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  1. [quote name='Arsonide']The issue is RemoteTech. It has not been updated to handle triggered science data, which affects the lab and the orbital survey. I'm already attempting to get in touch with the authors.[/QUOTE] Yep, RTech was the problem. There's a patch of sorts available, WarShipMe. It's just a .dll to replace one that comes with Remote Tech. Surveyor wasn't working in either sandbox or career, after the 'patch', working now. [url=]Fancy Mouse's[/url] post has the zip with the file.
  2. Ok, I dumped everything out of GameData except for the original Squad folder, then began adding mods (about 22 total) back in to see if one of them broke the scanner using a fresh sandbox save. The only issue I got after putting the mods back in was the resource overlay in the tracking center saying I needed to do a survey even though I had three ships (one probe, two kerballed) in orbit that had already run the survey. The scanners on all three ships gave the options for the overlay info and displayed correctly on Kerbin, just the 'need to do the survey' in the tracking center. Went back into the career save I was playing when I noticed the scanner not working, checked on my already orbiting scanners, still not working as before. Run the survey, shows data being transmitted (in upper left hand corner of screen), but when done, still no overlay or resource info, and still the only options on the scanner is 'deploy/retract scanner' and 'run orbital survey'. Launched a new scanner equipped satellite, but it also has the same problem. I then jumped back into my sandbox testing save, and the scanners in it [i]are[/i] working (but still with the tracking center issues). Gonna start a fresh career save and see if it's my original save that's busted.
  3. I'm having the same issue with the scanner. 100% data transmission, survey complete, no resource data available in any screen it should be in. Right clicking on the scanner after the survey does not bring any options other than retract scanner and doing the survey. I have the same mods as WarShipMe listed (plus several others). But, before 1.0.5, the scanner was working correctly with the same mods (minus KIS). I was having issues transmitting science from ScanSat, but have since applied the patch they released for it and the ScanSat scanners are working fine now. Just the M700 is affected now.
  4. Yep, that did it. Didn't have SciAlert installed since the 1.0.5 update, but I guess a part of it was still in there. Working now, thanks.
  5. Got a bug or glitch or conflict with another mod. Since 1.0.5, using the latest SCAN Sat versions, the scanners don't want to transmit their science. SCAN Sat shows 100% on scanning Kerbin and Mun (only two I've used it on), I right click the scanners (radar, SAR, and multispectral), click analyze, the experiment window pops up, but hitting transmit does nothing. No science sent, no drain on the energy as if it were transmitting and not saying so. I am using Remote Tech (both it and Scan are the lastest versions) as well as several other mods, but I did not have this problem with the same mods installed before 1.0.5, They all worked fine together. This is also affecting the stock M700 survey scanner.
  6. Looking forward even more to the next patch, then. Although, after posting I finally got around to forcing KSP to use openGL, and so far (knocks on many pieces of wood) I haven't been crashing (the game at least) as I was before.
  7. Having the game crash to desktop (with no error report to show why) every ten to thirty minutes. I know it's probably because of all the mods I've got running (and keeping adding to).
  8. Most amusing launch failures

    Had just unlocked the Mainsail, was making my first launch with them and a heavier payload than previous launches (with the Skipper). Engines start, clamps released, throttle to full... Why ain't it moving? Jeb, check the parking brake! No? What the- Stared at my rocket just hovering there over the pad, engines full bore, for a moment, then realized what I had done. Reverted to ship assembly, replaced the Skipper with the Mainsail (and upgraded the LRBs from Swivels to Reliants), and launched again with much greater success. And on an earlier launch, my Mun flyby rocket started tumbling end for end after I started my gravity turn. Couldn't figure out why, wasn't bad symmetry or aerodynamics, it just liked to flip out. After a couple reverts, I just shrugged and let it flip, timed it to throttle up when it was pointed vaguely towards orbit, and made it there successfully.
  9. A work around I found by accident during my first 1.0 reentry attempt (the sixth or seventh revert of the attempt) is to deploy a Mk16 chute during reentry. Keeps the nose pointed in the right direction, but looks frelling odd having it out with reentry flames around it.
  10. First time I got anything close to another planet. Didn't orbit Moho with that one, had to do that with the Eve one, but still a close pass and a good screeny.
  11. How did you start your KSP learning curve?

    I forget the exact method (even though it was only back in January or February) but I remember it involved stumbling onto a Scott Manley YouTube vid (linked from a FrankieonPC or JackFrags vid I think). Watched a few more vids of his to get an idea of the game, eventually checked Steam to see if they had it. Installed the demo, started the tutorials, promptly failed the tutorials, went to sandbox and screwed around with that for a few weeks. Watched more Manley vids. Finally admitted I was obsessed and bought the full game. Still haven't completed the tutorials. 'Let's see what this does' for the win.
  12. What did you do in KSP today?

    After having my computer in the shop for the last two weeks (would have been only one if my frigging answering machine hadn't #$@!ed up) I sent my Moho flybye probe off on it's mission. It, along with an Eve probe (and a Duna mission that's vanished for some reason), had been sitting in Kerbin orbit waiting for the right time for the transfer. I let MJ handle the initial transfer maneuver, then fiddled with nodes until a had an encounter. The final result was a 20km peri, going 5km/s, good enough to get high/low science transmissions, which, happily, was the original intent of the mission. And so, I made my first encounter and pass of another planet. Yay me! Only took 400+ hours of playing time.
  13. Confess your KSP sins

    I don't use spaceplanes. The SPH and plane tech parts may as well not exist for me. I just can't build ones that work, and even when I import a solid design from the sandbox/forum, I can't fly the dang things. Getting into orbit is kinda doable for me, but landing's a suicide ride. Even with all the parts available (from both stock and mods) I've used the same parts for the same lifter designs for months. I don't consider it a sin (if it ain't broke, don't fix it) except for all those parts not getting used that someone put the effort into creating. They just sit there in the VAB, their faces pleading with me to use them for something. Maybe when budgets are added I'll be forced to do so.
  14. What do you have in space right now?

    Kerbin- 1 Surveyor satellite in low polar orbit (done surveying, just being used as a cheap com relay); 1 KCN (Kerbin Communications Network) omni-relay satellite in a 500km orbit; 2 full feature com sats (one a 'standard', one a 'deep' one for transmitting across the system) at k-stationary, along with Kerbin Highport station; Minmus Discovery, a large science ship for science mining Minmus (hopefully improved from the one I built in a previous savegame), currently on escape trajectory. I used to have more com sats, but they have a tendency to explode due to Krakenitis. Mun- KCN Mun com sat in semi-synchronous orbit; Mun Surveyor sat in polar orbit (also done with it's job and acting as a com sat now); flags in all biomes after fully science mining. Minmus- Nothing, which sucks, cause I just realized that means Discovery won't have access to a scansat network for precise landings. Kerbol- 3 Kerbol Surveyor probes, one being dead stick as I launched it too early in the tech tree and lost contact with it when it left Kerbin SOI.
  15. If my ASAS could talk.

    "daaaaaaance dance the nighhhht away!"