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  1. Well like all promised tech we will have to wait and see if it becomes practical. In theory the density can go very high which is why it's being worked on. So it might have some min size but for large storage requirements it would be the best. But then I'm still waiting for my fussion generator and the cure for baldness . First HD I worked with was 5MB about the size of a toy poodle.
  2. Very little once we have electron spin based memory.
  3. I and other have suggested this in the distant past. I think it's still a good idea. Mine is to be able to generate random systems that can be saved and shared. Lots of optional settings so I can guide it towards certain types of systems when desired. Fun math to make sure systems are stable. Some enhanced textures etc. too.
  4. May have been set to expire. Guest accounts are usually for temp use and very limited. Set up a new account. Good on you for not just using your admin account for everything.
  5. See my #1 in my top 10 post above.
  6. I paid $17 for the game so this will almost double my investment. On a cost per hour basis this has got to the cheapest entertainment investment I've ever made.
  7. When I bought my we had dial up like everyone else except a few who had access to a T1 connection. I now have a 3/1 late night which is about 300 baud, like my first modem, since Verizon and attached keep adding customers but not capacity. I've been promised real broadband so often over the years I'll believe it when I see it, but I can't help hoping for a LEO satellite constilation to give some decent speeds so I could at least stream sd at times other than 2am and download a large game or three.
  8. Not since I was 10. Worked on my grandfather's HO garage layout a bit in the 60's). I sometimes build N scale models. I've got my eyes on 3D printers though...maybe one of these days I might build a layout maybe even make my own dcc system (good excuse to brush up my assembly language skills).
  9. In the fiction is fact category: https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2019/04/28/717595757/brady-bunch-episode-fuels-campaigns-against-vaccines-and-marcia-s-miffed
  10. One thing I wonder about is combining the mouse with spoken commands (assuming speech hasn't been effected ). This guy wrote a whole game using voice only input: the use case here should be much simpler. Speed might be an issue though not so critical in KSP.
  11. My fan was stuck. Finally had to pop out the grill and force it: darn hard to budge...need to run it more often in winter. I dread having to replace it... don't think I can lift that much weight anymore. So what idiot started all this aircon talk anyway...oh wait.
  12. Both. As long as I can dial it down or off, depending on my mood, I like realism.
  13. I'm an armchair MRRer. I like drawing up N (sometimes O) scale plans: use CAD now of course - but I remember using tee squares, triangles and a compass.
  14. Depends on what I've been watching: Enterprise, Voyager, Serenity, Apollo, TARDIS etc.
  15. Well it slides off the roof...until it reaches the eves. We had late but good winter about 20 feet in February...was snowed in for a few days (the county has trouble hiring plow drivers because of low pay). If I could build a Rover like I can in KSP it would be no problem .
  16. My dad quit, cold turkey, when he was scarred by a stroke, he lived another 29 years. I live high up in the far northern Sierra Nevada mountains...still got a pile of snow behind the house.
  17. A woodpecker has been drumming on my roof at the crack of dawn every day for a month. I've tried throwing things, squirting it with alcohol, yelling at it with words I can't use here all to no avail. I found an air pistol in my dad's house while cleaning it and so I shot some bbes at it they make a nice sound but the damn bird ignores them. Finally found that turning on the air-conditioning fan seems to keep it away so I'm a little hopeful. If some lady woodpecker would respond I gather it will probably stop and I can stop shortening the aircons longetivity.
  18. Why it would create a bunch of worm holes, that we can use without being crushed into a singularity, that lead to a bunch of Earth like planets we can move to so we don't have to worry about global warming so we can just relocate 7 billion people and their pets and exploit the new planets until their moons collapse and we can move on again...queue the movie in 5...4...3...
  19. It is already a bit of word play: Kerbol ...Sol.
  20. I was just being facetious seems like people want ver 2 before ver 1 is out sometimes. Also this reminded me of an old movie where some hunters are scarred away because they think the kangaroos are shooting back.
  21. when does ver 2.0 come out? I want kangaroo monsters ;).
  22. Did anyone mention V where the aliens landed on Earth to steal all our water?
  23. Top 10 reasons to code name it serenity: 10. It's a dlc depicting the Firefly universe. 9. Because little purple people are much calmer than green ones. 8. Space is huge so once you start exploring it you die of boredom. 7. The splash screen will show an aquarium full of fish after you crash...to help you calm down. 6. Because Arther hurt his arm. 5. Auto correct changed serendipity to serenity. 4. Updating causes a black screen when trying to load... very serene. 3. You'll get the joke once it's released. 2. It fixes all bugs so there's nothing to get angry about any more. 1. It could mean anything creating endless speculation and hype.
  24. I'd say pretty much anything @Whackjob did. A lot of that couldn't be done now.
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