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  1. It still seems unacceptable that whomever is managing the social account is unwilling to even provide the basic answers to the question of “is there anything being done at all with console?” The social accounts are filled with people asking about console I say that as someone who works for a marketing firm.
  2. As someone who works in a digital marketing agency it’s still incredibly weird to me that squad hasn’t been more proactive where the console is involved. They rarely mention it and act as if the console is more of a nuisance than an asset. Which heck, maybe it is to them. But we’ve spent capital on their product and expect the dignity of feedback. But it’s just ridiculous how much they avoid user inquiries or cannot provide information as simple as “yes we’re aware of the problem and are working on it” or even information on IF an update to the current PC update is in the works on any level. I guarantee that is not too much to ask for and firmly believe squad needs pressure applied to them to be responsible to their fan base.
  3. Hi guys, So to get straight to the point: I've worked as a graphic designer for close to a decade now and on top of that- I'm a big space enthusist. I've dabbled in the past with a bit of modding myself. Though working in any kind of code language just isn't where my skill set honestly lies. But that's what made me think about offering up my services here. Though my schedule is a bit tight with all the day to day work I do, I would still love to help build something with your help. I would really love to get involved in a mod, where I could provide my services as a graphic designer. In addition to working on 'flat' 2D designs, I've also worked at a 3D modeler and artist- so I do have a bit of knowledge on that end as well. You can check out my website for more information or examples of my work here at, www.christopherlee.work In an ideal world, I would love to see some examples of your previous work, what you're currently working on, or your intention to work on, and see if we could be a good fit to work together. Thanks for your time!
  4. Thanks for the reply. I sure am, but it hasn't worked in the past. Is there sub-settings I'm missing?
  5. So I've been trying to add planets using Kopernicus and everything appears to be going well. However, there are a few technical questions that remain, if anyone could answer would be super helpful! What is the correct or preferred format for Normal maps? I've been using .DDS, DXT5 format with so-so results. I tried using DXT5_NM but my planet vanished. I've also tried using a normal full color normal map (normally hued blueish) but that also causes my planet to vanish, so instead I use a gray scale. Also tried a .PNG format as some have suggested- but my planet also vanishes.
  6. That's pretty nifty, they should consider making it stock. Thanks-
  7. So I've started to work on a Mun Base and while the majority of the issues I have pretty solid solutions for- I'm still not clear what the best solution would be, to dock with visiting spaceships. Essentially, if I wanted to refuel a vessel before it carried on. I've seen some photos of players who built landing pads out of large hatches, or built a rover/tug which could position a landed vessel. But I'm curious what other solutions are out there?
  8. Agreed. I did a bit of math on it last night and I couldn't find any good reason to use them. In fact, now that you can use fuel as an alternative to even mono-propellant, it leaves me using them and their affiliated parts less and less.
  9. I've found I can rip into the Kerbin atmosphere at around 3,000mps at a gentle-ish angle and be alright. The airbreaks will get pretty hot, but I haven't had any explode or rip off and it kills your airspeed so quickly that typically the worst of the heat doesn't linger for very long anyways. Now, full disclosure I do have panels nearby- but I'm not sure if they have as much effect as just as killing my airspeed rapidly. EDIT: I'll post a picture when I get home.
  10. I appreciate all the feedback and you guys have settled some suspicions I've had a little while. Namely, that that fixed panels only affect the part that it is mounted to. Haven't tried the extendable type, I didn't realize there's a dramatic difference. Either I didn't read the description or it failed to mention it. That's sorta the catch 22 with the silly descriptions- sometimes you miss vital info that's included. I haven't had any issues with panels causing random explosions, however I have found using air breaking during decent solve most of my problems thus far- and honestly they're more convenient in my mind anyways. I can mount them in a way that half or so of the airbreak hangs off the tail of the vessel, freeing up valuable space that otherwise would be used for panels. Plus... they look cool haha.
  11. I get that they are used to bleed off heat and cool the vessel. But it seems like they don't have a large effect? Or maybe I'm using them incorrectly? What conditions are they best used for? Is there an optimal setup? Do they work as well in atmosphere vs space? Thanks in advance.
  12. I'm not much of a modder (graphic designer by trade). How would I go about swapping out existing textures for my own? Namely I'm looking to alter the planet textures to something a bit more exciting. I've dug through the root files but I'm not finding them- I imagine they're packed inside a compressed file? I'm not sure where to begin. A little help/advice would be awesome of you guys- Thanks-
  13. So you may be thinking- isn't that what already happens? Yes. Sorta, better rep = more interesting contracts. But really, perhaps a more interesting concept might be, better rep with a certain company means stronger long term deals, better payouts, that sort of thing. I could even imagine rivalry among competing companies. So doing a lot of work for one company may turn off another- or on the flip side doing work for one big company may make another more eager to appease you with better contracts in the short term- depending on the 'personality of the company'. It would require a re-vamped screen within your contracts, somewhere to gauge your contracts and 'working relations' with various companies. But it would put a lot more focus on reputation points. It would also clean up the contracts too. For instance, clicking on the company name could bring a drop down list of those contracts- rather than all being displayed at once. I mocked up a pretty simple but easy to follow template to get a better idea of what I'm saying. This would basically take the place of the current left-side listings of contracts currently.