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  1. Space Race power move, land your rocket in the competitions backyard. Jeff- 'Dammit Elon, why!?' Elon- 'Meh, didn't think you would be using the space.'
  2. I was not aware that was going on in my figurative backyard. I'll have to go take a peak.
  3. You make a joke, but if Musk hears it, he'll probably put it down on his 'to do' list.
  4. Yeah, they did make one. Maybe make a new category for your KerbalX page. 'Jeb and Bill's Garage', anything that 'works' (kinda/sorta) and/or is funny to watch in action. Little humor ain't a bad thing, after all.
  5. Makes me wonder what Von Braun would think. I remember a story about a meeting he had with a subcontractor that assured him they were not leaving debris inside sub-assemblies. Then Braun pulled a dirty rag out of his desk and said 'we found that in one of your parts'.
  6. Galaxy Express 999? Only thing I can think of.
  7. To my shame, I have over 1000 hours in KSP and have never sent a manned mission to Duna, or any of the other planets. I usually end up getting distracted while making preperations to do it, and by the time I come back to KSP I can't remember what I was doing in my old saves. But on my Apollo-Style missions to the muns, I just use Scraper for the entire thing.
  8. (destination name) Streak- simple fly-by mission. Manned. (Destination name) Scope/Scraper- a landing mission. Unmanned/Manned. Name Surveyor- Probe, orbiting. Also serve as a communication relay for later missions. Crusier- Large, long-range vessel. Name-O-Plex/Name Outpost- Orbital station/science outpost. Lifter and upper stage designs based on purpose/RL inspiration- Mule, Tug, Merman (Mercury), Soyman (Soyuz), Atman (Atlas), SHL Standard Heavy Lifter (SLS). One-off craft get a name unique to their mission or purpose.
  9. No, someone showed the Kerbals that Chinese sci-fi movie about moving the Earth. Now they're testing planetary scale rocket motors.
  10. I try really hard to only revert (or even quickload) when it's a clear bug/game error, or when one of the mods I run decides to glitch out. Or when something I've built can't function the way I want it to (like solar panels being seen as 'shrouded' because I moved them too close to the hull) and don't have a way of seeing they won't work right until the craft is actually in flight/a ways along in it's mission.
  11. So shields are rotated to better spread the load, and so structural features aren't constantly in the way of weapons/sensors. And as already stated, it looks better rotating. Plus it was bulit by the Cardasians, so different requirements than star fleet has.
  12. Love the new looks from Restock. But after installing Restock and Restock+ I got an error message in game. I use RemoteTech, and several of my craft in flight were using the LongAntenna2/Communotron 32 from RT, and after Restock the parts vanished (both from the craft and the parts lists in VAB/SPH). Uninstalled both Restock and Restock+ and the parts returned.
  13. Same for me on the Scrapyard thing. Uninstalled it, KCT works correctly now.
  14. With the past couple KCT updates I've been getting bugs for science and the construction time. The most recent one on CKAN,, appears to have fixed the science bug (science points were increasing when unlocking an R&D node), but the construction time is not working at all. Hitting 'launch' sends me to the launchpad instead of adding to the build list. Unfortunately I have 91 mods running right now and not much time to sort through them to see if there's a conflict somewhere (CKAN isn't showing any).