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  1. Pretty sure that's a mistranslation, Starships not Dragons, and launch not build.
  2. Think the first thing to do in this case is take the laws of orbital mechanics and toss them. Ships in Star Wars are supposed to be able to accelerate at thousands of gravities, with repulsorlifts allowing them to lift from the surface without much effort. 'Orbit' only applies to ships with their engines off line, and stations/satellites. And the ships seen at the start of TPM could just be the command squadron for ships scattered around Naboo's orbit (and the whole system, for that matter). There could have been hundreds of corvette sized ships covering the gaps between the big boys. And I still keep it as head cannon that only smaller ships (Falcon, U-wings, fighters) can jump into/out of a planets atmosphere, or deep into it's gravity well. Large and cumbersome freighters would still need to drop out farther out, where the TF's ships could intercept. And even though the Federation's ships aren't proper warships, incoming freighters would still desperately try to stay away from them and their armament (I can't remember if there's ever been an official max range for turbolasers. I assume it's in the light-second range). And the Vuture droids could chase down what the Lucrehulk's couldn't overtake. So unless Naboo can survive on shipments of a hundred tons or less per run, it's economy and industries will start to fail. Not that the blockade mattered in the end. It was all just to get their forces into position to invade and force Naboo to surrender before the Republic interfered. All part of Palpatine's overall strategy.
  3. The Realativistic Sand Blaster is far simpler than you're thinking. All I need is a simple freighter that can haul a couple tens of thousands of tons (20k to 30k if I'm remembering right) and has appropriate power and propulsion (since this is sci-fi, quantum power taps and a singularity drive). And I'm not getting in a shoot out with your ship. I'm going after what your ship exists to protect, and needs to function. The planets you come from. This is an interplanetary WMD, to be used when all diplomacy has failed, you're to dangerous to leave alive, or both. This is all from one of Ian Douglas's hard sci-fi novels. Haven't read it in years, but it made me wonder why anyone would want to build superlasers.
  4. (looks through his 'Superweapons of the Multiverse' cards, lays one on the table) High-c Bucket of Sand. Sand blasts everything. Ships, stations, planets. Trillions of kiloton-range detonations. And the only warning you get is a millisecond or two before it hits you. Cost- one freighter, few tens of thousands of tons of dirt.
  5. Given the recent trends with Disney reboots (animated to live action), it would be an animated reboot. Which, if done in an anime and not Disney cartoon/Pixar style, I wouldn't be apposed to. Live action can only take it so far, showing Force users, before you start seeing the strings and CGI. In my head I'm picturing Cowboy Bebop looking with Jedi/Sith. I've been hoping that they'd do something on Disney+ like the old 'Tales of' books from the EU. Stories about background characters and events from the movies. Flesh out the universe and show there are other people in the galaxy that aren't named Skywalker/Solo/Palpatine.
  6. I've been thinking that Dragon and the Falcon 9s would still have a place even with Starship available. If you think of Starship as the semi-truck/bus of future space launches, there could still be times/payloads where the smaller pickup/taxi of Falcon-Dragon could be better suited. Just makes me kinda sad to think Falcon and Dragon will get perfected just in time to be tossed aside for Starship.
  7. As long as there's money to be made, it'll keep going. And as long as there's content coming out that fans approve of, money will be made.
  8. Gonna sound like a fanboy here. I think there was a deleted scene where Kenobi takes the dart to the Jedi archives, but there are no records of it, so he goes to Dex (the 'been everywhere and seen everything ' character trope) to see if he recognizes it. Combined with him not being able to find Kamino's location indicates Kamino, the clones, and the clone army were hidden at the direction of the Republics and Jedis highest officials.
  9. I'm getting a bit confused. Is this capsule going to be reused in future manned missions? Cause I thought I'd read that NASA didn't want to reuse them, or was that just Dragon?
  10. Just think of these as pressure releases for bad karma. A few small accidents instead of one big one, like a crane falling over or Dragon exploding during the IFA.
  11. Think Manley said it had to do with range safety, so they'd fall far enough out to sea. Apparently dropping your SRB's on your launch center is only acceptable to Kerbals. Least they never mind when I do it.
  12. Yeah. Congrats on a good launch, but maybe hire (or at least consult) another media team. Twenty minutes of people sitting at desks is kinda boring. Guess we've gotten spoiled these days.
  13. On Earth, no, too many problems and roadblocks. Another planet in-system? Sure, no treaties or law enforcement to worry about. But the billionaire in question would need their own fleet of heavy-lift and interplanetary-capable spacecraft to get the resources and personnel there. Wait a second...