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  1. Great to see you guys are still working on this. Once they released the making history parts, it broke my tech tree editor. The tree was too big to modify by hand without it being parsed into something more manageable. I really enjoyed working on it and I am happy to see that it’s “not dead yet”.
  2. Not this version. Sorry. Someone else has picked up the reins and is supporting this mod right now. You can go back through the thread a bit and find the link.
  3. ETT is a pinwheel design that is grouped into branches of related engineering disciplines. Premise Do the Kerbals discover rocketry before winged flight? You decide. Both winged flight and rockets first options. ETT also has an "End Game" so you can play the campaign game with a built in goal. I love to hear new ideas and don't be afraid to let me know if I have a part or two out of place. Listed on CKAN or Download at SpaceDock - May break saved games. Patreon Link or even better, contribute to the tech tree by adding a simple config of a/your part pack! New GitHub Repository for Contributors: (Outdated. Will update soon.) Readme file has instructions. Scope A tech tree based on engineering/scientific principles... mostly, that is challenging to unlock yet fun to play through. Goals & Requirements 1. Branches of the tech tree based on engineering disciplines. 2. The Kerbals discover rocket powered flight before they figure out winged flight. (or vice-versa) 3. Unlocking the entire tech tree is not required but must involve flights to nearby planets. 4. Parts that generate science are spread throughout the disciplines and are not based on which branch you focus on (e.g. Flight, Liquid fueled, Solid, Exotic). 5. The player may unlock just the branches that they are interested in. 6. "End Game", so you can play the campaign game with a built in goal. Highly Recommended for FLIGHT FIRST option: Firespitter, SXT and/or KAX for propeller parts. Take Command to use the external command seat for barnstorming... I mean science. Highly Recommended for ROCKETS first: Interstellar KW Rocketry MRS SpaceY FASA Recommended for the tree overall: Kerbal Engineer or MechJeb for delta V calculations. DMagic Orbital Science to boost your science output. @Necro You can play this tree completely stock, but I believe it is the most fun with several part packs. The many nodes of the tree limits the amount of parts that show up in the editor which makes it easier to find the part you are looking for. Included: AIES by @carmics ALCOR by @alexustas AmpYear Power Manager by @JPLRepo Coatl Aerospace ProbesPlus by @akron CxAerospace by @cxg2827 DarkSideTechnology's Centrifuge by @Badsector DMagic Orbital Science by @DMagic DMagic's EVA struts and transfer pipes by @DMagic EVA Parachutes & Ejection Seats by @linuxgurugamer Extra-Planetary Launchpads @taniwha FASA by @frizzank Infernal Robotics by @sirkut KAS by @KospY Kerbal Atomics by @Nertea Kerbal Engineer by @cybutek Kerbal Planetary Base System by @Nils277 Kethane by @taniwha KIS (Kerbal Inventory System) by @KospY Konstruction by @RoverDude Launchers Pack by @Kartoffelkuchen KSP Interstellar Extended @FreeThinker Landertron by @XanderTek Lithobrake Exploration Technologies by@NecroBones Making History by Squad MKS/OKS by @RoverDude ModPods by @TiktaalikDreaming MRS (Modular Rocket Systems) by@NecroBones Near Future: Electrical by @Nertea Near Future: Propulsion by @Nertea Near Future: Spacecraft by @Nertea Near Future Construction by @Nertea Rocket Factory by @RaendyLeBeau Rover Science Revisited by @theSpeare Real Chutes by @stupid_chris SETI Probe Parts by @Yemo Smart Parts by @Firov SpaceY Expansion by @NecroBones SpaceY Heavy Lifters by @NecroBones Station Parts Expansion by @Nertea Surface Experiment Pack by @AlbertKermin Surface Lights by @Why485 TAC Life Support by @TaranisElsu Tarsier Space Technology by @JPLRepo Universal Storage by @Paul Kingtiger USI Core by @RoverDude USI Sounding Rockets by @RoverDude USI Exploration Pack by @RoverDude USI Life Support by @RoverDude USI Survivability Pack @RoverDude Ven's Stock Part Revamp by @Ven Integrated But Untested for 1.4 Part Packs AntennaRange by @toadicus AoA Tech Aviation Parts by @martinezfg11 Aviation Cockpits by @Mallikas Aviation Lights by @BigNose Atomic Age by @Porkjet B9 by @bac9 Behemoth Aerospace Engineering by @greystork BDArmory by @BahamutoD Bluedog Design Bureau by @CobaltWolf Corvus by @Orionkermin Cryogenic Engines by @Nertea CryoTanks by @Nertea Deadly Reentry by @NathanKell Deep Freeze Continued by @JPLRepo FireSpitter by @Snjo Fuel Tanks Plus by @NecroBones HabTech by @benjee10 HoolganLab's Airships by @JewelShisen K2 Command Pod by @jfjohnny5 Karibou Rover by @RoverDude KAX - Kerbal Aircraft eXpansion by @keptin Kerbalism by @ShotgunNinja Kerbonov Pack by @Sam Hall KWRocketry by @Kickasskyle MechJeb (still needs a bit of MM work) @sarbian Mk2/Mk3 Expansion by @SuicidalInsanity Mk3 Hypersonic System by @nestor_d Mk3 mini expansion by @K.Yeon MOLE - Mark One Laboratory Extensions by @Angel-125 Monkey Business, Inc Parts by @blacsky33 Near Future: Solar by @Nertea OPT by @K.Yeon Procedural Fairings by @e-dog Procedural Parts by @OtherBarry Remote Tech RetroFuture Planes by @nli2work RLA Stockalike by @hoojiwana Rovers and Roadsters by @AlphaAsh ScanSat by @DMagic Solaris Hypernautics by @Carbonjvd Soviet Engines by @BobCat Stock Extension by @Lack Stock Launch Pad by @sciencepanda Stockalike Parts for Useful Esthetics by @TurboNisu Tantares LV by @Beale Taurus HCV by @bsquiklehausen I've made ETT compatible with nodes used by @NerteaChris Adderley's CTT (click here) but CTT itself is not compatible with an ETT campaign. Thanks to all those who have helped me get this far, @yongedevil, @troyfawkes, @NathanKell, @Artfact, @Bahamut, @inigma, @odya-kun, @SpaceNomad, @linuxgurugamer Keep the feedback coming. Released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 license. You are free to redistribute and modify the work so long as it is not used for commercial purposes.
  4. This looks great! Looks like it might be time for me to do a thorough review of the ETT late game nodes. Going to try it out and see if it is a good match. You might want to recommend the mod Better Time Warp Continued. Good Luck!
  5. Yessir. I just MM the new parts instead of using the Tech Tree Editor.
  6. Moved 1.4.3 renamed parts to correct nodes. The mod should be good to go now.
  7. Released ETT for 1.4.3 and the Making History Expansion. Used Module Manager instead of Yongedevil's tech tree editor. Changelog: Updated to 1.4.3 Added support for Making History Split engines to branch that progresses based on thrust and ISP Various minor enhancements (Sorry, no procedural fairings yet) EDIT: Looks like I may have missed a few stray parts from the 1.4.3 change. I will fix this. It won't break saves when updated.
  8. Probus

    [RELEASED] A.R.P mod ( Audio Replacement Project )

    Has this project been replaced with a new sound mod?
  9. @linuxgurugamer has updated the plugin not the editor. The plugin lets you play a game using a yonge tech tree. The editor lets you edit that tree. Right now the editor is slightly borked. Instead of showing you the name of the part, it just shows the word “nothing” for all parts in 1.4.x. That is my dilemma. Thank you for trying to help. I appreciate it. @linuxgurugamer and I have chatted about updating it, but he has his hands full updating loads of different mods right now. So at least he has the plugin working. That’s odd. Are you sure they are not in the upper right branch?
  10. I would love to update it, but the tool I use (Yonge Tech Tree Editor) to update the tree broke in 1.4.x. If I update it, It would have to be with module manager right now. That will take a fair amount of work (which is why I use the tool). Maybe I'll get a burst of energy and do it the hard way. Thanks for asking.
