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  1. After leaving a Hullcam or also a "Camera Tools" cam the focus is on the root part, not on the center of mass. When one right clicks the root part it officially says "Reset Camera", which is an indicator, that it's focused on the root part. It would be nice, if leaving a hull cam gets back to the normal, unfocussed center of mass view. "Camera Focus Changer" goes back to the normal center of mass view when unfocussing. So maybe a point for a comparison.
  2. Nice Mod! Anyone tested it in 1.2 prerelease, yet?
  3. Is there a compiled prerelease version for 1.2-pre aviable anywhere, yet? Maybe? :-)
  4. @TriggerAu Could we maybe change the colors of USI-Mulch (orange) and USI-Fertilizer (blue) to the inverse? Cause on the USI-Containers Fertilizer has a orange drawing, so that would be more intuitive. BR Rob
  5. TWP-Ejection-Inclination is not the Precise-Node-Ejection-Angle... It's the inlination of the resulting orbit _after leaving the SOI_. Afaik precise node doesn't show that. But precise maneuver shows it. See here at "Incl." (not ej. inclination or ej. angle).
  6. OK, just found out... I think... the "ejection inclination" is is inclination of the resulting solar orbit after leaving the SOI of kerbin. The mod "precise maneuver" (not precide node) can show this value when setting up a maneuver node. And regarding my question before that, the 4d offset is the 24h alarm margin that TWP is using when setting up a KAC alarm. One can change/disable this marging in the TWP setting. BR Rob
  7. @NathanKell Hello, I've a question regarding the utility.cfg file... @PART[SurveyScanner] { !mesh = DELETE !MODEL {} %MODEL { %model = VenStockRevamp/Squad/Parts/ScienceParts/surveyScanner } @MODULE[ModuleAnimationGroup] { @deployAnimationName = SurveyScanner } %rescaleFactor = 1 } Can it be that the two % before MODEL and model are wrong? It deletes the model but doesn't define a new one? This is no problem, until you install Indicator Lights mod, which wants to add a light to the antenna but instead it shrinks the antenna. When I remove the two % all is fine. The antenna has the correct form factor and the light is on the antenna. BR Rob
  8. @Snark Hello, I've reported that indicator lights breaks VENs docking ports... I now have some more information. It only breaks vens docking ports, if you have VENS + Indicator Lights + KOAS installed. (Note: KOAS is only listed 1.1.2 compatible, but works in 1.1.3). In the MM CFG your comment "We have to re-specify the model for the stock part, because this is/ an older part that uses the mesh...." got me on the right track. KOAS reloads the model, like IL does.... then afterwards VENS seems to dumps the model and replaces it by its own model. However, when you have KOAS and IL installed, you get the ven-dp-model double spawned... which glitches the mechanics of vens docking ports. Removing 4 lines "MODEL { model = Squad/Parts/Utility/dockingPort/model }" from your CFG and the problem is solved. The stange thing is, KOAS has the same line (with a addition line "!mesh=DELETE"), and does not cause issues (KOAS+VEN). However IL+VEN has also no issues. Only KOAS+IL+VEN has problems. Is this maybe cause MM can create duplicate entries? ( " foo = <value> creates a new variable called 'foo'; if there was already a variable called 'foo', now there's two of them. ") So I dont really know 100%, why we get 2 docking ports spawned in each other with IL+KOAS+VEN. But I know that it works when VEN=Installed then "don't apply the model line in IL-MM-CFG". So I've duplicated your MM-CFG for the docking ports and added a :NEEDS[VenStockRevamp] and a :NEEDS[!VenStockRevamp]... In the version for VENS I have removed the model part and adjusted the mesh positions for VENS docking ports. If you wanna use/improve it, feel free. BR Rob
  9. @TriggerAu When I plot a depature for the _current_ day and time, and then set a KAC alarm, the KAC alarm is 4 days in the past. Is there maybe a bug?
  10. Hello @JPLRepo Thx for your mods. With the ScanSat mod (I think) the (stock) M700 Survey Scanner (0.5EC/s) and the (stock) M4435 Narrow-Band Scanner (0.4EC/s) are getting a "Start Resouce Scan" option. Could AMPYear maybe detect and implement this? BR Rob
  11. In general docking issues with vens revamp for me occured by using one of 2 other mods. KOAS docking camera, which fixed the incompatiibility already. And indicator lights. Both mods make a ghost bumper appear, which prevented docking. Do if you wanna use vens revamp and having issues with docking, you also can try to update / remove these 2 mods, if you are using them.
  12. I just would like to know, why is a fix made toggleable? Has it a downside?
  13. Thx for the update. Is there an option to switch from blizzy's toolbar back to the stock toolbar?