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  1. In other news, space news writer doesn't know 'ceiling' and 'above' don't mean much in microgravity.
  2. Lord Murphy needed a sacrifice to appease him before tomorrows launch attempt.
  3. EST or UT, it's still when I'll be stuck in traffic driving home from work. Got lucky to get off early today.
  4. Didn't mean to make it sound like I was talking about all U-boats (or subs in general). The story that stands out in my memory is a U-boat in the early days of WWII sinking an allied merchantman, then towing the life boats closer to shore so they had a better chance of surviving. But, they had to cut the lines early when allied patrol planes spotted them. The two crews were at war, but the sea is still the enemy of both of them. The u-boat's skipper did what he could to help, but when it came to deciding between helping the life boats or saving his boat, he wished the allies luck and submerged to safety. And I can't think of any time a sub took prisoners on board the boat itself. No room.
  5. Reasons to respond: 1. Salvage money. Imagine how much you'd get for a spacecraft. A shuttle may not be much, but it's still something more added to what was gonna be earned on your original journey. And imagine a space-faring version of modern day container ships, and their cargo. A couple hundred million dollars (at least) bonus would make both crew and owners quite happy. 2. Survivors. There's various maritime laws and guidelines about rescuing vessels in distress. If you can respond to a call, without endangering your own vessel and the souls onboard, you do so. The sea (and space) don't care about schedules or fuel and overtime costs. They will kill without mercy or hesitation. Even U-boats during both world wars were known to try to help survivors from ships they had just sunk. Reasons not to respond: 1. Effectiveness/Safety of your ship. A small shuttle can't do much to help a multi-million ton passenger liner, potentially carrying thousands of people, other than relay the situation to other vessels. And a vessel falling out of orbit can't be rescued if your ship lacks the equipment and/or horsepower to either tow it higher (AKA the Illus maneuver) or dock and take off the crew and passengers in time. Sometimes all you can do is sit there and watch. 2. DID YOU NOT SEE THAT TRAINING VIDEO IN SPACE CADET SCHOOL?! ALIEN! YEAH, THAT ONE! REMEMBER THE NOSTROMO, HOLDEN!
  6. I've been getting them, too. But, as already posted, he's under a little more stress than usual with current and upcoming events, so I'm not worrying yet.
  7. Look like someone's idea of an early model jet with old-style tricycle gear. And v-shaped combination stabilizers. Top looks like a ship from an anime. PM ones look like they were created by someone destined to design ships in anime.
  8. Ok, wondering if anyone else is getting this. Just started this morning, MJ is either going on strike and not responding, or forgetting it's job half-way through a maneuver/operation. 1st instance- Launched using ascent guidance. Everything was going fine until getting around 70km, then the autopilot shuts off. No notice or warning, button changed from 'disengage autopilot' to 'engage autopilot'. The craft was still functioning, no problems with it. MJ just shut off way before reaching it's 200km target and circularizing. 2nd instance- MJ refuses to create and execute a node. Transfer maneuvers, circularzing, fine tune, not working. I put in my parameters for the node, hit 'create and execute' or 'execute next node', the node and orbital predictions appear for a literal eye blink, then are gone. 'Create node' works, but then the node vanishes when hitting an execute button. Rendezvous autopilot is also not responding, with the same 'blink' and gone as nodes. This start just this morning. I've reverted back to 1.90 from 1.91, but still not working. I do run mod heavy, but I've been doing that with MJ for a long time, and have never seen this happening, and no other mods have been updated today. Have tried reinstalling with CKAN, no effect, will try downloading a fresh copy and doing it manually.
  9. Didn't think of it till now, but Starlink would be useful for the military. Lots of small sats being harder to take out than a handful of big ones.
  10. Technically they did land the booster, just not on the barge.
  11. *cough*DefinitelynotaBondvillian*cough*
  12. Pretty sure that's a mistranslation, Starships not Dragons, and launch not build.
  13. Think the first thing to do in this case is take the laws of orbital mechanics and toss them. Ships in Star Wars are supposed to be able to accelerate at thousands of gravities, with repulsorlifts allowing them to lift from the surface without much effort. 'Orbit' only applies to ships with their engines off line, and stations/satellites. And the ships seen at the start of TPM could just be the command squadron for ships scattered around Naboo's orbit (and the whole system, for that matter). There could have been hundreds of corvette sized ships covering the gaps between the big boys. And I still keep it as head cannon that only smaller ships (Falcon, U-wings, fighters) can jump into/out of a planets atmosphere, or deep into it's gravity well. Large and cumbersome freighters would still need to drop out farther out, where the TF's ships could intercept. And even though the Federation's ships aren't proper warships, incoming freighters would still desperately try to stay away from them and their armament (I can't remember if there's ever been an official max range for turbolasers. I assume it's in the light-second range). And the Vuture droids could chase down what the Lucrehulk's couldn't overtake. So unless Naboo can survive on shipments of a hundred tons or less per run, it's economy and industries will start to fail. Not that the blockade mattered in the end. It was all just to get their forces into position to invade and force Naboo to surrender before the Republic interfered. All part of Palpatine's overall strategy.