  11. @tees, I don't think ETT is compatible with RO. Sorry. @DracoSilverpath, Maybe, once I get the tech tree editor problem fixed. @Jiraiyah, There is no wiki page for ETT and does TCA have any parts associated with it?
  12. Just waiting on a couple updates before I release ETT for 1.4.2. The tech tree editor is balking at the new parts. No way to tell one from the other.
  13. I am sure when @linuxgurugamer has a chance, he will update the Yonge dll. He is very busy I’m sure. I have made several updates to the ETT ready for 1.4.1.
  14. I’m not sure what that means either. I think it had something to do with CKAN’s compatibility settings. I should probably just remove it. There are various reasons. Most are just placeholders. I use them to help me remember what types of parts go where when I include a new part pack. There is a method to my madness.
  15. I'm about to have a couple weeks off work. Maybe I can play through a KSPIe campaign and add a lot of user comments into the tree. I was hoping to do some work on it at Christmas, but never got around to it. Sorry about the wait. It's been a while since I have updated it. Try erasing and reinstalling the YongeTech mod or downloading it directly from SpaceDock. I didn't see any other tech tree mods in there. If I missed one, remove all but the ETT tech tree.
  16. You know, we need a shovel or something that has to be used to get surface samples. How about it?
  17. @bartekkru99 Ask away @Maffif The mod was originally made for KSPIe (many revs ago) but the parts keep changing on me. Hard to keep track of which comes first as I haven't played a campaign game with it lately. I've been working on Near Future Tech. Tell me what nodes you would like the parts in and I will review your suggestions and move things around.
  18. Scott Manley's latest video series looks like its going to be a good one! I'm really pumped and would like to play along with my own campaign game. Can anyone figure out what mods he is using or is there already a link to it? Here is a link to the video:
  19. Probus

    [1.3.1] Sonic Realism

    Excellent. I was hoping someone would do a mod like this. Does it also give you the sonic boom sound when you reach the speed of sound?
  20. Sorry @Dr. Jet, I am really awful about using github. I've gotten into the bad habit of updating ETT using the least amount of effort. I don't have as much time as I used to right now. Hopefully things will change and I can get github synced up with the releases. Even if I have to manually add in all the pull-requests. Fore one, I know @FreeThinker has made a bunch of changes to Interstellar since I last reviewed his parts. That mod is why I started ETT. Maybe I can free up some time during break and get it going again. Thanks for the poke. I appreciate it.
  21. Yes. Definitely like that effect.
  22. @ev0, Is there any way, when hiding nodes, to add the hidden node's value to the next node? If I have a sequence of nodes, lets say 10, 50, 95. If 50 has no parts in it you get the 95 node too cheap. Only 95 instead of 145. Does that make sense?
  23. When I test the ETT for playability, I always leave the empty nodes in so you have to pay for them to get to the next node. If you hide a node and are able to get the next node right away then, in my opinion, it unbalances the tree and makes the game A LOT easier to play. I designed it to be hard. If you think it is too hard, then hiding nodes is a good way to nerf it and make it easier.
  24. I know I have seen multiple land, air or space speed records. This is a new Land and Air and Space speed record. The challenge being the vehicle must do all three in order. Below are several (Unofficial) images of my first attempt at setting baseline speeds: As you can see my numbers are: Land: 273 m/s Air: 315 m/s Space: 1180 m/s Rules: Pure stock build. It must be manned and the kerbal(s) have to be internal. I have no problem with using the ice sheets at the poles as long as you design a vehicle to get you there. Same vehicle, same flight. Set the highest land speed. (surface speed) Set the highest air speed (surface speed, 100 m to under 10,000 m altitude). Set the highest speed in space, over 70 km. (orbital speed). Keep it a drag race. No leaving the Kerbin SOI. Must beat all three of the previous record setter. A video would be great, but I think we can get by with at least 4 pics like the ones above to verify speeds. (any other ideas?) Screen shot of the vehicle at KSC. Screen shot of the vehicle before it exceeds 10 km (F3 verifies land and air speeds). Action shots of the vehicle breaking records and a final F3 shot showing the maximum speed reached. No cheats. Default rules. And... Their off!