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  1. Hi @Pak, figured just to let you know, I did 1 more video on the Cormorant Aeronology (1.4.5 though), can't wait to see it in 1.5
  2. Hi, here is my KSP Mission builder tutorial series for KSP Making History expansion. Here I will be covering how to create missions, how to edit mission parameters, test etc Episode 01 - Simple Rescue Mission (Basics) Episode 02 - Pre-made Craft & Part Failures Episode 03 - Adding Flavor with Catch All Nodes Reserved for future use
  3. Here is a tutorial on how to install Scatterer (and other mods) manually:
  4. FINALLY MANAGED TO GET IT TO WORK (sorry for shout but soooo excited :-) ) Take a look at my new Heavy SSTO designated - SPL - SSTO - Laythe - Cargo Mk3g - Bast (Based on Egyptian deity Bastet - a lion warrior goddess that was later named a protector of cats, mothers and family) I hope Bast shall be a good mother to our future Laythe mobile base :-)
  5. In the log file i found this: KerbalJointReinforcement: extents could not be properly built for part PWing - SP+ (Filename: C:/buildslave/unity/build/artifacts/generated/common/runtime/UnityEngineDebugBindings.gen.cpp Line: 64)
  6. The only error i see is this one: // After I launch my craft. [Error]: Ignore collision failed. Both colliders need to be activated when calling IgnoreCollision Also i am using FAR - Could that one be causing the issue as i believe you mentioned somewhere that some lower FAR versions cause issues in mirrored meshes. If so how can i check it ? BTW, sent u a PM
  7. Ok getting there just few more questions please 1. Ok, but do i need to rebuild the craft (in SPH) or not (or just reload the game with new values in part.cfg) ? 2. also there are 2 modules (lifting surface and wing manipulator). Does it matter where i put it ? 3. What is the max value is 600 ok ? EDIT: I tried with values 300 and 600 with no use, MODULE { name = WingManipulator connectionFactor = 1000 } MODULE { name = ModuleLiftingSurface useInternalDragModel = True deflectionLiftCoeff = 2.0 dragAtMaxAoA = 0.5 dragAtMinAoA = 0.0 } Here is what happens: I have even tried to rebuild the craft after updating values (as i thought they get modified in the .craft file once you put in the part) - not sure how it works @Crzyrndm - my thoughts are that due to high mass and big wings strong forces ensue: 1. To lift wings up 2. The mass to keep it on the ground. ...however what is puzzling to me is why always right wing breaks and never the left one ? (could it be that connectionFactor is only applied to the wing being edited and not the mirrored one ?) (im just speculating as i find it strange)
  8. That would explain the million wing breaks that i was experiencing. However where do i set that connectionFactor. It is not in part.cfg for the given wing. - is it already somewhere ? if so where ? (its not in part.cfg - this is 1.1.3 version so 11.1) - do i add it somewere ? if so where ? - Gamedata - pwing - wing - part.cfg, OR .craft file or somewhere else, please be specific EDIT: I found it in pWings.dll, but i can not edit .dlls. Is there a simple editor that woudl allow me to edit it ? If this works you will get credit on my next engineering vid ( the one building Laythe - Rover-Base - deploying SSTO - wow that was a mouthfull) :-). I literally cant play without pwings :-)
  9. Hi, I have an issue with 1.1.3 Pwings 11.1. I am trying to use them with OPT Spaceplane parts - Humpback which is huge. However regardless of how thick i make them (Both Mark 2 and SP+) just before takeoff they snap off (i assume as they are huge they get ripped off due to vertical lift forces). I tried modifying the parts:: breakingTorque = 800 (originally 100) - OPT uses 600-800 for comparison and they dont get ripped off breakingForce = 800 (originally 100) (which is more inline with other OPT wings), BUT do i need to rebuild the whole plane or will this change be applied to wings regardless of the fact i modified the part.cfg afterwards. Second question is even AM i fixing the correct values ? or ? I do not have the picture of the pwings on aircraft as i have never been able to take off (will repost SPH pic in a couple of hrs) but for the time being this is what the plane looks like with OPT wings i am trying to replace (as for Landing on Laythe i need bigger lift surfaces as i want a glider rather than dart (which is now)) The side tanks are 2,5m just for scale
  10. I have an i7 3850 (i think) with 16 GB ram and GeForce GTX 780. The KSP does not always run perfectly but after the 1.1. it runs quite nicely, 25 FPS on normal stuff, 17 on bigger. However I always try to accelerate video playback for the FPS to be atleast 25 for you guys. You would notice it as the music plays a bit quicker :-)
  11. If you are good with GIMP then absolutely. I used it a couple of times but am not nearly as skilled as i need to be :-)
  12. I saw a lot of people both on forum and reddit asking tips on how to create a space station, so I thought it would be a good subject for a comprehensive tutorial:
  13. Actually i tried a very silly thing. I uninstalled, then reinstalled WarpDrive mod, then it worked for me. Couldn't believe it was that simple
  14. Hi Rover That is perfectly understandable, can you at least please tell me if it is normal to see the warp bubble in VAB and if so is there a keybind on how to remove it so its not seen ?
