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  1. Already using the 64 bit version now, it works like a charm, thanks for the support tho!
  2. I remember the good old days of going into Jool's atmosphere at 10 km/s and coming out unharmed
  3. Mods installed: TextureReplacerReplaced BetterTimeWarp EVE DistantObjectEnhancement KerbalAlarmClock KerbalEngineer DockingAid Scatterer Trajectories TransferWindowPlanner Hyperedit Crash Log+Output Log of latest crash: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/penmy1nl7ai6dj2/AAD9gc566iaEDRqs2xyKXdkva?dl=0
  4. That's the amount of time it's been since I last posted here, crazy how much can change in just such a small amount of time. I was a little 15 year old boy back then, I'm 18 now. My love for KSP and this awesome community, however, has not changed one single bit, and I want to try to post a bit again. :-) (Also damn this reentry heat is ruining all of my old designs)
  5. Hello, my name is pauldbk99, you might know me from some ridiculous necro posting back in the day, anyway i've abandoned ksp a bit lately, because I have been playing other games like EU4 and Civ5, but I might just have back in love with this game!. Has anything changed on the forum lately?
  6. It are radial drogue chutes. Have been waiting for that since 0.20.
  7. Well, the hype thread got to about 33% of this thread before it was shut down.
  8. Half life 3 confirmed! Oh, wait different game, sorry!
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