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  1. The KIS "wedge" is not showing up in the VAB/SPH, where specifically does the zip need to be unpacked to?
  2. Hi, great parts ElectronicFox. Just what the Kerbal ordered, little problem here...no texture on the electric prop unit and the airship wont deploy i.e. there is no right click option to deploy the gas bag in either the SPH or when loaded on the runway. I am running stock KSP with only kerbal engineer,module manager(2.65) and on-screen protractor installed. Any thoughts anyone?
  3. Thanks Roverdude, support this prompt is the sign of a great product.
  4. Just tried the latest Zip 0.0.1 (posted 6 hours ago). Same result;.;
  5. OK same problem with more information. Running windows 7 64bit KSP ver 0.25 Game hangs during loading at the Warp drive
  6. I am having a little problem with the warp drive, KSP hangs on the load screen when it reaches the warp drive listing and the game refuses to load any further. I have no mods installed except this one ...help I need warp. Thoughts appreciated
  7. The SPP+ to 2.5m part is the very one that I needed last night for my Eeloo ship made mostly with SPP+ parts. Thank you so much for these, any chance of some 1.25m and 2.5m tanks with the SPP+ texture? Just for aesthetic reasons.
  8. There is a workaround, if you save your finished quad as a sub-assembly and then start a new model with the re-sized docking port as the root part and attach the sub-assembly to the docking port the bug does not occur. Also the engines seem very over-powered, I find that setting the electric props to 60% in the VAB makes the quad a lot easier to fly. Maybe something to be looked at in the final config
  9. Just a quick bug report, downloaded the latest version of the smaller parts and I am experiencing the re-size bug when a quad is resumed from the KSC screen. Whichever part is the root part seems to be the one that re-sizes, hope this is helpful. On a happier note I just wanted to say how awesome this pack is, my Duna quad is undergoing final tests Hullcam Kerb Pro on fixed mount with Bahamuto D's mouse tracking spotlight re-scaled and mounted on a short 5th arm, Scansat anomaly detector
  10. Firstly loving the quad, slight issue when loading previously launched quads from mission control the attach nodes seem to have shifted. The quad looks fine in the VAB and when first lauched but when you return to the ship from another this happens I am running very few mods(8)
  11. I intended to lay the probe flat in the bay, the shown payload was a placeholder. The R.C.S version will be marvelous for asteroid missions, some tiny lights may be necessary
  12. Ok the ship is ready, now all that's needed is the USV (un-manned space vehicle) On the hullcam question, does anyone know of a plug-in that allows for wireless video sending? It would be truly seismic if it were possible to have a camera on the quad which feeds to an RPM monitor in the cockpit of the mother craft.
  13. Absolutely amazing stuff, I am so intrigued by the possibilities for this little beauty. It will definitely find a place on all my rovers just for the ability to find out what is on the other side of "that ridge".
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