  15. @RoverDude I am having several issues and questions regarding the use of 0.625 Alcubierre Drive: I am constantly seeing the bubble as yellow orb both in VAB and during Flight. Is there a way to disable it from showing ? Do both engine AND Exotic matter converter need to be activated (Activate engine AND Start Exotic Matter) for it to run, or you just need to have enough Exotic matter in storage ? Why am I getting: Can not extend when stowed when I try to deploy Solar panels or Antennas within the warp bubble (although the throttle is set to 0). Happens regardless if the engine is activated or not When i activate engine, but do not start exotic matter (although i have 5000 of it in tank), I hear engine sound but regardless of how much i set throttle, nothing happens. Am i doing something wrong ? I was under impression that Converter -> fills Exotic Matter from massive E/C while engine can run without it, or ? The game is Alcubierre Drive in 1.1.3 and FAR, below is the full modlist Is there any way to get it to work, as I really want to play with this version of Alcubierre drive, and not the Interstellar one
  16. Hi Avalon304, thx for the detailed analysis. I had my suspicions as one of my commenters mentioned that KSO did not support FAR, which is a damn shame. I guess I will have to remove it from save then to prevent further accidents. If you learn of any patch to support FAR please let me know and I will gladly re-add the mod as i do like it a lot
  17. At what altitude is karborandrum present over Kerbol, if i want to collect it with particle collector ? it says 2000 meters but that really sounds too low as if i get to around 200,000 km mark my ship blows up due to overheating ? Tried in KPlus in ksp 1.1.3. Alternatively is there a config file where i can configure the orbital height i.e. set it to cca 2Mm above kerbol
  18. I have a 1.1.3 question: In this re-entry ... around 26:20 minute mark, the shuttle blows due to overheating, but how is that possible. My angle was very shallow (apoapsis 74k, periapsis 41k), and i was trying to bleed of as much energy as possible early on, and if you observe, you will notice that the cabin just before it blew was not even hot, and then it got hot in 1 second. Did any of you have such issue ? If not, can anyone show me the correct re-entry with KSO orbiter I would really be grateful
  19. Curious which mods I am using in my Interplanetary Voyage - Season 2 (1.1.3) version Look no further: Universe: 1. Outer Planets - 2. Eve Biomes - 3. Jool Biomes - Graphical / Ambient: 4. Environmental Visual Enhancements (EVE) - 5. Scatterer - 6. Stock Visual Enhancements (SVE) - High Resolution - 7. PlanetShine - 8. Distant Object Enhancements - 9. Poods OPM VO (Outer Planets visual Overhaul) - 10. Engine Lighting - 11. RealPlume - 12. Chatterer - 13. Ambient Light Adjustment - 14. JSI Advanced Transparent Pods - Difficulty / Gameplay: 15. RemoteTech (RT) - 16. TAC Life Support (TAC-LS) - 17. DEEP Freeze - 18. Kerbal Construction Time (KCT) - 19. Ferram Aerospace Research (FAR) - 20. kOS - UI / Ambient: 21. Kerbal Alarm Clock - 22. Transfer Window Planner - 23. Waypoint Manager - 24. TAC Fuel Balancer - 25. Kerbal Engineer Redux - 26. Better Burn Time - 27. Portrait Stats - 28. RCS Build Aid - 29. Roster Manager - 30. Trajectories - 31. PreciseNode - 32. Alternate Resource Panel - 33. Editor Extensions Redux - 34. Docking Port Alignment - 35. Final Frontier - 36. Filter Extensions - 37. HyperEdit - to get everything from Season 1 in place - Rocket / Satellite / Spaceplane / Rover / Station / Utility - Parts Rocket Parts 38. USI Sounding Rockets - 39. KW Rocketry - 40. Cryogenic Engines - 41. DIRECT Launch Vehicles - 42. Kerbal Atomics - 43. KSP SpaceY Heavy Lifters - 44. AB Launchers - Energia Rocket - 45. Interstellar Fuel Switch - 46. Procedural Fairings - SpacePlane Parts 47. B9 Aerospace - 48. B9 Aerospace Legacy - 49. B9 Procedural Wings - 50. Procedural Dynamics - Procedural Wing - 51. OPT SpacePlane Parts - 52. Mark IV System - 53. Kerbin Shuttle Orbiter (KSO) - 54. Quiztech Aero - 55. Cormorant Aeronologies - 56. Mk2 Stockalike Expoansion - 57. Mk3 Stockalike Expansion - Rover Parts 58. Dr. Jet's Chop Shop - 59. USI Karibou Rover - 60. USI Malemute Rover - Satelite / Station / Utility Parts 61. BoxSat - 62. CactEye - 63. USI Exploration Pack - 64. USI Freight Transport Technologies (FTT) - 65. USI Survival Pack - 66. USI Karbonite - 67. USI Karbonite Plus - Karborandrum - 68. USI Kolonization Systems (MKS/OKS) - 69. Inline Ballutes - 70. KAS - 71. KIS - 72. Infernal Robotics - 73. SCANSat - 74. Universal Storage - Futuristic Parts / Near / Far Future 75. USI Alcubierre Warp Drive - 76. NearFuture Construction - 77. NearFuture Electrical - 78. NearFuture Solar - 79. NearFuture Propulsion - 80. NearFuture Spacecraft - Not yet in, but being considered: 81. ESLD Beacons - 82. Landertron - Science: 83. Station Science - 84. DMagic Orbital Science - Misc 85. Kerbal Joint Reinforcement -
  20. I am in no rush at the moment, so any time is good enough for me, thx. But 1.1.3 if possible will be appreciated as i have some big stations i plan to destroy :-). Also question, is it KAS/KIS Attachable ?
  21. Hi @Dman979, just out of curiosity will it be available both for 1.1.3 and 1.2 or ? (i have a youtube series in 1.1.3 that could use it, hence the question)