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  1. sorry, my bad, for some reason I remembered incorrectly that the SABRE liquefied the incoming oxygen, however you could still make the precooler a requirement for jet engine phase operation of the in game SABRE... Edit: would it be possible to define a new resource "chilled air" and make the SABRE require it for non-closed loop operation?
  2. I mean, you could always make it a required part... especially for the SABRE, for which the IRL equivalent uses LOX as an oxidizer which you can't get from atmospheric air without a precooler... Edit... or you could mod the precooler to have the option to generate oxidizer and then also modify the SABRE to only run on oxidizer and fuel...
  3. I need the matrices for all the bodies in the kerbin system in spherical coordiates for a code I am trying to get going to optimize launch and landing profiles but the best I can find are topographical maps which I will have difficulties importing into matlab or some other coding language. What I need is a matrix of r(theta1,theta2) with one index being 0<theta1<360 and -90<theta2<90. Edit: If anyone could tell me how to extract it from the game files that would be great as well
  4. hey, would anyone be interested in creating a team to participate in [email protected]?
  5. yah, I did the test with the "swivel" so I guess they didn't model it completely properly since technically the exit conditions are dependent on the outside conditions (v_e and P_e aren't actually necessarily constant since you can have issues if P_e and P_a have a large difference). Oh well, that makes it easier for me.
  6. I'm looking for a bit more than biplanes, I was looking for more basic jet aircraft, and it would be nice to have them in the start node. Thanks though
  7. Thanks, complicated is fun for me (you don't study AE for 5 years and counting and not find complicated fun). Edit: where can I find the code for SolverEngines?
  8. Possibly odd question, but I had the crazy idea to create a matlab script to optimize ascent profiles and my current installation is running AJE and FAR, I was just wondering if anyone could clarify the actual equations used to model thrust and isp and what they were functions of for this mod.
  9. yah, I am currently breaking in my new laptop anyway (applying moderate OCs to most of the components) so I wasn't going to boot KSP for at least a day anyway.
  10. I pulled up the config file for the skipper and found a bit that is atmosphereCurve { key=0 320 key=1 280 key=6 .001 ] I assume this is the thrust curve, but I wasn't sure how they interpolate between the points, I also assume the first number is the number of atmospheres where this is true, and the second number is the Isp at that pressure yah, I will probably end up doing that, I was just kind of hoping I could find someone who knew how it was actually coded
  11. I know the real relations (I am currently working on my graduate AE degree and it looks like my thesis will be on propulsion), I was just trying to figure out if anyone knew how squad programmed it, since it may not actually follow that curve very well.
  12. I am trying to write a matlab script to create optimal ascent profiles for launch vehicles and I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a way to get thrust curves for every engine as a function of pressure (for rocket engines) and the total thrust curves for jet engines. I also need a method of exporting Cd and Cl curves from the game for FAR, and as a note, I am using AJE which affects the thrust curves for the jet engines.
  13. I was wondering if there was already a tech tree that did this or if someone could make one, but I kinda want a tech tree that already has basic airplane tech unlocked at the beginning of career (including control surfaces for rockets and not just fixed fins) basically just everything that actually existed in the early years of the space race. I get that the stock game is trying to ease new players into the game, but I figure that if we are modding our game we already know what we are doing.
  14. hey guys, possibly stupid question, but I just got a new computer that can handle KSP and all my mods again and am running CKAN and noticed a lot of different B9 Mods (HX parts Pack, Legacy Parts Pack, Parts Pack, Procedural Wings-Fork, Aerospace Props, Animation Modules, and Part Switch) is the Part Pack all inclusive or do I need some of the other mods to get everything? I know the Legacy parts pack is just old parts so I don't really care about that.
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