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  1. Is there any chance for someone else to pick it up? I really love these parts and it'd be great to see them finished. Either that, or is there a similar mod?
  2. Okay, thanks for all your help so far though! And thanks for the great mod too.
  3. I tried without texture replacer, it fixes kerbin but not the moons. Perhaps it's ATM aggressive, so I'll try with basic and see how it goes. And yeah... Shuttle missions are going to be a 2020's thing. I'll be lucky if I reach Mars by 2100. Another thing, my KSC is buried under the ground at the moment, how can I fix that? (Sorry for all the questions, especially if you're the wrong person to ask )
  4. No I removed the 7.2 first then swapped in the 6.2/3. I don't, it's a fresh install, and I don't think I will for a long time I've got a lot of rocket science to re-learn....
  5. List of mods: Toolbar Active Texture Management AIES Aerospace Advanced Jet Engine Boulder Co CustomBiomes DeadlyReentry DistantObject EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements FAR KerbalJointReinforcement KWRocketry Realchute RealFuels RealismOverhaul Realsolarsystem RemoteTech2 TextureReplacer Kerbal Alarm Clock TweakScale With only Active Texture Management, Boulder Co, EVE, and RSS (using the three links in your OP) Kerbin is fine but the two moons, which I now know are Gilly and Pol, still look like the images above. It turns out that the Earth problem was caused by TextureReplacer. I have no idea what is causing the problems with the two moons, so I don't know whether it is RSSVE or just RSS. I run windows 7. The ATM I use is agressive, if it adds anything.
  6. Whoops, sorry, still getting used to it all. It's only a sharedasset file, I'm sure others distribute them. There is one small thing, well it's a big thing and actually three things, but there's something wrong and I don't know what's causing it. I am 99% certain it is this mod though, unfortunately. Two moons are acting up and Kerbin is white from the tracking centre. I have no idea what is causing this, because it's only Kerbin and those two moons causing the problems. Everything else looks... amazing beyond recognition. I downloaded all the requirements in your OP, but it still comes out like this. Have I missed something? If you need anything please don't hesitate to ask, I'd really like this problem to be fixed. Thanks for your time!
  7. Hi, I want to try real space travel (or as close as it can get) so I've downloaded the realism overhaul. Are the planet names meant to be the same? If they are, then is there a way to change them? Thank you for your time
  8. Sorry, I've never used RSS before, but I'm trying now. I was wondering, does it do anything to Kerbol? Also, have you considered doing what Thesonicgalaxy has done with the flare? That looks beautiful and I think it would look great with this. This is really impressive either way, so well done and thank you
  9. Wow tg626, that's really impressive! My Duna ship is small in comparison, cosy almost . It carries six; the 1st Officer, the 2nd Officer, 1st Engineer, 2nd Engineer, 1st Scientist, and the 2nd Scientist. The 1st Officer and the 1st Scientist will be the two to go down in the lander, becoming the first kerbals on Duna It took three launches to get everything set up (one for the main ship, one for the lander, and one for the crew). I'm unsure whether there will be enough fuel to get home with, but we'll have to see. I've got 2000+ units of fuel left for establishing an orbit and returning to Kerbin, so hopefully it will be enough. If not, at least I'll have a Duna station...
  10. Sorry what was it you were saying? And Gryphorium, good luck with your studies! Can't wait to see what these parts come out like. Really glad to see this still being worked on.
  11. Hi Gryporium, this looks very useful; I've been on the hunt for a four Kerbal pod to no avail. Any chance on a small update?
  12. Thanks again everyone, lots of useful stuff. It appears there's a consensus that between 3-7 is a good range for a first Duna mission. Because it's a first mission, I'll be taking four. Two will remain on board the orbiter, and two will descend to the surface. Therefore nobody is left alone. Again, there's wide agreement that the nuclear engine is the best. I was thinking of using three, is that too many? I think in the scheme of things there will have to be at least two launches; one for the interplanetary ship and one for the crew. Maybe three, but most likely only two.
  13. That could be problematic... I don't know how I could overcome the zero gravity problem. The idea of the entire ship spinning through space is unnerving and an inconvenience. Any ideas?
  14. Thanks everyone! This has all been super helpful. I've decided to send 4 kerbals to address the isolation; 2 stay in orbit 2 go to the surface. As for a single launch or not, still undecided. Most likely a single launch but I'll see how it goes while I'm building it. I'll be using several nuclear engines The only problem left is the idea of extended zero gravity, so I'll have I use a centrifuge which requires a suspension of belief. I'll make sure to update this OP to show you the final thing