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  1. Question- On the 'Runabout' capsules, how did you put the mk16 chutes on it? I tried tearing one apart to figure it out, but my VAB-foo is not strong enough. Or there's a button I don't know about.
  2. Treveli

    My first Tesla Car I've ever seen.

    Had one park next to me at work while on lunch break, and seen twice while driving home. Can't remember if it was the same car, but was surprised to see them here (northwest Florida).
  3. Treveli

    Heavy (Cheap) Lifters

    I usually look through KerbalX when I need ideas. Usually end up with something like Raptor9 puts together. At the very least they're good examples to learn with.
  4. Treveli

    Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    In the books it's usually described as metal/steel and ceramics that make up the hull and structure of the ships. With how much they use magnets to hold things down (both people inside and outside ships and cargo in the holds) and apparently magnetic clamps for docking, building with non-magnetic materials without a good reason is just common sense. As already stated, the Arboghast was disassembled by the protomolecule on Venus. The protomolecule is like an extremely high-end lawyer when it comes to the laws of physics. It understands how they work and what the limitations are, but it also knows how to get around them without actually breaking any of them. Pulling a ship apart down to it's most basic components is easy, easier than moving Eros without any apparent engines. Anything to do with Bobbies' suit being low on power can be attributed to 'dramatic effect' from the writers. It makes the situation more tense. In the novels she had a couple hours (not the minutes she had in the show) to prep and put on the suit before going out, so making sure the batteries were charged would have been on her 'to do' list. As for all it's demonstrated physical abilities, it's Martian Marine Force Recon power armor. From descriptions in the books, if you had one Martian Marine in armor, without any guns, only it's hands, to fight with, surrounded by a company of regular 'light' infantry with guns, you'd end up with a mass grave for a company of infantry and one Martian who's suit is in desperate need of a cleaning. The yacht. Jules-Pierre Mao, the guy who owns the ship, is basically the Bill Gates or Donald Trump of the Solar system. Massively wealthy, has a god-like amount of influence, and a god-like amount of arrogance. In the books, the ship is usually docked at a private space station (which itself is built like a high-class hotel (form over function)). It's entire design, inside and out, is meant to say 'I'm so rich I can do stuff everyone else thinks is pointless and idiotic'. Compartments that are far larger and more richly (both in cost and mass) decorated than you would have any need or reason to do on a ship. The hull painted with murals that hardly anyone will ever see. It's a trillonare's mega yacht and a flying message to the world that it's owner is superior to everyone else. Gravity on the Roci. She (and all the ships in the Expanse universe) are built like a flying skyscraper. The decks are stacked one on top of the other. 'Down' is towards the engines, while under thrust. When docked to a rotating station (like Tycho or Ceres) the bow of the ship is pointing towards the center of rotation, and the spin pushes you 'down'.
  5. Treveli

    RIP Major Charles Emerson Winchester the Third, M.D.

    (plays a too-loud record of a jeep-flattened french horn in mourning)
  6. Treveli

    Is Kerbal construction time worth it?

    As has been said, KCT adds to the challenge. And as for rescue missions, it has a hangar function that let's you build a craft and store it until you're ready to use it. Build a couple cheap interceptors, role them out when you need them.
  7. Treveli

    Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    I would assume repulsorlifts were involved, keeping it up and stationary. The surface base seemed to be the only major facility, so why have the only gate through the shield move.
  8. Treveli

    Do you remember your first exposure to KSP?

    YouTube led me to a Scott Manly video back in 2013/14. Watched several of them, got interested and downloaded the demo on Steam. I was between jobs at the time and didn't want to spend money on a game, but after a month or two of being stuck with the demo's and limits and watching Manly and others, I decided it was worth it. Been playing off and on since. Maybe one of these days I'll actually make it further than Minmus.
  9. Treveli

    Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    That key board may not seem so strange if you account for a century or more of changes in language and technical terms. Go back a hundred years or more and ask a scientist about cold fusion, matter/antimatter reactions, etc, and they may politely ask you to stop babbling and go away. Also just the result of a prop guy thinking no one would take something that was on screen for such a short time seriously.
  10. Treveli

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Wish I'd been there to see but my cell phone was good enough.
  11. [quote name='Arsonide']The issue is RemoteTech. It has not been updated to handle triggered science data, which affects the lab and the orbital survey. I'm already attempting to get in touch with the authors.[/QUOTE] Yep, RTech was the problem. There's a patch of sorts available, WarShipMe. It's just a .dll to replace one that comes with Remote Tech. Surveyor wasn't working in either sandbox or career, after the 'patch', working now. [url=]Fancy Mouse's[/url] post has the zip with the file.
  12. Ok, I dumped everything out of GameData except for the original Squad folder, then began adding mods (about 22 total) back in to see if one of them broke the scanner using a fresh sandbox save. The only issue I got after putting the mods back in was the resource overlay in the tracking center saying I needed to do a survey even though I had three ships (one probe, two kerballed) in orbit that had already run the survey. The scanners on all three ships gave the options for the overlay info and displayed correctly on Kerbin, just the 'need to do the survey' in the tracking center. Went back into the career save I was playing when I noticed the scanner not working, checked on my already orbiting scanners, still not working as before. Run the survey, shows data being transmitted (in upper left hand corner of screen), but when done, still no overlay or resource info, and still the only options on the scanner is 'deploy/retract scanner' and 'run orbital survey'. Launched a new scanner equipped satellite, but it also has the same problem. I then jumped back into my sandbox testing save, and the scanners in it [i]are[/i] working (but still with the tracking center issues). Gonna start a fresh career save and see if it's my original save that's busted.
  13. I'm having the same issue with the scanner. 100% data transmission, survey complete, no resource data available in any screen it should be in. Right clicking on the scanner after the survey does not bring any options other than retract scanner and doing the survey. I have the same mods as WarShipMe listed (plus several others). But, before 1.0.5, the scanner was working correctly with the same mods (minus KIS). I was having issues transmitting science from ScanSat, but have since applied the patch they released for it and the ScanSat scanners are working fine now. Just the M700 is affected now.
  14. Yep, that did it. Didn't have SciAlert installed since the 1.0.5 update, but I guess a part of it was still in there. Working now, thanks.
  15. Got a bug or glitch or conflict with another mod. Since 1.0.5, using the latest SCAN Sat versions, the scanners don't want to transmit their science. SCAN Sat shows 100% on scanning Kerbin and Mun (only two I've used it on), I right click the scanners (radar, SAR, and multispectral), click analyze, the experiment window pops up, but hitting transmit does nothing. No science sent, no drain on the energy as if it were transmitting and not saying so. I am using Remote Tech (both it and Scan are the lastest versions) as well as several other mods, but I did not have this problem with the same mods installed before 1.0.5, They all worked fine together. This is also affecting the stock M700 survey scanner.