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  1. My point exactly. Eventually I want to be able to play this game realistically without the need to cheat my way through editing savegames out of bare necessity. I've spend 2 weeks doing this testing different prototypes trying to get off of planets alike Eve, only to go back to the drawing boards again and again and again. It wasn't even fun anymore. The need to be able to test your crafts is dire, and highly useful for the experience. I'm quite sure it will also lead to better and more realistic design experience.
  2. Hello All, More and more frequent I have problems with developing spacecraft for extrakerbestrial atmospheres. To minimize the weight I like to keep my probes and craft to a minimum with proper weight distribution. However the atmosphere's and gravitational pulls on other planets make testing things sometimes hard. I cannot develop something, send it to eve, only to discover that once there it cannot make the liftoff, of that my angle of re-entry is either too high, or too low. Especially spaceplanes really need the ability to model/simulate in a windtunnel to see how they will behave. I
  3. KSP Version: Version 1.1.3 , patched via patcher today at 22:39 CET, OS: Windows 7 64-bit What Happens: Cannot purchase nor place researched parts Mods / Add-Ons: All Stock Steps to Replicate: 1) Start a new game 2) purchase the parts at the R&D Centre 3) go to construct first rocket 4) newly purchased parts still need to be purchased at R&D centre 5) Also cannot place a normal rocket engine underneath the first tank properly, doesn't snap into place, only upside down... Result: Literally cannot play the game this way, can't build anything
  4. Whilst waiting for my ship to complete its full Ion DeltaV burn, I thought of this: What if Kerbal had an online Space-race option? There would be at least 4 space locations on a Kerbal system. (America, China, Russia and Europe, and perhaps some fictional ones) Each Player would pick a country, and then a team. (they can defect, but only taking with them their own designs) Each seperate Kerbal system would have 1 team per Country. Here I see 2 options, * either worlds that compete (and people can join, or not join a team inside a single continues space race * Teams compete achieving points a
  5. Recently I have been having a problem, that my controls no longer work after a while. The Kerbal in the ship is moving and smiling, the electric charge is sufficient, and I have enough fuel. Yet, I cannot adjust course Or conduct experiments. Is there something I could be missing, doing wrong? Thank you in advance
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