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  1. SchildConstruct

    KS down, lets get it back

    GitHub issue: Reddit thread:
  2. SchildConstruct

    [1.7] RealChute Parachute Systems v1.4.7.4 | 13/04/19

    1.0.1 Patch breaks RealChutes.
  3. You can also right click a tank, and drain the oxidizer out of it in VAB.
  4. File privacy isn't set to public.
  5. SchildConstruct

    Comprehensive Mod Compatibility List for KSP 1.0

    Incompatible: AIES Aerospace – Can't attach parts to bottom stack attach nodes. Mostly compatible: NavHud - Cosmetic issues, and the camera changes create motion sickness. Editor Extensions - Icon doesn't appear, but other functionality is present.
  6. Yes. No. Maybe. Would breaking old stuff create better new stuff? If you want to know whether I, personally, care about backwards compatibility: Nope, I don't care until KSP has gone gold.
  7. Wing shape, rather than leading/trailing edge shape, from a top-down / bottom-up perspective. NURBS / B-Splines. You know, curves!
  8. SchildConstruct

    [1.2] RCS Build Aid v0.9.1

    It works in 5.3, but not 5.4. That confused the heck out of me. I suspected ModuleRCSFX to be to blame at first, because the RealFuels Stockalike config now pulls this in as a dependency on CKAN.
  9. Would curved leading edges be possible, for a more 'organic' look? Or does KSP's engine not allow for curves? I'm certain there'd be all kinds of attachment issues, too.
  10. SchildConstruct

    [0.25] [x] Science! v4.0 (2014-10-24) [Old thread]

    From the first post: TL;DR: As long as you say who started this (Bodrick), don't sell the mod or any derived works (IANAL, ask one), and use the same license, you can modify this.
  11. SchildConstruct

    [1.0.3] Editor Extensions v2.12 - 23 June

    Killer feature: Mirror symmetry relative to parent part (booster separation!). No idea if I can do this with the stock editor, and my head hurts from trying.
  12. SchildConstruct

    KSP Achievements ( (KSP 1.4.1) 3/14/2018

    Breaks CKAN's dependency tracking, and makes Toolbar complain about an incorrect install.
  13. SchildConstruct


    The forum software. It's a mess of PHP and SQL that is difficult to maintain, administer, and use, unlike other forum software, which are usually messes of SQL and PHP, but are impossible to administer, maintain, and difficult to use.
  14. SchildConstruct

    Visual Studio Community 2013

    Ah, the good old days of MSDN-AA, eh? Or whatever they calls it now, probably BizSpark somethingorother.
  15. No worries. It doesn't have to be 'just' bends. Think the octagonal strut piece in stock, but in a variant that fits better with larger / smaller structural pieces on the one hand, and that provides 45 deg angle adjustments on the other. Make it look somewhat knobbly (like the adapter pieces you are working on), and it could serve as an aesthetically pleasing part, too, when breaking up long truss pieces.