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  1. Thanks for this! It appears I downloaded KK just hours before the latest version was put up. All fixed now.
  2. I'm having a bit of trouble with this (which is a real shame, because it looks absolutely stunning). The extended space centre works fine on booting the game up, but if I go into either editor and then proceed to launch a vessel, most of the buildings disappear (as seen in the images below). Launching from the runway or launch pad directly on loading a game will keep the space centre, but if I then return to the space centre menu or the editor, it will again cause most buildings to disappear. I have not found a way to get the buildings back, except for restarting the game. Log: Images:
  3. CommanderSmith

    Kerbal IVA

    Whether a Kerbal has their helmet on while inside a spacecraft is defined by the part's IVA configuration file. There's a line in the internal.cfg file for each seat that reads: "allowCrewHelmet = " and then either "true" or "false". It should be reasonably self-explanatory; "true" gives them a helmet, "false" removes their helmet. The problem is, this can't be changed in flight. You can state whether or not a certain part should have its crew wearing helmets, but you can't change this while you're on a mission. However, from memory, that function is provided by Texture Replacer. Admittedly, the last time I used it was several versions ago, and that feature may have been changed (it might even have been a different mod and my memory's just wrong), but it would put helmets on your Kerbals during launch, and remove them once you were in a stable orbit. Hope this helps!
  4. CommanderSmith

    It was just a simple sat contract .........

    From memory, contracts like that usually last for years and years. If you plan it right, you can do some other missions in the meantime, grind out some tech, and then launch your satellite contract. By that point, it will hopefully be easier, because you'll have the better antennae and rockets. Don't give up hope so soon!
  5. CommanderSmith

    Stockalike Airbus A330 Cockpit - Interest?

    That looks really good! I'd love to get my hands on that, and I'm sure for the time being you could just tell it to use the Shuttle IVA until you're finished (I'm not an expert with this. That might be a silly idea on my part). I'd also love that craft file; I'm very interested in how you made those wings. I've really struggled with making big wings for airliners.
  6. CommanderSmith

    What Happend with the demo?

    Silly me; of course it was 0.18. I knew 0.8 sounded wrong.
  7. CommanderSmith

    What Happend with the demo?

    I remember the old demo, the one based on 0.8, was it? Just Kerbin and the Mun, and only 1.25m parts. I played that for ages, trying to land on the Mun and make it back to Kerbin safely. Of course, having no understanding of orbital mechanics at that point, I ended up with an insanely over-engineered vehicle. I think it was 30 Hammers on the first stage, and then another stage of 27, followed by a couple of huge liquid stages. I'm so glad I got hooked on this game. It really helped me focus on what I wanted to do with my life, as well as teaching me about a whole bunch of physics. As an Aeronautical Engineering student now, I credit this game with fostering my passion for design, engineering, maths, and physics.
  8. Okay, that was weird. Turns out that the name "Reliant" appears when I open the file in GIMP, but not when I actually use the texture in-game. How interesting. Anyway, thank you so much for your help, @Capt. Hunt. I can now have my old fleet of shuttles back ready to fly again.
  9. Thank you for your help. I'm terribly sorry to be a pain, but it appears as though that's the file for the Reliant. If you can't find the blank file, don't worry about it. I'll have another search of my old files tomorrow and see if I can stumble across it.
  10. Does anyone have a copy of the blank (nameless) Super 25 texture? I want to remake my old fleet of shuttles. Thank you very much to all of you lovely people helping keep this thing alive. It is still one of the most beautiful mods for KSP, even after all this time.
  11. CommanderSmith

    VAB - SPH Lights Off

    So there was a mod called Lights Out that did this. It turned off all of the VAB/SPH lights, made it night outside, and turned on all of your lights. I found it on SpaceDock, but it's for 1.3.1. It would probably need a touch of love and care to get it to work; that is, if it doesn't work in 1.4.X already. I haven't exactly had a chance to test it. Out Adding this as a stock feature would be nice, but what can you do?
  12. Oh, if it's the portraits disappearing, you should be fine. Hover your mouse cursor over the door, and something saying "crew hatch" or similar should pop up. Just click, and it will let you EVA your crew, without needing the portraits. Of course, if that doesn't work, then I'm sure the fine people here can come up with some fix, probably involving defining an IVA for that part.
  13. CommanderSmith

    Add "Force control" to cheat menu

    This could be very useful for those times when you forget to extend your deployable antennae. I know that's happened to me enough times to make me wish for a quick cheat for it, rather than have to open the settings menu, turn off communications, deploy the antennae, then go back to the settings menu to turn comms back on. A very good idea; I'm all for it.
  14. CommanderSmith

    Kerbal Electric Lightning F.6

    Quick update: Added the stock version. The stock landing gear doesn't look too nice, especially for this, which is why I used Kerbal Foundries Adjustable Landing Gear in the first place. Update #2: KerbalX didn't seem to want to let me update the craft file to remove the single Making History part. The stock replacement I used doesn't look as nice anyway, so I've got the non-MH version as a separate download for all of you people who haven't got Making History.
  15. Shooting vertically up out of its airfield is the Kerbal Electric Lightning F.6, an interceptor designed to quickly reach Kerbiet bombers. Powered by two engines mounted one over the other (quite a unique configuration), this aeroplane will serve you well for all of your needs, be they peaceful or militarist. Full album: This is my first decent aircraft replica, and it's not perfect. Its performance is a little lacking compared to the real Lightning, but she certainly is great fun to fly. I've never tried making a cockpit frame before, so any comments on that would be much appreciated. Flying Notes: Don't be overly hard on the stick. She's quite manoeuvrable, but you don't want to suddenly find yourself flying back to front. Disable Engine 2 (Action Group 2) while taxiing for a more realistic taste, and have your throttle at the first small notch on the gauge. Sometimes the flaps like to change which direction they want to deploy. Sorry about that, but you'll just have to invert their direction in-flight. Download Modded Version: Download Non-Making History Version: Downlaod Stock Version: MOD LIST: Kerbal Foundries Making History If you want a version with guns and missiles, I'm afraid you'll have to add them yourself. I might make a BDArmoury version at some point, but no promises.