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  1. Great contract pack! Having a lot of fun with it in a 64K career save. Your extended contracts are really helping players avoid the dreaded part-test grind. Noticed a bug with the First Orbital Docking contract though that enabled completion of the contract without performing a docking or even having a docking port on the vessel. I think the issue is that the contract is missing the parameter requiring a docking port. I'm using KAS and attached a solar panel to the vessel on EVA which might have triggered something . . . . Anywhoo, great work!
  2. Thanks for making this mod -- working perfectly for me right out of the box on a 64K career. I'm using a real grab bag of assorted parts mods and no problems at all. Really enjoying the challenge and the immersion. Kudos!
  3. Happy gamers are, too frequently, quiet gamers. Just wanted to say thanks for all of your hard work on this -- exactly the challenge I needed to get into the game again after a break. Next stop Jool!
  4. I agree, The podcast has a winning formula. I'd still like to see cohost alternate between Chuck, Leanne and Eugene - hopefully they don't pick between them. Hopefully the science won't get lost in the pop-culture. I'm just glad I won't have to listen to that Naturebox anymore!
  5. Just wanted to say thanks for your hard work on this mod, Ippo. Can't play KSP without it -- some of the most memorable and hilarious events in my career saves started with a random failure. Cheers!
  6. Sounds awesome. KSP without Final Frontier is like eggs and bacon without ketchup. A must have Mod I've really enjoyed for the past several months. Just out of curiosity, would you consider moving the FF button to the stock GUI toolbar such as Ferram has done with FAR and KIDS? His mods have seemingly avoided a number of incompatibilities I'm reading about on the forums. . .
  7. Thanks for your persistence with the Unity issues. This game means a lot to so many people.
  8. Awesome Idea for a Mod! Just some thoughts because I'd love to see this mod: 1. I'd think G'th is probably on the right track -- the code enabling the generation of asteroids might be what you want to look at since asteroids have basic properties and are scattered within a random but limited sector of a Kerbol orbit. 2. Spawn the rocks on vessel touchdown (altitude < #) and delete the leftover debris once altitude > # ? Good luck!
  9. Scott Manley and several others have youtube videos explaining how to set up asparagus staging. Here is the I first watched. Essentially you attach four liquid fueled boosters around your central rocket using radial decouplers (though you can also do it with six). Next you set up the fuel lines such that two of the boosters are feeding their neighbours and these "neighbours" in turn feed the central rocket. All five of these rocket engines are going to fire at launch. Thus two of the boosters will drain first, their neighbours next and lastly your central rocket stage. Then you manually adjust the staging of the radial decouplers such that the first boosters to drain are decoupled in the first stage (after launch), and their neighbours in the next. The overall effect is that you get the benefits of four boosters while your central rocket is fully fuelled at 20-30km above the surface.
  10. Awesome videos! I really like your approach and explanation of your process. Thanks for making them. The other ones I've looked at seemed either out of date or the creator assumed their audience already possessed some knowledge and experience (which I don't). I'm inspired to give this a shot myself!
  11. The mods in the Library are all pretty safe to use. I currently have 44 installed and running with no problem (yikes didn't realize it was that many!). You should know that KSP has a memory limit and that exceeding this limit (huge mods, lots of mods, lots of ships, graphics settings too high, etc.) will cause KSP to crash ingame or even prevent loading. When you encounter these problems install and run Active Texture Management.
  12. Beyond parts there are great plugins that will make the stock game a bit more fun. Some ones I like: 1. Kerbal Alarm Clock - so you can warp safely 2. Chatterer - adds nice chatter and Sound effects 3. Docking Port Alignment indicator - helps with docking immensely 4. Kerbal Joint Reinforcement - cures rocket wobble 5. Kerbal Attachment System - EVA toys