects to Bitcoin but has a lot of other capabilities like the ability to sign contracts and form organisations using blockchain-based technology. Etherium mining tends to be limited by the available memory bandwidth on the mining computer, which means that GPUs made by AMD based on the Polaris architecture are the best available systems for mining Etherium.
  13. Hello all. I posted a few months back with a potential PC build for a friend and got some great advice. Unfortunately stuff happened and he did not get around to building his PC at that time. Of course, the world of PC hardware changes quickly so I put together a new build https://pcpartpicker.com/list/jCyhr7. I would appreciate if anyone could provide feedback and/or recommendations. Now for more info about the build: My friend is looking to build a general-purpose/gaming PC that will remain upgradeable for the next 5-6 years. His budget is $800 - $1,000 including the PC itself as well as peripherals (keyboard, mouse and monitor) as well as an operating system (included in my system build). If anyone has any suggestions in order to improve this build please let me know. Thank you all in advance.
  14. Well, I know that the history of KSP on the Unity engine goes all the way back to Harvester's first prototype of the game when it was still his pet project. He probably chose it because it was very accessible to a independent developer and supported all of the physics necessary for rocket simulation. The continued use of Unity, as you pointed out, is likely due to the enormous cost of switching and essentially re-codeing the whole game.
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